Reviews for Suited for Success
RolePlayer48 chapter 4 . 6/15
Hiya everybody! I'm back! I said I would be after all! The narrator returns in this next deleted scene that takes place before the scene where Rarity talks to herself about exile where he'll help Twilight and everypony make Rarity's Gala dress...considering that even though Applejack said that Fluttershy had a knowledge of sewing, you'd think they'd still need some sort of HELP because they don't make dresses as good as Rarity does...or even...AT ALL for that matter! Let's get this show on the road!

(Suited For Success: Deleted Scene 3 (because Dede42 combined Deleted Scene 2: Rainbow Short Term Memory Loss Dash with the rest of Deleted Scene 1 which was confusing and unexpected because Deleted Scene 1 was supposed to be taking place BEFORE the first scene in Suited For Success where Rarity shows off her dressmaking to Opal)...ahem! Deleted Scene 3: Help from an unlikely source)

Twilight Sparkle: Now what do we do?

Fluttershy: Uh...panic?

Rainbow Dash: That's your answer for everything!

Pinkie Pie: Dress in drag and do the hula and cheer Rarity up?

Rainbow Dash: How is THAT going to help us?!

Pinkie Pie: Uhh...

Timon: (pauses the scene) WHAT?! SHE STOLE MY LINE AGAIN?! DANG IT! THAT'S TWICE NOW! FIRST DRAGONSHY AND NOW... WHERE IS SHE?! (Pumbaa and Sunrise shrug)

Pinkie Pie: (appears out of nowhere) Hiya guys! You still watching what REALLY happened in MLP?

Timon: Pinkie Pie?

Pinkie Pie: Yeah?

Timon: (suddenly shouting) YOU STOLE MY LINE...AGAIN! COME HERE YOU! (Gets torture weapons and grenades again)

Pinkie Pie: (screams) NOT AGAIN! RUN AWAY! (Runs off)

Timon: OH NO YA DON'T! (Runs off after her with the tortue weapons. We then hear them fighting again offscreen. Pumbaa and Sunrise just stare in disbelief)

Sunrise Blossom: Pumbaa, do you want to say it or shall I?

Pumbaa: I'll do it. Here we go again.

Timon: (comes back to his seat) There. That should take care of it. Honestly, that's twice that song and line stealer has done this to me.

Pumbaa: Can she help it that it's popular?

Timon: Just shut up. (Presses button on remote and the scene continues)

Applejack: Well, we can't just leave Rarity in a mental breakdown like this! I mean, we're the ones who caused her to get so depressed in the first place! At least, that's what Sunrise told us yesterday anyway.

Pinkie Pie: And if we don't do something soon, she may leave town, want to commit suicide...

Fluttershy: (gasps)

Pinkie Pie: Or even WORSE!

Fluttershy: (shivering) W-w-w-worse than suicide?

Pinkie Pie: She could become...

All: Yes?

Pinkie Pie: A CRAZY CAT LADY?!


Rainbow Dash: A crazy cat lady? Seriously? How is THAT a bad thing?

Sunrise Blossom: Yeah. And she only has one cat.

Pinkie Pie: Give her time.

Twilight Sparkle: Hmm. (Looks through the keyhole catching a glimpse of a group of mannequins, rolls of fabric and the unfinished dress design attached on the wall. She gets an idea as a lightbulb appears over her head) I got it! (Lightbulb then for some reason falls on her head) Ow.

Applejack: What's the plan, Twi?

Twilight Sparkle: I say we should make Rarity feel better by helping finish this unfinished Gala dress for her.

Sunrise Blossom: Why sister! That is an excellent idea!

Pinkie Pie: Hay yeah! That will totally make Rarity super extra happy and cheery again!

Rainbow Dash: Well, it's an okay plan I guess, but I see one flaw in it.

Twilight Sparkle: Geez Rainbow. Why do you have to be such a mood killer? We're trying to make Rarity feel better!

