Reviews for Cursed Be this Soul (that Ties Us Together)
apollonia chapter 4 . 6/8
Poor Lady Granger spending weeks of research in the Red Keep library when she should have asked a village bard about soul mates. Has folklore or bard stories been written down and studied in Westeros yet because The Tales of Beedle the Bard was fifteenth century (even if earlier versions of the stories were floating around). The maesters seem to look down on smallfolk tales and legends or leave that to bards and nursemaids, so a maester might add a soul mate footnote to a random book on a region, king, or war but not have a separate book on soul mates. That means Lady Granger must dig through a mountain of books for footnotes on curse marks to cobble together a poor understanding of the Westerosi subject (which seems to have happened here). Or, Lady Sansa could say something (oh, that maester has the story wrong!) that makes Lady Granger realize that she has a soul mate subject matter expert on hand. Sansa loves all the romantic songs and stories, which involve soul mates often, like Jenny of Oldstones. Lol, Ned thinking Lady Granger is bonding with his children over bedtime stories/taking her place as their new mother when she is trying to find a way back to Earth.
amk41196 chapter 10 . 3/23
Aww... Please write more of the story... It was just getting good...
CupcakeLoopy chapter 10 . 3/12
i really miss this story. do you think you'll ever update again?
Androm97 chapter 10 . 2/17
Lol, Teddy spills the beans on Lady Granger here! Frequent dungeon visits do make her seem dangerous. I don't think Teddy told Hermione back at Winterfell that he told the Tyrells she was not an innocent, adorable lady, so Hermione is going to Highgarden thinking her lady disguise still works. This could be funny.

If you want an academic research reason to visit the Eyrie of Ned's childhood and avoid the soul mark accidental transport across worlds to Eyrie story, Lady Granger could go with researching the story of the Winged Knight. The Winged Knight appears to be the King Arthur of the Andals, flew on a giant falcon, married one of the Children Forest, and was friendly with giants and merlings. Per Sansa telling Robin bedtime stories, there are hundreds of stories about the Winged Knight and he is an Andal cultural hero like King Arthur (but was originally a First Men cultural hero). Teenage Lady Granger lands in a random village in Westeros, asks about magic, and smallfolk would have magical stories about the Winged Knight to tell her and could point her to his homeplace at the Eyrie. Now, the Winged Knight is a legendary figure from thousands of years ago or never existed, but smallfolk are not the most reliable source of dates or if something is a real figure or myth. Therefore, Lady Granger goes to the Eyrie (probably flying there on a magical creature), meets a startled Ned Stark sneaking into the Eyrie from a balcony window in an isolated spot, and Ned must hide Lady Granger from Lord Arryn’s court with her flying creature transport/innocence to the ways of Westeros. King Aerys catching a hint of a non-dragon riding culture able to fly around his realm would have been bad for Lady Granger due to his paranoia. Lord Arryn would feel obligated to report Lady Granger’s existence to King Aerys if the news of her arrival came out, so Ned had to hide her and protect her while at the Eyrie doing her academic Winged Knight research. Cue Ned stashing Hermione in his bedroom in a trunk, under the bed, on the balcony, etc. when Robert wanders by and hears them laughing incidents.

So, the Winged Knight as King Arthur of the Andals means every smallfolk village has a different version of the hundreds of Winged Knight stories and every version may be equally “correct” academically. Lady Granger can ask Mace Tyrell about the Winged Knight and receive one version of his legend, Loras Tyrell might have another of the Winged Knight legend (from his local nurse maid’s village perhaps or a childhood maester from another part of the Reach), Prince Renly has his version of Winged Knight stories from Storm’s End, random smallfolk servant at Winterfell has their version, etc. and all are good for Hermione to research the "magical truth" of the Winged Knight.

