Reviews for and who is your lord now?
Aima D. Duragon chapter 1 . 7/6
Man Snape fics...there’s just something about them! I love how you didn’t soften Snape at all in this as some writers tend to do. That juxtaposition of him being a romantic antihero is what makes him so great, and you capture that perfectly. So good :)
eding42 chapter 1 . 6/10
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This is really, really good!

I like how Snape is shown in a very different light. The books never really portrayed Snape in a positive light (not until the last book, anyways). There were some moments of truly heart-wrenching emotion in this fanfiction, and it fits surprisingly well into canon.
halcyon epochs chapter 1 . 6/6
finally reviewing a fic of yours ;)

severus is never shown in a good light. never. his good, even though there are few, are overshadowed and underrated. his love for lily is underrated. but i love how you highlighted those parts of them here.

i love the sarcastic commentary. it suits both him and you well :) takes one to know one.

going off of sienna's review, i love the depth of emotion! like you can actually imagine his heartbreak and his derision and everything else.

there's only one grammar error (not that you can fix it now lol) - "But he's going to kill achild."

overall, i loved this! definitely going on my favorites list.

(sorry, this review is all over the place.)
Verity Grahams chapter 1 . 6/5
The beginning bit is great, where you get more insight into severus’ thoughts, I wish there were more of that in the end, to feel Severus’ loss more. It is a great chapter though, and I love seeing his motives and thoughts played out so realistically
empyreale chapter 1 . 6/5
this is honestly such an integral part in the entire hp series - and i've never seen it written before until now. but my god you've written this so beautifully! the amount of raw, heart-wrenching emotion took my breath away - your snape was so wonderfully done, and this fits so seamlessly into canon, especially what we see of snape's memories. though my one wish would have been to see more resentfulness build up towards harry. i do think the ending works great, though!