Rainbow Dash: But we don't even know how to finish that dress let alone even MAKE one! Rarity's been doing this for years on end before you two even moved to Ponyville and never even ONCE messed up. Us on the other hood, I think we're gonna need some help.

Narrator: I think I can help you with that.

(Everyone gasps)

Rainbow Dash: Hey! Who's that talking there?

Fluttershy: It's not a g-g-g-ghost is it?

Applejack: Ma? Pa? Is that you?

Twilight Sparkle: Okay, all of you are being idiots! Ghosts don't even...

Sunrise Blossom: Wait Twiley, I think I know this voice.

Twilight Sparkle: Huh? What do you mean sister?

Sunrise Blossom: Think back to our fillyhood, Twi. Remember all those Goofy cartoons we had and still do have on DVD? Think back to all those times we watched them. Specifically, the ''how to'' shorts.

Twilight Sparkle: (tries to remember as we see her thought bubble showing a flashback of her childhood watching ''The Art of Skiing'' on DVD with a filly Sunrise Blossom.) Oh my Celestia! You don't think...

Sunrise Blossom: Yes I do, Twilight. Hi there, narrator!

Narrator: Oh! Hello there! I didn't think one of you would actually recognise. And even if I did think you would I would have expected it to be Pinkie first.

Pinkie Pie: Wait a minute! Are you that narrator from those Goofy cartoons that almost ALL of Ponyville have watched on the TV/VHS/DVDs?

Narrator: Why yes. Yes I am.

Rainbow Dash: I thought his voice sounded awfully familiar.

Applejack: Well shoot! Ah can't even remember the last time ah watched those shorts.

Fluttershy: Oh. I still watch them on DVD with my animals from time to time when I'm not busy.

Pinkie Pie: Those ''how to'' cartoons were always a riot!

Rainbow Dash: I'll say! Remember that one where Goofy becomes a ghost and tries to scare Donald?

Pinkie Pie: Ooh! Ooh! And Donald doesn't even notice or get scared until the near end when Goofy wakes him up from sleeping with his eyes open? (Bursts out laughing) Ah, that gets me everytime.

Twilight Sparkle: (getting weirded out by Pinkie and Rainbow) Uhhh, getting back on topic here, what exactly are you doing here?

Narrator: Well you see, recently Goofy hasn't really done anything that I can help him with unlike the cartoons him and me made together other the past few years, I got bored and wanted something to do and I dropped by Rarity's botique before she got her first lot of Gala dresses, that you didn't like, ready and complemented her on them. I know a lot about dresses and how to make them. But then, I'm a narrator, I know how to do just about anything!

Sunrise Blossom: And you're here to help show us how to finish Rarity's Gala dress as perfectly as she does?

Narrator: But of course! I always like helping people...or in this case, magical talking ponies. It won't take long at all.

Twilight Sparkle: Let's hope not. At the moment, Rarity's in a state and may leave town or worse if we don't get a move on.

Narrator: Right Twilight. Let's gather all the things we'll need to do this and make a start.

All: Right!

Well, that's that part done! Now it's up to my friend, Dede42, to show us the Narrator helping Twilight and friends make Rarity's dress so perfectly well before the part where she talks to herself in the mirror about exile. Hope you have fun with it.

Goofy: You know something, Narrator?

Narrator: What's that Goofy?

Goofy: I think I'm starting to understand how I ended up in Ponyville in the Art of the Dress story. Did YOU bring me there?

Narrator: Well, it's been so long since we last made cartoons together, and the two of us really make people who watch Classic Disney Shorts very happy. Especially Dede42 and RolePlayer48. And after helping Twilight out with dress making, it gave me an idea for something that the two of us could do together as friends again...even if it did turn out horribly wrong...but that's what makes you and the cartoons we made together special.