Lady Granger could use her research into a bedtime story to make her seem adorable and harmless to the lords and ladies of Westeros and give her an explanation of wandering around and talking to all sorts of people and going to all sorts of places. Of course, you would want to know the stories and legends of the realm you were planning to invade if you were a foreign military, which might set off King Robert. A foreign military knowing local themes and stories to endear the smallfolk to them is bad news, like Aegon the Conqueror probably was doing something like that at the time of the Conquest. Lady Granger probably is actually interested in the Winged Knight academically, as she did see how Ron Weasley knew about the Deathly Hallows as a child’s bedtime story/it helped her in the horcrux quest with Harry but she did not as a muggleborn new to the wizarding world. This is a research project the Starklings could help with easily, especially Sansa that loves and collects stories.
Callialex chapter 10 . 12/19/2023
I Hope you return soon.
lilyflower477 chapter 10 . 11/13/2023
I enjoyed this story so much! Can’t wait for more!
darth-sakura chapter 10 . 9/13/2023
Very much enjoyed reading this! Hoping you plan to continue in the future!
Ava935 chapter 9 . 7/22/2023
Please do not ever let the truth come out of Jon's real parents. The lie is bad, but he's finally so happy and he deserves to be happy. My heart breaks for Jon.
colbytkirk chapter 1 . 7/13/2023
I absolutely love this story and i wish you completed it. We need more ned stories. Love himhermione
Angela456 chapter 10 . 7/11/2023
Just read the chapter and it's so good! I hope you'll continue this
anne36 chapter 9 . 6/27/2023
I love the “Thy Good Neighbor” by blahh vibes for this story. Hermione and Teddy as newcomers to Westeros and making waves without knowing how big those waves are/thinking they are blending into the world. Manderly is definitely having a chapter seven of “Thy Good Neighbor” discussion with his closest friends/advisors/noble allies about Lady Granger’s mysterious motives/background, Teddy’s quick return from Highgarden, Ned’s sudden disappearance to Highgarden without an escort/vanishing into thin air, etc. I can so see Hermione or Teddy doing simple but extravagant in Westeros things like in “Thy Good Neighbor,” like using salt to melt ice on a walkway, having porcelain plates for tea, suddenly traveling with impossible travel times, having an amount/quality of goods that cannot be explained away, etc. Would be interested in the right or wrong conclusions the nobles draw of what is going on with the Starks right now.

Enjoyed Hermione’s introduction to the Northern nobles. Hope she has smooth sailing in the North, but there might be trouble for Lady Granger like for Queen Sansa in “Of Ribbons and Barbarians” by SainTalia. However, Sansa at least knew she was Queen of the North/trying to cement her powers in the North, but here Hermione is hanging out in her friend Ned’s house and planning to escape to Earth. “Of Ribbons and Barbarians” is an alternate history where the Targaryens never conquered Westeros, the Starks are still Kings in the North, and King Jon of House Stark and Lady Sansa of House Tully wed due to the North’s desperate famine/House Tully’s intrigue for a Tully Queen. Barb raised Jon/acts like a mother to him in that story and she clashes with Sansa over the Northern court on the female side/a Southerner of the Faith not being the right choice for Queen. So filled with intrigue, culture clashes, royal family politics, noble family schemes, etc. and fun to see Sansa overcoming obstacles/winning over the people of the North. This kind of stuff is what is awaiting Hermione...who doesn’t even know she is taking the Lady of Winterfell slot yet and has hundreds of nobles watching her every move/making plots around her presence.

I am looking forward to Teddy explaining how the wizarding world/his home realm chooses a ruler, especially if he goes for the International Confederation of Wizards choosing the Supreme Mugwump. Teddy talks about the “Walk of the Qillin” ceremony (magical deer capable of seeing the future and bowing to the candidate with the purest soul) from Fantastic Beasts. Baratheons might like this selection somewhat since his house sigil is a deer? And, Westeroi had in House of the Dragon seeing a white stag as a symbol of the right to rule by Aegon II/Rhaenyra? Renly talking about who should be king, why eldest son, and why not him and Teddy answers with this strange way of choosing a ruler. Course, that knowledge really does seem to tie down Teddy’s home country and was something a maester would know about to advise Kings, Lord Paramonts, upper-level nobles.

