Reviews for Crime and Punishment
Athena chapter 28 . 6/26
I hope you are okay, first I really fell in love with your fic. When I feel bad, I coming here and taking positive energy. Your fic so... magical, its healing me. Your character analyses are amazing and sometimes I reading just one sentence many times. If English would be my native language I could say many things but uhhmm... :') . Annnddd... Please update this fic. I need to heal. I need them; Snape and Harry, their stupid moodiness. If you are not able for it now, I will wait. But please don't leave this fic. Love ya' :)
Ellaquill chapter 28 . 6/5
You’ve definitely developed a following on here! So happy to see it as it’s well deserved.

It feels like the story may be drawing to a close. It will be satisfying to see where their relationship goes and if Harry will divulge any more about the abuses he’s suffered. Curious to see if Snape will do the same. Gotta love a chapter where either will crack a bit, emotional chapters hit us all in the gut and can’t get enough of them. He’s well on his way to healing now.

Would love to see another chapter as it’s almost been a year. But life gets busy, of course. Still hoping (hopefully not fruitlessly) for more one day soonish! But alas, the Mise doesn’t hit just because of an inpatient reader swarm gathers with torches and pitchforks.
paisleymll chapter 28 . 6/2
Thank you for sharing your time and talent! I love the Mrs Applewhite character, Even more now that I know she's in the know. I can't wait for your next update, I'm a patient person I've been reading lots of fics for years.
Artisan cristians chapter 28 . 5/31
I love love love this story!
Guest chapter 28 . 5/31
Seriously wish you’d update! Love Harry and snape’s relationship I’m this story
Obsidianshadow89 chapter 22 . 5/27
you say last summer in this chapter, don't you mean last spring?
superfanme chapter 28 . 4/26
This was just brilliant! I read all in one and think I'll go back and start again. Thank you for sharing your fic. I hope you start to feel better soon. I would love an interlude to see how Dudley is going in Harry's place as house boy.
superfanme chapter 23 . 4/21
Playing with your actual wand, I see ! Baahaaahaaa. I'm dying!
MauoW chapter 28 . 4/5
This story is a masterpiece. Every time I read it I smile, laugh and even cry! I love your character so much (Mrs AppleWhite is a delight!) and your plot is absolutely amazing... I wish I could forget about it just for the thrill of discovering it again!
I hope everything's good for you, and I really do hope to read more about this fiction. This is totally brillant thank you so much for sharing it with us :)
Lot of love -M
mischabren chapter 16 . 4/4
I hope you will continue this story! It’s so good! And the mention of a sequel gets my hopes up! :D
Margaret.Lengyel chapter 28 . 4/3
I love this story! Really, it's one of the best HP&SS mentor/family I have ever read. I am still waiting for next chapter and hopefully you will update soon! :)
Hope you feel better now
thewandcrafter chapter 28 . 3/25
Oh gosh, I love it! What a delightful turn of events! I'm chortling as I write this. And I love that slip of Harry's thoughts - that had to happen, didn't it? LoveLoveLove

Do take care, and update when you can. I'm obviously going to follow this fic.
thewandcrafter chapter 27 . 3/25
So... a couple of things. First, I'm engrossed in your story, eagerly moving from chapter to chapter, enjoying every bit of it and loving the emotional journey these two are on - they are my favorite twosome to read and write, and you write their interactions and inner life so well!

Second, as someone who has a fic languishing, due to life events, for YEARS now, I want to say that you don't owe your readers anything. Sure, I'd love to read a finished fic... but authors have lives aside from their writing, and like me, you've been dealing with a lot. You'll get to it in time - or not - and that's OKAY.

Third, I'm trying to figure out what on earth people would have to complain about, in your fics. Other than unempathetically demanding "more" and "right now", I can't figure out what there is to criticize. Criticism stands out against the backdrop of compliments because it's different - and our brains snag on the "different" in our experience as a survival tactic. And too, of course, criticism dredges up our self-doubt, which all but the most intense narcissists experience (they have it - they just bury it more deeply). And I think we writers are sensitive souls, so that criticism stings a bit more, perhaps. The way I've tried to manage dealing with criticism is to realize that I'm not writing for everyone. I'm just writing for the people who like my stories. The ones who don't, who wish I'd take the characters down a different road, or who don't like the pairing, or who hate a character I adore... well, they need to find themselves a more compatible author, that's all.

Besides - trolls! LoL
Take care.
thewandcrafter chapter 14 . 3/23
There we go! That's what I was waiting for - Harry's slow realization that he might want... more... from Severus. I love it!
thewandcrafter chapter 13 . 3/23
Congratulations on the promotion! No need to apologize for your pace - life happens, as I know all too well. I'm really enjoying the pacing of your plot and the evolution of the relationship between Snape and Harry.
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