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Mia chapter 3 . 10/23/2016
I love there kinds of story's like daughter and father story's like soooo cute
MonstarzGirl chapter 15 . 9/12/2013
I really love this story!
I read this a bunch of times before becoming a member and this is one of the best/cutest Mojo Jojo stories I've ever read.

I hope there's more to come!
Firefly4000 chapter 1 . 3/18/2005
a marvelous story please continue with this one
Agent A.T chapter 15 . 5/30/2003
I liked your story. I'd like to see how it ends. Really I liked it.
Dooly chapter 15 . 4/26/2003
This is a really interesting story! It's nice to see Mojo's "sensitive side" get brought out by Moko (I wonder that he named her that, doesn't he get too many bad memories?). As for Bubbles' immunity to the machine, all I can think of is maybe she's still a little deaf (like in the end of Bubblevision)! Anyway, please continue!
Yet-One-More-Idiot chapter 15 . 4/22/2003
Hm, it does sound a little similar to "Immortality Relapse", you're right about that, but they're only all incapacitated instead of all dead. So, not quite the same.

But the more important matter to think of is "Why wasn't Bubbles affected?" I could understand if she wasn't immediately affected, 'cos something was shielding her from the machine's effects, but eventually when she moved away from it, she'd be caught too - wouldn't she? :-S

I'm sure you already have it all planned out, so I won't bother you with any more questions for the mo'. Great 3 new chapters, Aloe, looking forward to seeing how Bubbles tries to stop Mojo's latest (and most sucessful to date) plan, soon. :-D TTFN.
chrissy chapter 14 . 4/20/2003
oh no it,s starting too sound somewhat similar to immortality syndrome and solitary vigil the part where mojo has the girls in the grasp of his stupid piece of junk robot then he thinks that he finally defeated the girls their dad and other people fell faint unable too move bubbles in tears checked on every person without getting a response then she realized that she,d forget about the other two oh i hope for bubbles sake that it does not turn out like {is} or {sv}
Yet-One-More-Idiot chapter 12 . 4/17/2003
That last scene was very funny, Aloe Vera. :-D I can't imagine that Mojo would actually take the time to be so polite as to ring the doorbell (considering he's taken the Robo Jojo, I was expecting him to simply remove the house's roof. Then again, if he did that, he'd be imprisoned for criminal damage and Moko would be taken away by Social Services - I've thought WAY too much about this, haven't I? :-P LMAO).

Another great chapter. *Big Smiley Face* Keep up the excellent work! :-D
Yet-One-More-Idiot chapter 11 . 4/16/2003
Where does Mojo get the materials to constantly repair his lair (and build his various machines for use in fighting the PPG)? It's not like he has a job that earns enough money. (Come to think of it, he probably robs the bank and uses it to pay for the materials he uses. Clever plan - assuming the PPG don't catch him robbing the bank...)

Aww, how sweet. He's grown so attached to little Moko, that he's actually gonna postpone his scheme until he's retreived his daughter. (Cute. :-D)
Yet-One-More-Idiot chapter 10 . 4/16/2003
I was wrong!, I mean, blast. :-) I had a feeling that whatever I guessed would be wrong, so it doesn't really matter.

Well, at least Mojo knows who kidnapped Moko, so that'll certainly make it easier to get her back (and one of the PPG will be in a lot of trouble - hopefully. 'Cos she deserves it after pulling this stunt). :
Guest chapter 10 . 4/15/2003
Oh! I like this story so much! The plot thickens! It looks like HG is right about the kidnapping thing, but I wouldn't have guessed the real culprit! This is good, please update soon!
Yet-One-More-Idiot chapter 9 . 4/15/2003
OOps - I don't think Ms. Ebbins should have been QUITE so thorough in her inspection of the domicile (hey! A big word! :-D LOL).

And I'm gonna guess that the dark shape was Him, who is trying to undermine Mojo's world domination attempt by kidnapping his new daughter.

Am I right? And what DON'T I win if I am? :-P LMAO!
Gandalf2 chapter 8 . 4/14/2003
This is very good. The suspense was killing me. Mojo is certainly a monkey of a different color; even while he is planning to destroy the PPG, he shows affection for his adopted daughter. Give us more. Excellent detail of Mojo's latest machine as well. Keep it up!
Yet-One-More-Idiot chapter 8 . 4/14/2003
The Doom Machine - very original name, Mojo. And very un-melodramatic, too. :-P ROTFLMAO.

That was great - I especially thought Mojo's reaction to the Ms. Ebbins arrival was utterly hilarious. I can't wait to read more soon. :-D

O, and BTW, if this machine knocks everyone in Townsville unconscious, won't it do the same to Mojo and Moko, or does Mojo have some sort of protection from his own device planned? I'd assume he would - his plans often have design flaws, but that would be a pretty big one to overlook! :-D :-P :-D
Aloe Vera chapter 8 . 4/14/2003
From The Author: Hey, thanks for reviewing everyone. Now, to answer your question, Hairy Gregory, there are two reasons why Moko is still with him, despite the way he's treated her:

1. She's still a baby, thus has no common sense. sure she's intelligent, but that doesn't mean she knows everything. And:

2. Moko LIKES Mojo Jojo. And she doesn't care much about how he treats her, she thinks it's some sort of game or something.

I hope this helps you to understand the story better.
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