Did King Robert try to knight Teddy at Highgarden because that would be hilarious? Teddy does not want the knighthood honor/thinks he needs to pass a certain level of sword skill with Lord Renly before getting that (which he is a long way from). Knighting by the king is a big deal/not something anyone refuses, but Teddy sidesteps that honor multiple times and Robert is like, “this is odd and has never happened to me.”

Lol, at Hermione handling Old Valyria easily and staying there several weeks without any issues/thinking Teddy would like to see it. Hogwarts is a death trap where Hermione had exposure to dangerous things from day one (Forbidden Forest, Moving Stairs, Potion Explosions from Neville, Any Animal Hagrid Liked, Defense against Dark Arts Teacher a Voldemort minion, etc.) as a first year. Old Valyria seems able to be tamed by Hermione with a few spells and not terribly awful in comparison to other places she has explored on her world travels to research magic. Old Valyria seems like a good place for Hermione to establish a research base without encroaching on owned territories/having to deal with neighbors. Hermione looking at Old Valyria’s dangers, agreeing it had some issues, but not finding it all that awful in comparison to other places she had been/building a research base would be hilarious. Teddy smiling at all the horrors of the Doom and oohing and aahing over terrible dangers/thinking how he dealt with that at Hogwarts every day while the Westerosi are staring at him wide-eyed. A Doom house would put Hermione outside the world’s politics/ensure she does not get any visitors and confuse/freak out everyone that where she comes from has more scary things/death traps than the Doom. Random maester/noble on hearing the news: “You’ve decided to live in the Doom? It’s not that bad? It’s rather peaceful? There’s nothing very dangerous in it?”

Lol, Teddy thinking about wanting to do something to earn money and not rely on Renly’s allowance. Meanwhile, Renly is thinking of a way to get a huge loan for the crown from Lady Granger due to the poor royal finances. Nobles at King Robert’s court certainly may have dresses on the level of Hermione. Thinking of Sansa’s bridal gown description in the book or a gown to wear to the coronation/royal wedding/petition from a Lord Paramont house wanting to show off like in House of the Dragon. However, a new version of that level of opulence is not trotted out multiple times a day to lounge around reading books. Hermione probably has to re-transfigure her wardrobe/make changes every few days/week so it does not go back to the starting state, so it looks like she has literally hundreds of different jewel encrusted dresses (which would not matter if she was a nobody reading in her room all day, perhaps, but Varys or Baelish is keeping track of her dresses from servants just to upset Cersei over her poor wardrobe). Hermione slyly doing the duplication charm on fancy golden or porcelain plates/cups in the royal household, doing a little alteration spell to look foreign, and having her own large table service fancier than the royal one (that needs to be redone every few days to stop it from disappearing). It’s awkward to ask for a giant loan to support the realm after only knowing each other for a few days and not wanting to show the realm is poor/in trouble to foreigners, but I believe that might have been an ask of Lady Granger soon by Renly if she had not disappeared within a month. Maybe Renly was planning on getting Ned to ask for monetary help from Lady Granger? Yeah, Renly treated Teddy and Hermione nicely and he does like the Starks but the realm is in deep financial trouble and the Tyrells won’t pony up to pay the bill unless Marg is Queen so...