Goofy: Gawrsh! You're right! I guess Friendship really is Magic! A-hyuck!
RolePlayer48 chapter 1 . 6/15
Hey there Dede42. RolePlayer48 with a HUGE thanks to you and everyone who helped with the Goofy fanfic oneshot "The Art Of The Dress". It was a really enjoyable read the whole way through and here I am with a few deleted scenes of Suited For Success. And also because I did post a review on Chapter 1 regarding the goof in this story where Rainbow's completely forgotten what the Grand Galloping Gala is after all that fighting over Twilight and Sunrise's tickets and...well, here's a flashback to save time explaining.

(Cue flashback of my first review on Chapter 1)

Me: Good first chapter, Sunrise. Though I think there's a goof in this episode.

Sunrise Blossom: Whereabouts?

Me: Just after Rarity tells Rainbow the dresses are for the gala. She says "Outfit for the what now?" Did she really forget what The Grand Galloping Gala was? I mean, what was it that she among the rest of the gang where fighting over Twi's tickets about? I think that's a goof in the script writing and no one reminds Rainbow once she asks that question.

Sunrise Blossom: You're right. I'm sure Dede42 has also noticed. What should we do about that then? A deleted/alternate scene where Rainbow gets reminded or a thing where me, Timon and Pumbaa pause this episode in the cinema to talk about Rainbow's short term memory loss?

Me: Meh. I'm sure both would work. I could give it a go but at the moment, like Dede42, I often get a writer's block or lack of ideas on how a deleted scene from an episode where I don't get as much clever ideas as other ones and I certainly don't want to bother Dede42 at the moment because one) she said at the end of Fall Weather Friends her brain was hurting (I don't know if she means it or if she's joking or not) and two) she's busy chasing that prankster known as Rainbow Dash!

(End of flashback)

Me: Mmm-hmm. Unfortunately you probably forgot about it but not to worry, I think I have a pretty good idea on how it should go. And I have a few little surprises during these scenes too. Enjoy.

(Suited For Success: Deleted Scene 1: Alternate opening/brief documentary on dresses with a certain narrator)

*So here we are at that same cinema that Timon, Pumbaa and Sunrise Blossom used to watch all these episodes of MLP (with these deleted scenes included along) which is also the same cinema that Timon and Pumbaa used to watch Lion King 1 1/2 (which I thought I should bring up because the latest author's notes from Dede42 recently sound suspiciously like she's watching it for the very first time even though she said she HAS seen all 3 Lion King movies which confuses me) eating bugs and popcorn as Suited For Success begins with an opening title sequence based off all those classic Mickey Mouse cartoons but with Rarity's face at the beginning instead. (Actually someone on Youtube called LooneyTunerIan actually made fanmade MLP intros in the style of those Mickey cartoon openings. Just google up Rarity Cartoon Intro and give it a watch and you'll know what I'm getting at with these alternate opening titles for Suited For Success.) Then after staring at the words Rarity for a few seconds like how in those old Disney cartoons you'd stare at either Mickey's, Donald's or Goofy's names for some seconds, we cut to a title card that says "Suited For Success: Featuring a brief documentary on the history of dresses from John McLeish (the original voice of the narrator from the Goofy "How To" cartoons).*

Narrator: This episode of My Little Pony Generation Four and a Half (obviously a parody of the title Lion King 1 1/2) involving Rarity and her love for dresses and dress making is brought to you by a brief history of dresses and clothing. In the beginning, clothing (also known as clothes and attire) is a collective term for garments, items worn on the body. Clothing can be made of textiles, animal skin, or other thin sheets of materials put together. The wearing of clothing is mostly restricted to human beings and is a feature of all human societies. The amount and type of clothing worn depend on body type, social, and geographic considerations. Some clothing can be gender-specific. Physically, clothing serves many purposes: it can serve as protection from the elements and can enhance safety during hazardous activities such as hiking and cooking. It protects the wearer from rough surfaces, rash-causing plants, insect bites, splinters, thorns and prickles by providing a barrier between the skin and the environment. Clothes can insulate against cold or hot conditions. Further, they can provide a hygienic barrier, keeping infectious and toxic materials away from the body. Clothing also provides protection from ultraviolet radiation. There is no easy way to determine when clothing was first developed, but some information has been inferred by studying lice which estimates the introduction of clothing at roughly 42,000–72,000 years ago.

