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Phoenix Warehouse Productions chapter 15 . 7/6/2018
Damn right am I glaring. Am also upgrading your present to a collar and cock and ball ring you moronic #$#9#(...
20 mins of swearing and threats later
And when I am done the name Adam will never be used again for fear of what I will do
Booty Bandit chapter 14 . 7/4/2018
The finale of the first Gears Of War

Jaune is Marcus, Cardin is Dom, Adam is RAAM, Mercury is Baird, Sun is Cole (WHOOOOO, number 83!)
Far Cry 3 finale and good ending (save your friends)

-Jaune takes on the role of Jason
-Weiss is Liza
-Velvet is Daisy
-Sun is Riley
-Sienna Khan is Citra
-Not sure who would be Dennis (guy that tries to stab Jason)

Short montage of his actions on the island during the "I've killed so many people I've lost count" part, Wiess grabs hold of his hand as the "but I am still, somewhere inside me" is said and they both look toward the rising sun as it fades to black as the rest of his words are spoken
The Fallout: NV lonesome road finale (two Couriers stand together ending)

Jaune is the courier (wearing the Elite Riot gear), either Adam or Mercury is Ulysses

Jaune sides with the N.A.R (New Atlas Republic) and nukes Salem's Legion (Caesar's Legion)
dcsonic 10 chapter 14 . 7/4/2018
Well that was a thing! Not a hero sounds interesting but I'm more hyped for Devil May Cry! Keep up the good work.
Purple Zero chapter 14 . 7/4/2018
A Phoenix is in these realities? Wow,I thought the last of them went extinct back during the Cleansing in the City of Agartha,at the Laputa Island. And besides,isn't Dragon is supposed to be extinct as well after the Death of the Last Great Dragon,Fire Dragon Smaug?
Phoenix Warehouse Productions chapter 14 . 7/4/2018
To the watching group,
I am sending you all lunch and presents.
Lunch for everyone but Blake and Adam is fried shrimp, pasta and Alfredo sauce, for Blake we have Baked Salmon, fried Catfish, with fried shrimp (sorry no sides miss kitty), for Adam a rare delicacy Rocky Mountain Oysters (don't tell him they are Bull Testiculls till he eats them all). And for desert Triple Chocolate chip cookies, Angelic Strawberry Cake, and home made ice cream.
Now the gifts
Medias "Ozzy" Ozpin: A pocket watch that enhances your semblance, as well as the paperwork listing my former teams and where we are now
Glynda "Glyn" Goodwitch: a plushy of Gale Goodwitch your younger brother, and my deceased best friend
Ruby "Gothic Reaper" Rose: pictures of your and Jaune's children and my permission to date him and if desired share him with Pyrrah
Wiess "Ice Blade" Scnhee: Proof that you and Winter are not Jacques Schnee (né Gelè) daughters but the daughters of my old teammate Klein Sieben, am also sending you The Count of Haven (their version of the Count of Monte Cristo) that your mother gave me and helped an illiterate Faunus learn to read with
Blake "Shadow Hunter" Belladonna: The original Charter of the White Fang signed by the founding members including Your Father, myself, and Elsa Schnee (Winter and Wiess' mother) as well as copies of the porn vids Jaune was in... did you know he got the nicknames The Jackhammer, and Thundercock Pussywrecker as a pornstar?
Yang "Golden Lion" Xiao Long: a comb that helps your hair grow, you run it through your hair and it adds 2 inches each time
Nora "Thunderstorm" Valkyrie: a watch that helps control your semblance. Am sorry but it causes problems with your brain having that much electricity going into your brain
Pyrrha "Stalker" Nikos: like Ruby pics of your and Jaune's children as well as copies of his porn vids... she passed out didn't she?
Lie "Silent Hunter" Ren: Your fathers hunting knife and a book on training Thor to help kill that which you and I hate. It killed your family, killed half my team and destroyed my hand
Cardin "Barbarian" Winchester: Advice, train with the gang there they will help you
Sun "Peeping" Wukon: advice, if you don't stop hanging around my nieces window I will show you that I can shoot your nuts off 3 universes away
Neptune "The Pervert" Vasilias: this is a rare movie from the South Park Universe it is so hard to get a copy out that any existing copy is worth 100X the SDC as a whole, Backdoor Sluts 9
