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Guest5 chapter 8 . 7/31
Hey you think you could put The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes fight as one the intro as the theme song of this story?
Guest2.0 chapter 20 . 7/27
Hey are you going to make Wade Walker's character a bit like ultimate Spider-Man and spectacular Spider-Man where it makes lame jokes and acts funny and always attempt to anger the bad guys and are you going to make toga the villain girl from the vanguard be more like black cat and maybe Wade and toga might have a thing going on like Spider-Man and Black cat?
Guest2.0 chapter 20 . 7/21
Just a quick question who are you going to be the character of Wade Walker's mom is it going a OC or the the character from the tv show series cuz I like to see a bombshell like that if he meets her I'm thinking it's should be nana shrimura cuz I read this story about boy who didn't know his mom and later meet her and she was older than anyone because she's like wolverine who can live for a very long time so I'm thinking maybe you can do a Harry Potter thing where All for one transferred some of his powers to her and got mortality like he does and in the story that she didn't want to raise him and left a note and said there was a reason and maybe if Nana survived she would have went into hiding something that might be a bombshell right there that I like to read about but that's up to you I'm just spitballing there
Frankenstein chapter 20 . 7/17
Imagine in the future of heroes of tomorrow that wade walker had bonded with the symbiote and became black suited Spider-Man to become a bad boy. Also in the future if wade walker was mutated with the power of one for all to be a monster called Man-spider

That’s the two thing I thought about
ShadowUzumaki55 chapter 20 . 6/26
I liked how Ochaco, Mina, and Momo were so worried about Wade, and how Momo was the only one who was angry about him taking on Stain. Shows how much she's grown to care for him.

Looking forward to the next chapter. The finals are going to be intense I can tell. Especially between Wade and Bakugo being teamed up.
Guest2.0 chapter 20 . 6/26
Just a quick question do you think since you put Wade Walker as your OC character in my hero academia and got Miles Morales spider powers and one for all and do you think he can probably change the fate of heroes and villains and anyone else who died that didn't deserve to die but all for one can go yeah the big bad super villains yeah they can go in Cannon?
noobkid53 chapter 9 . 6/21
noobkid53 chapter 4 . 6/21
Guest2.0 chapter 20 . 6/21
Awesome story keep it going but when are you going to do those two other my hero academia movies that will have Wade Walker in there instead?
Lucius Walker chapter 1 . 6/21
Hm, I think this is a pretty interesting story so far! j

I do agree that it was probably a right call to have the OC replace Izuku (as brave of a choice as that was), since it probably would've made things complicated if they both existed in the same universe.

Onward to the next chapter now!
Eavise chapter 20 . 6/21
I have to say, I just love Momo with Wade. I mean, when the girls call Wade and talk about Stain, Momo was the only one that were scared and angry at Wade for what he did. Ochako was at first and Mina was excited at first.
Remind me of the moment when All might fight the Nomu and the league, Momo was the first one to move and run at Wade to check on him.
francisthewitcher chapter 20 . 6/21
Well, I didn't have many expectations for this chapter since it's the aftermath of their fight against Stain, also I was expecting Midnight to check on Wade since she must have heard about his fight with the Hero Killer, but I'm sure that will come in the horizon later.

Although there were a few things I really enjoyed in this chapter. First of all, the fact that even though Wade wasn't expecting to receive any reward after saving the train, he did get some gratitude from those people and it really brought a smile to my face.

Also, the part when Wade was shining at the race, only to be ruined by that bird, was so hilarious, was that a reference from How Spiderman 3 Should Have Ended? Cause that would be awesome.

And I give you for making a callback about the Three Musketeers reference, it wasn't big but at least you made the protagonist aware of that reference.

So I can assume the next chapter will be about Wade going to Momo's house, isn't it? Honestly, I'd love to check it out when you update that story.

Overall, it was an okay chapter, but at least you added some extended scenes.
HeirOfRohan chapter 3 . 6/21
Yup, I'm dropping this until you improve your writing skills, language, grammar, and plot making, because 3 chapters in was just terrible to behold. You talked big shit game about OCs and MCs and how they're OOC. Well, as it turns out, you're nothing better as everything happened 1:1 in accordance to canon. Heck, why not you just copy the entire script from the manga and anime and replace Izuku with Wade. Yeah, *that's* how bad it was.

I respect you for even posting this eventual dumpster fire, as not everyone is brave enough to post this and accept criticism, myself included. But please, with Spider-Man's powers augmenting his abilities and One-for-All, Wade should've swept the competition (I know OG Peter Parker would have when he first became Spider-Man at 15), not be nerfed due to the plot (if there ever was one).

Have a good day.
Rankin de Merthyr chapter 3 . 6/21
I hope these 3 chapters aren't indicative of how the story will go. I mean, why are these practically 1:1 outcomes as canon? You talked big game about other author's MCs being OOC that they should've just made an OC, but these 3 chapters have no changes in outcome that you just renamed Midoriya or Peter into Wade instead. Sure, there are little changes, but they were just face lifts.

Why would Wade only finish his training at the same time as Deku? Why did he only get 10 points despite having literal super strength, agility, and was ahead of every other examinee as you've written in? Sure, you could argue that All Might up the training for the former, but why didn't you write that in? Why didn't you just have him finish earlier by like a month or two and did an extra scene? The latter meanwhile is just inexcusable.
Wolf Mike chapter 20 . 6/21
Great chapter, the part where Wade's face hits the bird was funny.
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