Reviews for The Book Club
Captain Omnitron chapter 1 . 11/1/2018
Long time Avengers fan, yes even before the movies, and LIFE LONG Conan the Barbarian fan here and I gotta say I loved this! The Tower of The Elephant truly is perhaps the BEST Conan story Howard ever wrote! And I love all the different takes you put forth and all of them felt in character for those involved.

Love the choice for Conan because he, along with Pulp heroes like Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Spider, The Phantom, Lone Ranger, paved the way for superheroes as we know them so getting a superhero's take on that kind of Proto-Superhero as it were is pretty darned interesting!

In regards to Jen's reaction though I'll say this, just read Howard's story featuring Red Sonya who Marvel turned into Red Sonja.

It's also kinda funny since Conan IS canon to the Marvel Universe XD

Anyway like I said great story, loved this, and hope to see more! If you DO have more, I'd suggest a little book by the name of "It's Superman!" by Tom De Haven which follows a totally original take on Superman, that draws from the Golden Age but establishes it as it's own separate canon and is set in the 1930's