(Quick note from RolePlayer48, yes, a lot of this dialogue and information is just copy and pasted from Wikipedia which I know, I know, you may think is lazy of me to do so but hey, this is something that sounds similar to what the narrator would normally say on those Goofy cartoons. Trust me.)

Narrator: (cut to a screenshot of Rarity's house) Here is the home of a popular dress maker who is known to make a bunch of dresses for these...weird talking horses who live at a town called Ponyville. Carousel Boutique. (cut to the inside of the boutique where Rarity is still fast asleep...snoring). The home of Rarity.

Rarity: (snort) Huh? Wha? Who's that talking? It's too early in the morning to be woken up even if I have to get up and make dresses for the Gala in a few hours.

Narrator: Oh sorry. Didn't mean to wake you. You just go back to sleep.

Rarity: (yawns) Thank you. (Goes back to sleep and begins snoring again)

Narrator: Yes. Rarity. The Element of Generosity. Most of the time anyway. The pony who has a superb talent and habit of dress making. For those who don't know, a dressmaker is a person who makes custom clothing for women, such as dresses, blouses, and evening gowns. A dressmaker is also called a mantua-maker (historically) or a modiste.

(Yep. More information from the Wikipedia to use for the Narrator's dialogue because why not?)

Rarity: (wakes up again) Huh? What? Hold on there. (removes sleep mask and then gets out of bed) Now, who are you? (tries to find the source of the voice) WHERE even ARE you? What brings you to my abode? And what's all this about dressmaking and dressmakers? Who are you even talking to? And why wake me up earlier than the time I normally wake up? I mean, I know I DO have to be up early in order to make dresses for the Grand Galloping Gala for myself and my friends but...

Narrator: Oh. I do beg your pardon. Where are my manners? My name is John McLeish but you can just call me the Narrator.

Rarity: The narrator of what?

Narrator: The narrator of all those Goofy cartoon shorts from many years ago.

Rarity: Who's Goofy?

Narrator: What do you mean "who's Goofy"? You mean you've never heard of him?

Rarity: No.

Narrator: And you haven't seen ANY of the cartoons him and me made together over the years?

Rarity: Oh darling. I'm far too busy with my career as a dressmaker to be watching TV or DVDs or cartoons or that sort of thing. I mean, I know everypony else does 'cause they have TV and DVDs, and my friends Twilight Sparkle and Sunrise Blossom said they have a collection of DVDs from they're childhood at each other's homes. But anyway, what are you doing in this house?

Narrator: Well, being perfectly honest with you, even though honesty is supposed to be Applejack's element, I'm bored.

Rarity: Bored? How?

Narrator: Well Goofy hasn't really been doing anything recently that involves things that I used to teach him how to do as much as he used to the past years and decades we made cartoons together to show our audience. He's been busy with his friends at some sort of mouse clubhouse or something. I've been really desperate for something to do or for things to go back to the way they used to.

Rarity: Hold on a minute. Audience? So, why visit me and act like you're narrating a tutorial on dress making? I mean, there's no audience here.

Narrator: Actually on the contrary, my darling Rarity, there is. Can't you see these cameras?

Rarity: Cameras? What cameras?

Narrator: These cameras. (Shows her a camera looking down at her from the ceiling) Did you even know there are cameras around Ponyville and inside ponies' homes?

Rarity: Isn't that an invasion of privacy? And how did any of us not notice these at all?

Narrator: Pinkie notices them (which explains her ability to constantly break the fourth wall throughout the show) and I wouldn't exactly say it's an INVASION of privacy. I mean, how else do people in studios make movies and cartoons?

Rarity: Uhh...

