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Guest chapter 3 . 9/29
You know, I didn’t think I’d like this story because I’m not really interested in the 1960s but you’ve got me hooked. You’re a great writer with a lot of depth to your story. You’ve got a new reader in me.

Did they really have makeup wipes in the 1960’s? Learn something new every day.
Miss.Full.of.Light chapter 18 . 9/27
the morning after was too precious i can't! i love the way caroline at the same time knows this is different this is right but still has some insecurities it just feels real cause at the end of the day you can never know what's going through another person's mind; i like the way you added to klaus' backstory here and i need some big gestures from him now did you hear me mister *points finger* also pls send some of kat's sass my way I NEED IT
Miss.Full.of.Light chapter 17 . 9/8
LOTTIEEEEEEESKSKDHWKSJ OMG I AM HAVING A BREAKDOWN I AM NOT KIDDING I WASNT EXPECTING THIS AT ALL IF THERE HADNT BEEN THE WARNING AT THE TOP I AM PRETTY SURE I WOULD HAVE DIED ON THE SPOT THO I AM DECEASED ANYWAY SO I MEAN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOOWWWWIRHEIHDOSHDISB UGH *wails and sobs and falls to the ground in a heap of feels* i am honestly just SUCH A MESS because of how masterfully you have interwoven smut and fluff by showing us how nervous caroline was because of how important he is to her, that she already knows he is—THEY ARE different from anything she has ever had before and then I AM SORRY BUT THE WAY HE KEPT KISSING HER CHEEK? I MEAN I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT I REALLY CANT BEACUSE I JUST CANNOT COPE WITH HOW MUCH HE ADORES HER OKAY THIS WAS THE MOST PERFECT THING AND I WILL NEVER RECOVER GOODBYE *closes tab dramatically* ... *hurries to re-open it to re-read everything a million times*
Laikaa chapter 13 . 8/23
That was so emotional really loved the openness with the guy's
Guest chapter 16 . 8/17
Thank you so much for not leaving us to wonder how Klaus would get back into Caroline’s good graces. I truly appreciate it. I like that he had to mope for a week.
Miss.Full.of.Light chapter 16 . 8/17
lol SURPRISEEEEE i just couldn't bring myself to go to bed knowing this existed out in the world and i hadn't read it yet yes i'm addicted no it's not a problem! *giggles nervously* MY STEROLINE BROTP FOREVER HEART IS SINGING! baba carebear coming to terms more and more with the fact that what happened is not her fault i just wanna scoop her up and protect heeeeer this feels so raw and real i'm IN AWE of the way you're handling her journey. TRULY! UN! PRECEDENTED! the way she was like UHM YES APOLOGIZE to klaus is the perfect example of that growth she's gone through and i love how klaroline is the pinnacle of it; AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FOREHEAD TOUCH ARE YOU TRYING TO MURDER ME UGH! also, kol is hilarious and elena thinking klaus & caroline are dating is a mood BYE
Guest chapter 15 . 8/15
Hopefully it won’t be a terribly long wait. I want to know how Klaus gets himself out of the doghouse!
Allison parish chapter 15 . 8/15
I loved this but you killed me with that ending.
Miss.Full.of.Light chapter 15 . 8/15

ps. OF COURSE caroline would be competitive over favorite colors aaah the way i love her
Miss.Full.of.Light chapter 14 . 8/9
i... am kind of speechless right now. this chapter was a rollercoaster of emotions! i'm not gonna lie, at the beginning of caroline's conversation with katherine i was sitting here like WTF IS MY BABY SAYING, but the way you brought all the pieces together to make her character REALLY grow, i just i can't even compute right now. it just fits so well and it was such a powerful way to come full circle with her own abuse, to really have her come to terms with it in a way she has never done before and that's the only way that will really allow her to heal. it sort of shines a different light on her being a little judgy of elena sleeping with both salvatores on the show; like i know that was NOT the writers' intention whatsoever but idk i just feel like she really has all of this internalized trauma that she just keeps buried so deep and warps the way she looks at the world. you really went deep with her character and i have tears in my eyes as i write this I AM IN AWE. i don't think ACTUALLY SCRATCH THAT I KNOW that no one in this fandom has ever touched this subject which is so tough and delicate the way you did and you did such a brilliant, original job with it. honestly, words don't do justice to the power you brain holds! and aaaaaaah stefan! i can't believe i inspired you to do that THAT MAKES ME FEEL SO SPECIAL THAT I DID THAT AND THAT YOU MENTIONED ME IN THE NOTE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH *sniffles*
Miss.Full.of.Light chapter 13 . 8/4
aaaaaaaaah this chapter broke my heart. ofc i love the way klaus can see straight through caroline's facade of cheerfulness and puts her even before his own needs but it pains me that he's the only one who really cares considering he's the one who's known her the less time. i suppose it does make sense when you consider that every character is going through something atm... but it still makes me sad AND I JUST WANT TO PROTECT MY BABY CAREBEAR. on a lighter note, i kept hearing ross from friends' squeaky "I'M FINE!" whenever she said that lol can't wait to see how the story unfolds from here with everyone's healing process
Reina-Dolor chapter 13 . 8/3
I don’t really have much to say either about this chapter other than that you write the emotions the characters are experiencing so well. I truly believe they are feeling that way if that makes sense and can empathise with them and that’s a great skill to have.
Miss.Full.of.Light chapter 12 . 7/27
the dreaaaaaaaaaaam thank GOD it was in italic so i suspected or i would have really lost it! as much as i NEEEED klaroline together i'm so happy carebear is taking some time for herself, to process and figure out where to go from there. as always, the tidbits we get of the world outside of their little bubble are super interesting and make the story really come alive. i can't wait for more but do take your time baba i'm here for you ️
Miss.Full.of.Light chapter 11 . 7/24
KLAUS STANDING UP FOR CAROLINE ALWAYS AND FOREVER WE LOVE TO SEE THAT! And oh, boy. I LOVED Caroline's break-up with Tyler... except, for, you know, obvious reasons *giggles* it was just so well-written and it felt so real! This line - "you can't just shove our relationship into a box" is ICONIC LOTTIE I SWEAR! It just describes Caroline so well, the her, at least, at the start of her growing process, and just FIT. I'm in awe of your brain for coming up with it, honestly, because it's simple yet so powerful. *CLAPS HANDS* I NEED MORE ALREADY
Reina-Dolor chapter 11 . 7/23
Omg you mentioned me in your authors note thank you for that. And I’m always happy to review, Klaroline makes my days easier to handle :). Klaus is definitely warming up to living in the house and of course the presence of Caroline helps, however I can see his frustration with Stefan. Although I don’t know if we can fully blame Stefan or not. I feel as though the Stefan you have written is true to his character in the show as in Stefan was always loyal to his brother and their relationship is very complicated due to their past. But Stefan in the show did also stand up to Damon in the bad things he did, sometimes in a very judgemental way. Although I have to say I always felt like Damon’s abuse of human Caroline was glossed over and seeing her reclaim her power when she became a vampire was great to witness so something like that would be amazing.

Another point is I definitely agree with Bonnie being overlooked. She definitely does a lot for everyone and puts others before herself. Perhaps the definition of selfless so it’s nice to see her do something for herself. I think Bonnie’s frustrating is most definitely justified but I do hope Katherine finds her way out of her trauma.

Finally I’ll have to say that I like the way you handled Tyler and Caroline’s break up and that Klaus wasn’t the biggest factor in doing that. It was more Caroline wanting more in life and that’s something she’s always wanted something bigger than just settling.

Thank you once again can’t wait for the next chapter xx
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