Reviews for Deku: The Telekinetic Hero
Shoveler chapter 28 . 2/11
really good
Tomon chapter 28 . 2/7
Wow, this is so far definitely one of the best pure MHA stories I read.
I really love Izuku quirk, especially as you made him able to work with telekinetic energy instead of outright telekinesis. Because done like this, he sort of got a finite amount of how much he can grasp (even if it's growing) and also since it works as an sort of extra appendage he has to be able to 'get a grip' which limit him from being outright OP.
But it also doesn't nerf his telekinetic strength and he was already able of doing amazing feats already! Now with One for All boosting it? Really looking forward to what is he going to be capable of.

What I loved even more is the flawless combination between Izuku and Ochako, but also their relationship outside of battle. That's really superb and I trust you will also let Ochako develop further on her own, even if with Izuku help :) Who knows? She could end up being able to influence gravity both ways instead of just erasing it. But there are other possibilities as well.

You also did well with All Might, who didn't give away his quirk and secret on first meeting. Being intrigued or even excited upon finding someone who seems like such a worthy successor is one thing. But it definitely makes more sense to test him further.
That being said I think you could flash out All Might decision on not passing his quirk sooner a little better. After all letting Midoriya develop further and be better prepared along with All Might trying to stand as strong as he can as long as possible to help Izuku face All for One are very good and plausible reasons :)

Otherwise there were a lot of other good things worth mentioning but this review would go on and on if I did that.
Regarding some critique? I guess I'm little sad that you decided to go with Deku, but your Izuku was quite similar to his canon counterpart still clinging to Kaachan so it sadly makes sense. Definitely more than in some other fics where he is strong enough to ignore/hate/outgrow 'Kacchan' but still accept Deku as his hero name. That I hate with passion... You just not gonna be happy with defamatory nickname that tormented your childhood and embrace it upon one good spin upon said name...

Anyway to close it somehow. Really superb job so far and I can't wait to see more. This is definitely one of the best stories from MHA universe and for sure among my very favorite :)
MithosYggdrassil chapter 14 . 2/5
Read though most of the fic and thought it was nicely written. Consistent writing. However, that's basically the only thing that I can say about it.

The fic is a retread of canon, nothing really changes. Some sections, I've noticed, are copy-pasted from the manga. Those things that do change, don't really impact the story. Izuku having a Quirk? Nothing relevant occurs, except his Mom staying hot. There's no radical change. No change in fighting style for example. OfA!Deku vs Tk!Deku should have different styles of fighting. In this story it's exactly the same.

This telekinetic quirk also works as you, the author, wants it to work. I'm saying that the way it works is always situational. Sometimes it's strong, sometimes it's weak. A'la Tite Kubo's Bleach. (Character will always be as strong as he needs to be)

Tried to keep on reading but as I've said, this is a retread of canon with superficial changes. Changes that do not really do anything. You can paint an apple gold, but it's still an apple. You know what I mean?

Keep on keeping on.
Oddballzebra chapter 4 . 1/31
I hope Izuku eventually stops being a pussy about it and just kick Katsuki's ass. Also, why is he still calling Katsuki that stupid nickname? He already said that they aren't friends anymore.
albertocervantes569 chapter 6 . 1/28
why isn't izuku using his quirk...
the way he fights is like he has one for all like what the fuck he could have just thrown katsuki away from him and then that shit about him breaking out of the ,how does he do that when he can left a car... a fucking car ...
sorry for that but it just seems like you are making him weak for no reason. it just make no sense
zapeli8 chapter 8 . 1/28
See this is what happens when you binge XD You want to comment but you might also comment on something answered in just a little bit XD

Still loving this though! Izuku-Ochako are precious!
zapeli8 chapter 6 . 1/28
I'll politely say I don't agree with you on the Izuku-Katsuki relationship. It's not looking down on him to not sharing his improvements. That makes it seem as if Izuku is obligated to prove himself to Katsuki just because he demands it. Both opinions are potentially damaging mindsets. Especially when you consider Katsuki has done nothing but belittle him up to this point.

But that aside! I've been loving this story. Your take on Izuku, and the budding relationship between him and Ochako is completely precious. And the battle was a nice alternate take on canon too. And while I don't like some aspects of the Izu-Katsu relationship, I still love how you're fleshing out Katsuki and showing his insecurities underneath his bravado.
dragonfighter11 chapter 28 . 1/25
Yeah the villains in the manga have recently become waaay to overpowered, and if your All Might wont be able to take care of AFO for Deku... well the heroes are screwed lol Here's hoping he masters OFA quickly~
Guest chapter 1 . 1/24
Reason why Izuku was such a p*ssy and had no confidence was because he was quirkless so if he had a quirk he wouldn’t be this pathetic... just saying
LegendaryMob chapter 25 . 1/21

If DUO Ochako/Izuku still a thing. Then OFA is pretty unnecessary cause Izuku's telekinetic quirk is already strong enough and has awakening potential to match or surpass OFA. So giving him OFA (specifically nana shimura's float quirk) is pretty overkill and will make izuku too strong and versatile enough for ochako to match and ever keep up..
LegendaryMob chapter 26 . 1/21
Man... You really shouldn't have given One For All to Midoriya.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't it your goal to make Izuku and Ochako a duo? Cause if so(not then I'll be disappointed).. Then i don't see how OFA's necessary ... In fact ofa just made that goal seems blurry.

I mean dude! izuku's quirk is versatile enough and with the existence of an 'awakening'. his telekinetic ability has so much potential to actually match or surpass ofa in a long run. Also ofa is pretty much a variable. It has too many variation and unknown to it. And gaining ofa pretty much instantly made that character a powerhouse, a solo hero. So midoriya gaining it with his current quirk is pretty overkill. ALSO with Nana Shimura's 'Float' quirk being within it. Pretty much invalid His ochako/izuku combo. So unless you remove it or make uraraka an all might character then their duo is almost impossible cause of how op izuku will became!
doraemax chapter 28 . 1/20
His liver? huh...random. Really interested to see how OFA integrated with his existing Quirk. Will the physical aspect of it remain? Hmm...that combo might make him closer to superman than most (i've read a theory where Superman and his ilk employ sort of a tactile telekinesis as well).

Now that he got a powerup. There is such a thing as telekinetic shield, right? as in, him becoming impervious to most physical attack. huhuhu. Plus, if a fully powered Jean Grey is any indication... nothing will be able to get within a certain radius of him. Speaking off, will his limit of 15 feet remain...or will it increases as well?

In terms of plot...I guess All Might will not be able to have that showdown with AFO...huh. Troublesome.
doraemax chapter 12 . 1/18
Awww... Mina wasted a prime chance for a Yaoi-like teasing. Really got Ochako's blood pumping. hahaha.

Anyway, now that Yaomomo had a chance to peruse the infamous notebook, will she put a more impressive showing on her next round?
doraemax chapter 7 . 1/18
Huh, interesting. Shinshou can choose 'when' to capture/activate his opponents.
doraemax chapter 6 . 1/18
Yeah, Bakugou is still a stupid shit. Izuku said some things, and he suddenly he was right?! No way in hell was he right! He is still so wrong. But no matter. Izuku realizes his problems and can now work towards bettering himself as a person. If Bakugou still want to delude himself and remain stagnant except in physical strength...that is his choice.
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