Narrator: Just set up cameras everywhere people go, take the footage to the studios and presto, have it made! Anyway, because of boredom, I thought I decided to try and visit other people and try and do the same things I did with Goofy with them. Hence why I'm here and talking about dresses.

Rarity: Oh I see. That explains things. (yawns) Well, I suppose I can let you stay and do...whatever. But you did wake me up pretty early and...(touches her face and gets embarrassed) oh my goodness! I must look a fright right now! Just give me a moment, dear. I simply can't start the day without my beauty regiment!

Narrator: Oh, uh, of course. But I'm sure you'd still look fine without it.

Rarity: Ooh, aren't you a charmer?

French Spongebob Narrator: One lengthy shower later... DARN IT! I'M OUT OF IDEAS EVEN THOUGH I SAID I HAD A GOOD IDEA ON HOW ONE OF THE DELETED SCENES SHOULD GO! I really hate when that happens. You get a brainstorm of ideas and then when you've done ONE idea, you've forgotten what the other one was! That really annoys me so...take over for me will you pplease, Dede42? Just in case you need advice, what's supposed to happen next is the first scene from Suited For Success but with the narrator added in trying to explain more about all kinds of dresses and how to make them only to annoy Rarity as she already knows how to do her dressmaking. Then after that, I had an idea for a deleted scene/alternate scene of that little goof where Rainbow forgets what the Grand Galloping Gala is and she needs reminding of what it was they were all fighting over...which I've also forgotten how that scene should go. Otherwise known as...

(Suited For Success: Deleted Scene 2: Rainbow Short Term Memory Loss Dash!) wish you luck with helping me with the rest of deleted scene 1 and deleted scene 2.
RolePlayer48 chapter 4 . 6/14
Oh boy...poor Rarity. Here she goes again. I blame Hoity Toity for that! Great ending and I look forward to the next ones. And I'm glad you like the idea of doing a Goofy "How To" cartoon based fanfic with Rarity's Art Of The Dress. You can never get enough of those. Especially that narrator. Anyway AJ, all is forgiven but you still have a lot of work to do. Hope Derpy is getting better at rock, paper, scissors now. Still not as fan of Zootopia because of reasons but great work all the same.
RolePlayer48 chapter 3 . 6/13
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT A MINUTE! Brother-in-law? Uh oh. That in-law part doesn't sound good. In fact, it sounds a

Timon: Like a relationship of the not kid friendlier type is going on with him?

Me: Yep. really do need to use better choice of words. You know how certain sentences that sound in a way that sounds like it describes...things I hate in life make me feel by now, right?

Applejack: Oops. Sorry. Ah...ah...forgot. Should've kept mah big mouth shut as I disapprove of stuff you hate too. Y'know what Rainbow?

Rainbow Dash: What?

Applejack: Forget doing the lawn for Dede42. All is forgiven and you can pull as many pranks as ya want.

Rainbow Dash: You mean it?

Applejack: Yep. I'm the one who needs a punishment and I don't care that I'm getting it. I'll be doing the lawn now.

Rainbow Dash: ALRIGHT! Later! (Flies off)

Applejack: (begins to mow the lawn while starting to cry) Oh why did I say Dede42's brother was relationship name thing?

Sunrise Blossom: Tsk tsk tsk. Applejack. How many times do I have to keep slapping you or telling you off for doing things that upset RolePlayer48? (slaps Applejack)

Applejack: Ow.

Sunrise Blossom: SHAME ON YOU! And just after singing Higitus Figitus with Merlin too. You are definitely a mood killer.

Me: *sigh*. I guess everywhere I go I'll end up with something that bares resemblances...stuff...why does it always happen to me?
RolePlayer48 chapter 3 . 6/13
Ah good old Merlin! Good to have him here! Sword in the Stone is another childhood favorite of mine! And according to what's on our deleted scenes/what Sunrise Blossom's childhood was like, it's her childhood favorite too!

Discord: I'll say. He often acts a lot like me or the Genie sometimes.

