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Guest chapter 4 . 6/18/2018
No, punching someone just because they tried waking you up is something you should apologise for, also NO ONE hits someone when they try waking them up, no one.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/18/2018
OH GREAT, another fic with Arkos as the pairing we get most of, how original.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/18/2018
And without Pyrrha, he had no reason to go on living. He had always been weak. Without Pyrrha to show him the way, where was he supposed to go?

Oh for fuck sake don't be one of those guys who shove crappy Arkos down our throats, also no reason to live, really, so what does his other team mates and his friends mean nothing to him, also yes the girl he never showed any romantic interest in kissed him then sent him away he just starting having feelings for out of nowhere.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/18/2018
"And we now know why Jaune is the clumsy goof we all know", commented Weiss. "All the grace went to the Arc girls".

Well that's just sexist, I'm sorry but I hate when everyone makes the Arc girls seem perfect in every way, but makes Jaune even worse then he was in canon, which is weird in this since it's still Jaune just as a girl.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/18/2018
You could say it has been love at first sight.

Yeah sorry but I don't believe that crap, there's no such thing of love at first sight, there's attraction at first sight, but how can anyone say they love someone when they don't even know them.
Phoenix Warehouse Productions chapter 10 . 6/17/2018
She decided to steal some of my Feathers and Portal Dust. My Feathers allow fire travel like I used to leave your castle. Portal Dust allows me to travel between verses. Combined she can go anywhere/anywhen she wants as long as she has either seen it or been there. On a positive note, use of my Feathers causes one to use 80-90% of their Aura each use. Only one with a fire semblance can use it more often as the Feather is composed of LIVING fire. Yes they are naturally she'd in my Phoenix Form. No I don't know how she got it. Yes I lock them up. No, I am the only one with a way into the vault. And no, no one but me knows how to make Portal Dust. It's what I use to view other realities in this place
Phoenix Warehouse Productions chapter 9 . 6/15/2018
So dark, and depressing... I like it. And main reason I want Amber Eyed is dead wife's eyes. And green hair because green was Esmeralda Fall's favorite color. So in a way to make sure the dead wife would be happy if she was there. Wouldn't mind red eyes and Black haired but trying to honor the wife in my own way.
Ever seen Kelly's Hero's? Or The Good, The Bad, The Ugly? Imagine Jaune taking Clint Eastwood's place
Nyx chapter 9 . 6/15/2018
Hey why don't you give maybe the boosted gear like an AU Rias is Pyrrah,Koneko is Weiss,Akeno is Yang,Ruby is Asia,Kiba is Ren,Blake is a fem!Gasper and of Course Jaune is Issei and Vali is Mercury

I want the scene that vali and issei fight for the first time while the chaos brigade invades the meeting of the 3 factions

Although I won't annoy you about it like that max Payne or something is really like it if it happened
Guest chapter 9 . 6/15/2018
Can you please make a chapter where Jaune is Max Payne and do the whole 3 games or just the first Max Payne game? The first two Max Payne games are sad amd dark. With Jaune as the framed fugitive officer Max Payne, Pyrrha as Max's dead wife Michelle along with their daughter, Lie Ren as Alex Balder, Blake or one of the Malachite Twins as Mona Sax, Tyrian as Jack Lupino, Roman Torchwick as Vinnie Gognitti, Ozpin as Alfred Woden, Salem as Nicole Horne, Mercury Black as Vladimir Lem, Cardin Winchester as Angelo Punchinelo along with Russel, Sky, and Dove as his top henchmen the TRIO, professor Port as deputy chief Jim Brevuera, and Sun as BB (Backstabbing Bastard).
HeDzuRo chapter 2 . 6/13/2018
ookkkay...while it's good at this point buuut your oc Khor took too much role, you need to increase the "real" character more. your char Khor should be more...semi active i guess?
try the Joshua's Tall Tales story Reading Tall Tales: Mahou Mafia Tutor or
ii-Phoenix-ii story Power to Strive

for a good presentation on how oc should act on reaction story
guest chapter 8 . 6/11/2018
What about Jaune as the main character of any Silent Hill game? How about Jaune as Leon S. Kennedy in either Resident Evil 2 or 4 or even 6, or as Ethan in Resident Evil 7?
Nyx chapter 8 . 6/11/2018
For a moment i thought you were going ti show them jaune dying or some crap...actually can you do that its a guilty pleasure!