My headcannon is that Hermione is walking around with new batches of dresses covered in flawless, brilliant, flashing transfigured stones every single day as the old ones lose shape due to wanning transfiguration after less than a week or so. Cersei would freak out and want to eliminate Hermione over that. The Velaryons were wealthier than the Lannisters after a trip or two to Yi Ti with trade goods a couple hundred years ago, so a noble from that Jade Sea region eclipsing the Lannisters in wealth/fashion is explainable and worrying to Lannister power. Yes, the Lannisters are the richest family in the Seven Kingdoms now, but that was not always the case. So would Catelyn freak out, as Hermione has a new high lady dowry worth of jewels on her every single day or multiple times a day and that is enough to tempt even an honorable man like Ned Stark. Which explains the numerous Baratheon guards outside Hermione’s door since she obviously has more moveable wealth than the Westerosi royal treasury (which is very empty right now so not that big a deal) or dozens of high noble families from Essos have in the Iron Bank or maybe even the Lannisters in her humble dress trunk for casual, everyday wear. Only problem is, all that "wealth" is transfigured material that returns to normal in a few days/week so...everything is not as it seems.
Guest chapter 10 . 6/20/2023
If I was Hermione, I would check House Blackwood for magic knowledge since it looks like there was a recent wizard in the Blackwood family with Bloodraven. Bloodraven is the most prominent recent wizard in Westeros, I think, that looks to be the real deal and not only a charlatan/smallfolk rumor. She should hear of Bloodraven because Ned will be compared to him as Hand of the King, especially with all the magic happening around him. The Blackwoods on Earth in Hogwarts Legacy mysteriously disappeared centuries ago and were a combination of Black/Wood families. Eunon Blackwood’s creation of the hedge labyrinth near Hogwarts mysteriously reappearing/disappearing on Earth seems like a place where the barrier between Earth/Westeros is weak and Hermione could cross back home? Lysandra Blackwood was a squib, so that could explain why most of the recent Blackwoods have no magic and it only pops up occasionally like with Bloodraven? Hermione, of course, knows about the Blackwoods due to reading Hogwarts: A History a thousand times and a creepy hedge maze near the castle would be in it.

Lol, Hermione visiting the Blackwoods and trying to suss out if they were a wizarding family in hiding among muggles would be funny, especially if the Blackwoods were wary of her trying to destroy the Tullys/hurt their feudal overlords and her connection to Hand of the King Ned. Or, why Hermione is messing with their ancient family weirwood or hedge maze. House Blackwood in the Riverlands might be connected to the Blackwoods (combination of illegitimate Black witch, Artemisia, and wizard from muggle branch of Wood family, Eunon Wood) in Hogwarts Legacy that mysteriously disappeared centuries ago. Of course, the Blackwoods have been in Westeros for thousands of years, so it is likely a coincidence in naming and probably would not matter if an ancestor thousands of years ago came from Earth. Even if the family had magical heritage, squibs for a few generations, no magical schools, rare books, etc. might mean that a witch appearing in the bloodline again might not know they had magic/came from a magic line distantly from another world or could do small hedge things only that would not impress anyone.

Hmmm. Ned Stark has Flint mountain clan blood on his mother’s side, but the Flints are also a pureblood wizarding family in Britain. I can see a pureblood British wizard that casually meets Ned/questions him on parentage without knowing his origin praising his Flint blood to the heavens and disparaging his humble unknown Stark blood, which would cause Westerosi nobles to be perplexed about what was going on there. Lol. Or, Ned introducing Hermione to a Flint relative and Hermione narrowing her eyes like, “Wait a minute. Flint? Let’s talk about other family you have. Blackwood? Well. Well. Well. Flint, Black, and Wood blood?”

Blackwood/Flint connection to Earth would explain a lot. Ned is a wizard (but not most of his family) because Flint/Blackwood squib blood combined and caused magic in him. Bloodraven was a wizard because Blackwood/Targaryen squib blood combined and caused magic in him. Bloodraven might have been at most a hedge wizard or had weird things happen around him that he could not explain, but it looks like he had access to Sheira Seastar’s magic library/magical education from Lys? Teddy looks like a Northern noble/somewhat like Ned because he looks like a Black so has Flint blood/has connection to Blackwoods like Ned/many in the North. Yeah, that connection might be centuries ago or thousands of years ago, but the Blacks and purebloods marry each other a lot so the physical traits probably hold up well?
lucifyr04 chapter 10 . 5/24/2023
Ughhhh I LIKE THIS I LIKE THIS SO MUCH AUTHOR. But there's not much Eddard fanfictions out there. Istg I have a thing for broken men. Broken but good men. And it's supposed to be common ideals amongst the populace but authors apparently think otherwise : And I also have a thing for *ehem* fathers *ehem* since u know... experienced men are appealing. But ughhhh I hope you update more author 3
lucifyr04 chapter 5 . 5/24/2023
Damn Eddard here claiming sons left and right. But damn Cat bashing to the max. I actually like her as a mother.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/19/2023
The best way to get the information Hermione needs to get home is time travel. I wouldn’t risk travel to Old Valyria before the Doom without a lot of preparation, as it could be like going up against thousands of dark wizards or witches of her world’s level with unknown spells. Books on Old Valyria aren’t in King’s Landing now from her research failure, but they probably were in the past.