Me: Yeah. Anyway, great chapter. And way to go Sunrise giving the Mane 6 tellings off they deserved! Although, in the MLP fanbase, it's always a common thing where if something goes horribly wrong for one character the fans get angry at the characters who caused it or hate the episode or make fixfics showing what should have happened (hence why there's a group on FimFiction called The Accusation Fic Collection that I've checked out a lot) but when it's stuff like Spongebob or Timon and Pumbaa or anything non MLP related, they don't mind things going wrong for the characters. I'm not sure what it is but for some reason, people are VERY sensitive to that sort of humour on MLP rather than how they're okay with it on other shows. But all things aside, I'm still not certain I want to continue reading the Zootopia Dr. Whooves story despite how much Applejack's been begging me but well, considering I haven't SEEN Zootopia, that makes the fanfics of it really tricky to enjoy even if Derpy and the Doc's involved. Sorry. Hope you understand. Anyway, Merlin. While you're here, care to sing us a song?

Merlin: You mean Higitus Figitus?

Me: That's the one!

Merlin: Gladly. Now then, Discord, teleport all of the stuff from my house over here so I can pack it in order for me to do this song.

Discord: I'll do better than that. (Snaps fingers and they all teleport to Merlin's house where all his things ready to be packed are there waiting)

Merlin: Ooh! Teleportation spells? Why didn't I think of that? Right then. (Stands on stool) Ahem. (Music begins playing) Higitus Figitus zumbabazing! (Gets his beard stuck on his wand and then gets it unstuck) I want your attention everything! (All the stuff look at him) We're packing to leave. Come on. Let's go. (Sugar Bowl makes his way across to Merlin) No no, not you! Books are always first, you know. (Books begin to fly out the shelves and into the bag along with everything else as the music begins to play)

Hockety Pockety Wockety Wack. Abracadabra Dabra Nack. Shrink in size very small. We've got to save enough room for all. Higitus Figitus Migitus Mum. Pres-ti-dig-i-ton-i-um!

(Quick instrumental break)

Ali-i-ca-fez. Bal-a-ca-zez. Malacamez meripides. (Sugar Bowl starts misbehaving again by cutting in line with the other flying objects and hitting the teapot) Hockety Pockety Wockety...WHOA!

(Stuff stops flying and stays still)

Merlin: Now listen here, Sugar Bowl. That's the second time you've interrupted me singing this trademark song of mine by misbehaving. If you keep doing this every time I pack all of you, I'll have no choice but to leave you behind! Are we clear?! Now stop hitting the teapot! (Walks back to stand on the stool again. Sugar Bowl hits the teapot while he's not looking.) Phew. So sorry, RolePlayer48. I don't know what's up with Sugar. He's always misbehaving compared to my other household appliances.

Me: Kind of like YOU sometimes, Discord.

Discord: Hey! I try to be friends with everypony by being chaotic like Pinkie Pie or the Genie! What's wrong with that?

Merlin: Anyway, getting back on topic, let's take things from the top. Alrighty then, ahem. Uh...oh great. I've forgotten where I was before that Sugar interrupted me. Where was I?

Me: Um, Hockety Pockety?

Merlin: Oh yes. Thanks for reminding me. (Begins dancing on the stool like an idiot as stuff goes into his bag again)

Hockety Pockety Wockety Wack. Odds and ends and bric a brac. Be with you in just two minutes. Packing's almost done.

(Poor Archimedes, who was really hoping not to go through this song sequence again like last time in the film, goes into his bird house...only to find that it starts shrinking going into the bag as well...for the second time!)

Archimedes: (Barely gets out in time) Oh no! Not again! Merlin, I know I've said this before but sometimes you are nothing but a BUMBLING BLOCKHEAD!

Merlin: Dum doodly doodly doodly dum. This is the ending part now.

