Reviews for Paradox
aurorarsinistra chapter 23 . 1h
WHO EVEN ARE YOU WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS ALL HAPPENING I mean okay Remus’ distress was very upsetting and James “I raised this kid he’s as good as my son I would maybe die for him because he would die for harry” Potter how are you even REAL where ARE YOU I NEED YOU and lily is the actual worst I fucking love her and DRAMIONE POTTERVERSE DRAMIONE OMG KISS FIGHT SEX FIGHT JUST PLAIN FIGHTING WHILE THINKING ABOUT MOUTHS IS ALSO FINE FOR NOW WE’LL MOVE ON TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS LATER wow I’m fine totally fine nothing to see here love you forever
Guest chapter 23 . 8h
I don't know how in hell you manage to hold all these insanely convoluted (in a good way!) plot threads together, but you do. Your writing is a high wire act and you are succeeding. Bravo! And thank you.
Prickl chapter 23 . 12h
I wonder how did you guys manage to keep up with so many twists and turns in this story, i'm feeling like I'm gonna be left behind soon.
And, I don't know which Draco and Hermione I ship anymore.
I'm so curious about Tom Riddle and the other universe's Draco and Hermione.
This story is getting better and better every chapters.
Good work, hope you will update soon.
Colubrina chapter 23 . 13h
And it’s happening!
Colubrina chapter 22 . 13h
Lovely as always!
Colubrina chapter 21 . 13h
You are a joy and a delight and this is wonderful!
Colubrina chapter 20 . 14h
Delightfully and thoroughly wonderful as always. I do always so enjoy Narcissa . Thank you for your time and efforts on this story – you are a wonder
Colubrina chapter 19 . 14h
The annoying screeching of the cat has hindered my ability to focus on long reviews, but know that this is delightful and I adore it and Narcissa and, as always, Theodore .
Colubrina chapter 18 . 14h
I love her observation that organization is exploitable.

“ he’s very committed to efficient queuing” - my God, I love theo.

I adore that you use the word bemused. Don’t mind me and my weird vocabulary interests.

He was only here briefly, but I confess I rather liked Grindelwald. And his prophecy is, indeed, chilling. *glances at Riddle*

Back to Potterverse, I love this Theo too. The discussion about the number of horcruzes, and the hunch and passwords just enchants me.

Omg Sirius made me laugh with his change from fucking to fortune and all that came after

“These things don’t happen overnight“ – yes, I quite love your theo. And the warning you have embedded that she totally misses.

As always, the story is a delight and a joy. Thank you for writing and sharing it
Guest chapter 23 . 15h
I'm missing the other Draco but at the same time I'm not sure if his feelings for the Potterverse hermione is true or not, he always makes me confused.
JYW chapter 23 . 15h
I hurt me a bit seeing the 'real' Draco would rather believe the other Hermione than trusting the 'real" Hermione, I miss the other Draco now. Not that I don't like the 'real' Draco and Hermione being together, but I like the other Draco with our Hermione more.
However, "Because he doesn't" stabbed me in the heart. I really want to find out what is the other Draco true intention, and his true feelings tho.
Kepp up with the story, your writing is really interesting.
Cypher chapter 23 . 15h
Things have been rather confusing in this chapter.
I don't trust the other Hermione, either, I don't know why.
darthtater08 chapter 10 . 15h
Pureblood boys and their sass. I love it. I want to live in the Grindelverse.
Sasha404 chapter 23 . 9/22
Oh my god...
Guest chapter 23 . 9/22
Oh my sweet baby Jesus. Please don’t stop.
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