Qrow "Gotta Dance" Branwen: a copy of the video of me, Tai, and Jimmy in dresses singing I Feel Pretty
Winter "Hard Ass" Schnee: I send the same documents as your sister, as well as the piano you and I used to play together when you visited... okay so its a copy but it is an exact replica right down to the scratched in notes for our lullaby above the keys
James " Cyborg" Ironwood: the security evidence from the night of my and my wives murder showing the 10 men who did the deed, and what they did to us, sadly it didn't catch their boss' voice when they called for confirmation and they did break my jaw so I couldn't interrupt him when they forced me to listen to him on the scroll
Roman "Master Thief" Torchwick: your old badge Deputy, paperwork stating you were working undercover, the deadto a ttailor shop, and my Penance outfit complete with mask (will describe/show later) as well as an idea. Jimmy and Ozzy know the council is corrupt, why not use the outfit to get proof for them
Adam "Dead meat" Taurus: a brand new electric collar that won't come off till you leave. And guess what, it goes off anytime you do something we don't like
Mercury Black: I know how you see Cinder, so am sending you paperwork to be adopted into either the Fall or Phoenix Families
Emerald and Cinder: I forgot to give you both this last time. Gender Bender Dust, and yes it does what it says, how else could I be hiding as a woman right now from the crazy tiger lady? Now give me some grandbabies
Jacques Gelè: I have evidence against you and you don't know when I am goi g to use it you murdering bastard
Whitley Schnee (Gelè): I know what you are and I will keep quite... for now little shit, for now
Khor: I have a few more mild and dark verses you might like. And I liked Dark Science was that the one I requested?
Rain Fall (Female form of Adrian Midnight-Phoenix)
CEO of Phoenix Warehouse Productions
Father to a Super Villain
Uncle to Heroes
Former Hunter
Former Sheriff
Surviver of Rogue
Immortal World Walker
Prankster King
Adopted Elder Brother to Summer Rose
God Father to Jaune Miles Arc, Winter Anna Schnee, and Weiss Elizabeth Schnee
The man whom Shimigami-chan, Hela of Helhiem, and Lady Bast of Egypt all love to chase and tease
Fagbutt chapter 14 . 7/4/2018
Sexecellent, another my good man.
yoshi3000 chapter 14 . 7/4/2018
Bet Weiss wished for the harem stuff now!
K1NG and J0K3R chapter 14 . 7/4/2018
Welp, I'm pretty sure you broke Yang and Pyrrha, and possibly Qrow. Oum bless you Jaune, cause I'm pretty sure Lacaster has been targeted to never shipped.
The Menace Within chapter 13 . 6/29/2018
Spoiler to others that havent read trail of blood.
Just gonna point out here, didn't notice when I first read it, and now not sure of it was done on purpose. Just gonna mention the parts where " the seven strongest first years" and "Pyrrha is the strongest first year" not being true as later chapters said so. But as I mentioned not sure if done on purpose or not considering later chapters and characters in it.
Storyteller by the Inn chapter 12 . 6/29/2018
Mfw you post a review about someone stealing fro trail of blood.
Mfw they are the same writer's product.
Storyteller by the Inn chapter 13 . 6/29/2018
So you got them to react to 'Trail of Blood'? I see a lot of similarities. And I don't really like that. Stealing other's people's contents, I frown up, truly. But, this is a reaction fic, so I don't exactly know what to think about this chapter.
Phoenix Warehouse Productions chapter 13 . 6/29/2018
Yeah, am definitely sending over both the therapist we talked about as well as my personal physician Dr Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce (from M*A*S*H* the TV series)... Will send the next round of gifts and lucnh in a few more chapters
prowl112 chapter 1 . 6/28/2018
MGSV shining lights scene pls
dcsonic 10 chapter 12 . 6/26/2018
Dude! Keep it up! I want to see more chapters! Hey how about a chapter of Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man with Jaune being Peter/Spider-Man?!
Guest chapter 12 . 6/25/2018
Please have them react to a fic called "Breaking Up Sucks" by Yojimbra. It's really hilarious
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