HIGITUS FIGITUS MIGITUS MUM! PRES-TI-DIG-I-TON-I-UM! HIGITUS FIGITUS MIGITUS MUM! PRES-TI-DIG-I-TON-I-WHOA! (falls over as the stool he's been standing on goes in the bag as well. The song is over and now his house is completely empty...again)

Merlin: Ha ha!

Discord: Wow! That's very impressive. But why exactly would you take EVERYTHING from your home wherever you go?

Me: He's got a point there, Merlin. I mean, whenever people go on holiday, people don't pack EVERYTHING like all household appliances. They pack only SOME of they're favorite things or stuff that might be useful for where they go.

Merlin: Don't worry. I only take everything from this house if I have to go somewhere serious like in my film where I had to take all that stuff with me to the castle where King Arthur lives.

Me: Oh hey! Speaking of, how is Arthur doing as a king? Are Sir Ector and Kay being nice to him, now?

Merlin: Don't worry about those two. It's against the law to bully royalty. In fact, I think I'll head on over there now and see how things are getting on. It's a good thing everything's already been packed. Bye guys. I'll let you know how things are going later.

Me and Discord: Bye Merlin!

Discord: Wow! I'm the master of chaos but I don't think even I could pack EVERYTHING from one house into a SMALL bag!

Me: Neither do I. Anyway, great chapter as always. And I think I know what everyone will do to make things up for Rarity. All it takes is dress making!

Discord: Y'know, it really occurs to me how they all made Rarity's Gala dress so well when we've never actually SEEN them USE any of Rarity's dress making stuff.

Me: Well, I guess after seeing Rarity do it so many times, I guess they immediately knew how to do it. I mean, that's the Art of the dress...

Discord: You know, the way you say "The Art Of..." all I can ever think about are those classic Goofy "how to" cartoons like "The Art Of Skiing" or "The Art Of Self Defense" or all those other shorts.

Me: Me too. In fact, sometimes I wish Disney still made those! They were my favorite Goofy cartoons after all!

Discord: Yeah. They're starting to bring back some of the older stuff from older Disney movies into newer stuff but I personally wouldn't mind if they went back to making those Goofy cartoons. They were very entertaining. Especially that narrator that follows Goofy around.

Me: Hey. That's given me an idea. You know how Rarity's song is called "The Art Of The Dress"?

Discord: Yeah?

Me: Because that name sounds like a title for a fan-made Goofy "how to" fanfic based off those other shorts.

Discord: Say, that's a good idea. Let me guess, Rarity I think being busy doing something or other...I don't know...this can take place during an episode like the Dr. Whooves series, and Goofy having to fill in with the dress making (and failing miserably) as the narrator explains to him what to do as always? Yes. That could work perfectly! RolePlayer48, you've come up with brilliant ideas for your and Dede42's stories and deleted scenes in the past but this one I think is the best one you've come up with so far!

Me: You like it?

Discord: I love it! And I bet so will Dede42! Hey Goofy! (Snaps his fingers and Goofy falls from the sky doing his signature Goofy yell)

Goofy: YA-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOEY! (crash) Yeah? A-hyuck! You called?

Discord: Goofy, RolePlayer48 just came up with a great idea involving you!

Goofy: Gawrsh. He did?

Discord: Yep. Let's go to Dede42's place and I'll explain it to you once we get there! Bye!

Me: Bye guys! Bye Dede42. Later. ;)
RolePlayer48 chapter 3 . 6/13
Thank you so much. Now I won't have to worry about that weird review anymore.
RolePlayer48 chapter 3 . 6/12
Thank you. I'll try to ignore it but I have no idea what he or she's on about with last hours or Jesus or random stuff and that really confused/scared me. Anyway, still not sure about the rest of the Zootopia story, AJ. It's still a bit too much to ask for me to read the rest.

Applejack: It's okay. Ah understand.

Both: See ya tomorrow.

Me: Let's hope that reviewer doesn't turn up again anytime soon. Though I still don't like how that review of his or hers is still there.

