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IM-THE-DIPPER chapter 31 . 4/2
incredible story will wait for more chapters for sure
IM-THE-DIPPER chapter 1 . 3/23
dude when you stoped posting on wattpad we genually thought you were dead I'm so glad you are still kicking it
IsakDemn chapter 5 . 3/17
space hero 13 is a female named Anan Kurose chapter 10 . 2/28
La primera mitad del discurso es de la última peli de rocky cierto?
BloodySpartan198 chapter 21 . 2/22
Chapter 21 Brotherhood has the same things written twice. The chapter is doubled not sure why or if its just my phone on the mobile app but thought you might want to look into it
Wickerstein chapter 1 . 2/15
Where is the vore?
Guest chapter 6 . 2/4
Username6166 read the guest review done below its mine. It’s difficult to do crossovers for fanfiction even harder when both have way different power scalings but I think one thing you have to remember first mha has quirks which are different than ki and db has ki bot two completely different things ki is spiritual and quirks are physical and mental. Second if powerscaling is different and Izuku struggles well that’s the author making villians stronger than they are in show to give deku a hard time. Remember goku trained with king Kai for 6 months he didn’t get a full year of training but he trashed Nappa and wasn’t able to beat vegeta on his own but in six days of training under different levels of gravity until he got to 100 he was able to completely outclass the ginyu force frieze’s elite force. And after getting a single zen Kai boost he was with kaioken a match for frieza final form of at least 5-10% power and yes it took the super saiyan from to actually beet him and I still say he should have died he was a torso with half his head gone no effing way he would have lived from that. Again my argument here is the author is making mha villains stronger than in the show to match Izuku so he himself has to grow stronger quickly to unlock his saiyan forms why maybe cause there will be new threats that he himself will have to face maybe other villians will discover ki and use it to become stronger also one word beerus. Yeah you forgot him didn’t you? He will eventually wake up from his nap and find out that goku and vegeta have one last living descendent alive who would make for a worthy rival plus he will definitely be craving some earth food it will be bother battle of the gods. One last thing people forget Izuku is the only one outside of his dad who can utilize ki properly he has accidentally give some of his friends access to ki but remember their humans who have no idea what they have and even with training it’s likely they will probably be only as strong as buu tier if their lucky cause again it’s mostly saiyns who get crazy levels of power in dragon ball which sucks cause I think they did our three humans dirty. So yeah Izuku is really the only one right now who can fight other ki users right now hopefully that will change. I’m hoping you will continue this story later man peace. Also to all you butt hurt reviewers if you got nothing nice to say than say nothing at all.
DocRider chapter 12 . 12/7/2023
So. Many. DBZA. References.
Username6166 chapter 4 . 11/28/2023
As many other comments already mentioned, what the hell is the point of making Izuku an overpowered saiyan if the fights end up the same way and he struggles the same way as in canon despite the fact that 99% of that stuff would not even affect him. The power scaling is very inconsistent and you randomly make him weak as hell for no reason.
chrismurraycm7043276 chapter 5 . 11/23/2023
you haven't edited it yet
Dat Guy chapter 1 . 11/17/2023
It started off pretty interesting, but i was really put off by the way he interacted with momo on the beach, that's just not how people interact and it was pretty cringe to read. Since it's a fic from 2018 it can possibly be atributed to young age and/or inexperience with writing? Since this fic is decently popular i would highly suggest a rewrite or some form of editing to the earlier chapters. It is still a very interesting narrative and i would love to read more of it if you ever decide to touch up on the chapters or do a rewrite.
Guest chapter 31 . 11/13/2023
Dairenji Shut the fck up you are kinda being an asshole. Let’s take a look at the story shall we. All for one knew about ki and learned how to use it after fighting izukus grandfather(I think) but couldn’t really use it both cause of how long it takes to learn how to use it and later cause of his injuries. Keep in mind roshi took fifty years to learn how to use and minipulate ki and to make the kamehameha. all for one for all his power with his quirk and hi iq would probably have taken just as long. with his power back in its prime and with full access to ki with it being powered up by his quirk and the power inhancer he is at the same level as namek final form full power frieza if not stronger than super saiyan goku. I don’t think all for one is really solar system buster yet i I think he just thinks he is cause of the power rush from the power inhancer and being restored back to his youthful prime and full power before the injuries he got from all might. if it’s true that he is solar system buster perfect cell level than deku would definitely need one for all plus super saiyan just to overcome all for one. If this is going to be the trend with the frieza of mha is already at prefect solar system buster cell level than you can bet your ass his future cell(who could be overhaul) of mha is going to be fat majin buu at bare minimum if not super buu at the very most not to mention other possible enemies he may encounter. The author is obviously making deku’s opponents to be stronger than dbz villians to the point he will need to both his super saiyan forms and one for all just to beat them or even to just to survive. In other words Dairenji you dumbass he will need both his and hurl and saiyan heritage to survive plus deku will probably meet goku and vegeta later on who will explain the truth of his heritage.
I hope he starts dressing like cuture trunks outside of fights all the same cloths except his boots will be red and his Jacket will be green that would be cool. Another idea for deku is to use the power pole or future trunks sword. Just remember this is a sorry that combines both dbz and dbs with mha the power levels are going to be way higher and keep in mind ki users in dragon ball the weakest the characters ever were could blow up the moon with ki blasts and again that’s the weakest they were so with that in mind you got to remember the level of power of dekus enemies are only going to increase so that means the saiyan forms of the past alone aren’t going to cut it alone here he’s going to need more be for all to give him a little more juice to keep going in a fight. So just let the author write his story and explain things in future chapters who knows maybe you’ll enjoy it.
Guest chapter 31 . 11/13/2023
Why the hell did you take this story off archive of our own? I liked reading it on there it was easier to keep track of the chapters when I knew the titles. Hope you both update this story and put it back on archive of our own. Later man peace.
manpinderaujla0715 chapter 18 . 10/23/2023
dude this fic straight up fire,
Guest chapter 22 . 10/22/2023
This story is just like the main storyline...and that's just annoying...I have seen the anime and I like it but when you read a fanfiction you want things to go different...but here everything is the same...
Every conflict is resolved in a same way like in the anime
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