Anyways keep up the good work
Phoenix Warehouse Productions chapter 8 . 6/11/2018
Perfect. And hijack my SI anytime you want. Now to see Cinder, Ruby, and Yang's reactions to being cousins as well as Blake's reaction to me helping found the White Fang... Anyone seen the crazy bitch who steals my boxers? She didn't show up at the Warehouse with me
nitrolugia chapter 7 . 6/9/2018
Have you ever read The Games We Play by Ryuugi. It's a Gamer!Jaune fic. If you were to do a chapter on it, I would recommend the Team Jaune vs Gilgamesh/Malkuth fight.
Phoenix Warehouse Productions chapter 7 . 6/9/2018
Dear Reading group,
We at Phoenix Warehouse Productions would like to take this time to send you a few gifts for you to enjoy. Khor I am sending a list of all 20 Viewers to bring infor their gifts.
Medias Ozpin: an unbreakable coffee cup with #1 Badass Headmaster on it. The cup has unlimited coffee... enjoy
Glynda Goodwitch: A new outfit as well as a Whip that enhances your semblance by 75% strength
Ruby Rose, my Petite fleur(Little Flower): a plushy of your mother my adopted sister, and a copy of the upgraded Black Rose... go kill some grim for me
Weiss Schnee, my Schmetterling(Butterfly): blackmail pictures of your brother... if you look closely you will see me in the one where we ran him up the flag pole in his tighty whiteys
Blake Belladonna: Icha Icha the complete series, Uke Uke the complete series(its yaoi(guy on guy)) and a special one Uke Uke: Golden Hearts staring Sun and Jaune
Yang Xiao Long, my little Qīngtíng(Dragonfly): a signed first edition of 1001 Hairstyles for Huntresses by Raven Branwen, and a bracelet made from some of your hair as well as mine. It will let you manifest Dragonfly Wings and fly
Nora "Smash" Valkyrie: a baby battle sloth and a few books on how to raise and train it properly... don't wake him up from his naps for the love of oum don't
Pyrraha " Mrs. Arc" Nikos: Jaune's Photo Album from across the Multyverse. His sisters loved to dress him up... look at the little bunny
Lie "Let Me Sleep" Ren: a better cooking for you cookbook that includes diets based on fighting style as well as an unending supply of tea herbs and seasoning herbs... enjoy
Cardin "Barbarian" Winchester: A new Mace that you have to find the functions of but is unbreakable, and has many hidden features, I also send a book to tell you the basics
Sun "Monkey King" Wukong: I send you the Power Pole wielded by the first Monkey King as well as a copy of Journey to the West, his story/history
Neptune "Lady's Man" Vasilias: open the door behind Khor for your present... its every girl who's heart you broke with their weapons on them
Qrow "Sexy Legs" Branwen: I send 2 bottles of Midnight Wine, and 3 bottles of Little Mans Hammer. Midnight wine caused a lot of cross dressing pranks with you, and Little Mans Hammer is a Dwarven Vodka capable of getting grim "what you say about my mama" drunk... they kill each other when you spray them with it. If alone then record the drunk grim as its funny as hell
Winter Scene, my little Soldat(Soldier): I send the vids we have of Qrow in drag singing Sweet Transvestite
James "Jimmy" Ironwood: You are a moron, I send all the Info on Skynet and the Terminators since you set it in motion
Roman "The Gentleman" Torchwick: I send you an unlimited supply of Cuban Cigars and the Locket that belonged to your wife's family that was stolen. Give it to your daughter when you get home
Adam "Bullhead" Taurus: to you I give this advice, Run. Run as far and as fast as you can. Cause I will find you. And I will kill you in such a way that Salem will be afraid of what I will do. You ruined the organization I helped found. Now I will destroy you
Mercury "Kickass" Black: $50,000,000 and the deed to a small orphanage that I... took over after poor management decided human trafficing was good
Emerald "Cuddle Bug" Sustrai: $50,000,000 and my permission to kidnap CiCi and show her that you do love her
And finally dear CiCi, also known as Cinder Fall, real name Cinder Elsa Fall-Phoenix my little Kōmori(Bat): I send your mothers Bow/Swords Artemis, your Mothers Duster, Her Cowboy Hat, and our family Picture from when you where 5. You have your mothers face and eyes, but my natural hair color. Also take Emerald, and go give me some Green haired Amber eyed Grandbabies to spoil
To Khor, as said your Verse is in a community for reading fics now Called Watchers of the Multyverse. I also send you permission to write any of the Hunting Verses I discover.
Adrian Midnight Phoenix
CEO of Phoenix Warehouse Productions
Father of Cinder
Uncle Ruby and Yang
Godfather(by their mothers) of Wiess, Winter, and Jaune
Immortal World Walker
The only man to survive pranking Yahweh, Amara, Chaos, and damn near every panthion
Man who will pay for Jaque Schnee nee Gelal's death
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