Applejack: Me neither, Sugarcube. Ah think we oughta delete it so you don't have to keep thinking about it

Me: Well, if it's not too much trouble.
Musa Tecna bestfriends forever chapter 2 . 6/12
Amazing Chapter
RolePlayer48 chapter 2 . 6/12
Oh good. You cut out Rarity's song. Thank you.

Rarity: WHAT?! What's wrong with my singing?!

Me: Well, all you ever sing about in the series is just about boring dresses.


Me: What? It's true. And also you're voice/actress changes whenever you switch from speaking to singing.

Rarity: WHAT?!

Me: And you're singing voice/actress is horrible. It sounds NOTHING like you, 'Rare. And Twilight's singing voice is no better than her speaking voice. I mean, people are OBVIOUSLY gonna notice the voice changes.

Rarity: B-but...

Me: Oh hey, that reminds me! Did you know, Dede42, that Timon's voice actor kept changing throughout the TV series or anything not related to the first Lion King movie?

Rarity: Really?

Me: Yeah. Although, Nathan Lane DID voice Timon in some of the first episodes of the Timon and Pumbaa show but I think he left for broadway or was busy with other stuff or...i don't know so in later episodes Timon would be voiced by Quinton Flynn (who I think does a much better and funnier way of saying silly things in a Timon voice than the other actors) and then even later on in the series, voiced by Kevin Schon (who I think is, meh, okay but I think he tries WAY too hard to sound like Nathan Lane and doesn't say the lines in a funny way like Quinton Flynn does). And then later on in Kingdom Hearts (which part of me thinks rubbish because of Sora and other boring characters or stories) and the Safety Smart shorts, Timon was voiced by Bruce Lanoil. Yeah. I know voice changes anywhere. You'd think I wouldn't notice them?

Rarity: Wow darling. You ARE clever for knowing all that. I don't even think Dede42 knows about Timon's constant change in voices like you and others do. Um, what were we talking about again before you brought up Timon?

Me: You're awful singing voice.

Rarity: WHAT?! (seeths with fury) WHY YOU...

Me: Gotta go! Great chapter Sunrise. I'll try to read the rest of the Zootopia one but I probably won't come up with any relatively good or funny reviews though but I'll at least TRY to read it for you. Bye. (Runs off)

RolePlayer48 chapter 1 . 6/11
Good first chapter, Sunrise. Though I think there's a goof in this episode.

Sunrise Blossom: Whereabouts?

Me: Just after Rarity tells Rainbow the dresses are for the gala. She says "Outfit for the what now?" Did she really forget what The Grand Galloping Gala was? I mean, what was it that she among the rest of the gang where fighting over Twi's tickets about? I think that's a goof in the script writing and no one reminds Rainbow once she asks that question.

Sunrise Blossom: You're right. I'm sure Dede42 has also noticed. What should we do about that then? A deleted/alternate scene where Rainbow gets reminded or a thing where me, Timon and Pumbaa pause this episode in the cinema to talk about Rainbow's short term memory loss?

Me: Meh. I'm sure both would work. I could give it a go but at the moment, like Dede42, I often get a writer's block or lack of ideas on how a deleted scene from an episode where I don't get as much clever ideas as other ones and I certainly don't want to bother Dede42 at the moment because one) she said at the end of Fall Weather Friends her brain was hurting (I don't know if she means it or if she's joking or not) and two) she's busy chasing that prankter known as Dainbow Rash!

Sunrise Blossom: (breaks into laughter) Dainbow Rash?! Oh, sweet Celestia! That is the most hilarous way of saying Rainbow's name I've ever heard!

Me: Yeah. Just don't tell her I called her that. But anyway, you get the point.

Sunrise Blossom: Well not to worry, I'm often full of my own ideas being the clever pony with a disability I am. I'm posting for Dede42 for a while so I could help do a deleted scene for you.

Me: Thanks Sunny. I really would appreciate that.

Sunrise Blossom: Hey, what are friends for? After all...

Me and Sunrise: Friends stick together to the end!