Time travel to the court of Viserys the First in King’s Landing might work. Viserys from House of the Dragon is a nerd for Old Valyria and built a giant accurate Valyria model as his hobby. He would love to talk with a fellow history nerd about his Old Valyria model (considering that was how he bonded with Alicent) and wouldn’t think questions about the blood mage headquarters/research lab and its magical protections anything other than historical curiosity. Targaryens were dragonlords and probably would have good books on Old Valyria, but an average Targaryen probably wouldn’t have the history nerd knowledge of Viserys the First. So, the Targaryens at the time of Viserys the First had lots of Valyria stuff (tapestry, books, etc.). Books accurate enough to allow Viserys to build that Old Valyria model. However, Alicent Hightower got rid of the Targaryen décor in the show and might have gotten rid of books. Baelor the Blessed probably either burned a lot of Valyria books or Viserys the Second, his Hand, hid them away to protect them from burning (Iron Bank, vault at Citadel, etc.). Or, Bloodraven took all the Old Valyria books with him to the Wall for reading material (he did take a Targaryen ancestral sword) and the books were tossed in the giant, crumbling book horde at the Wall. So, I think the last time that Old Valyria books were around for sure for Hermione’s research would be early in Viserys the First reign. I don’t see other Targaryen kings or princes wanting to spend hours upon hours chatting with a foreign explorer about Old Valyria map layouts/where the magic research lab was located with its protections, but Viserys the First would love to do that and is easy to manipulate from the show,

Viserys the First court had Corlys Velaryon who was rich from his trade with Yi Ti/loved to explore and had a prominent place at court. So, a foreign envoy group from an unknown land would be received with pleasure from Corlys, as he was big on trade and loved to learn about new locations on the map. The maps of the world have a lot of blank spaces and Hermione could say she was from somewhere unknown, as Corlys could tell if she was from YI Ti or Asshai or pretty much anywhere known. Should be easy to get a month or so stay in the Red Keep as a foreign guest/explorer from an unknown land and access to Targaryen books on Old Valyria if you share the nerdy interests of Viserys the First. Rock up to the Red Keep with an entourage, carrying fine gifts for Viserys, dressed lavishly in unknown foreign dress styles, etc. and she should have access to what she needs. Of course, you do have to worry about Daemon Targaryen, Otto Hightower, etc. shenanigans or an unwed Rhaenyra in the “searching for a husband” mode falling in love with Teddy but...A month long visit of a strange foreign explorer from an unknown land to the court of Viserys the First probably would only be a couple of lines in a history of his reign or maybe a few lines in a book on unknown lands by a maester of the Citadel, so Varys or the royal court of King Robert wouldn’t have been able to figure out where she was from supposedly easily and Teddy was able to avoid naming a specific country.

Lol, I am imagining Hermione saying she is from London or the United Kingdom to the Tyrells, thinking they would have never heard of it but being pressed on her background, but since she time traveled in her future to the court of Viserys the First...Wilas Tyrell has heard of it or the Tyrell maester had heard of it. Two-hundred-year-old Westerosi book on foreign lands shows someone looking very much like Hermione or Teddy in attire/appearance, so Hermione knows she will be making a time travel trip to the past soon. Lol, Hermione seeing a stylized drawing of her “ancestor” in Viserys the First court and realizing what she had to do next would be fun. Also, Jon Snow seems about to hatch dragons based on foreshadowing, so Viserys the First court was the last time the Targaryens had dragon knowledge/dragon keepers to raise baby dragons, which Jon might need. I don’t know if Ned could go with her on the time travel trip, but there was a Stark king that disappeared exploring the Sunset Sea long ago so...Ned could just claim to be from that branch of Starks/broken off from the main line centuries upon centuries ago? Or, Ned could just wear a glamour/disguise and use a different name, as Hermione probably would be seen to need a male protector in Westeros.
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