Reviews for Deku: The Telekinetic Hero
Luciendar chapter 29 . 5/18
Sucks that you ended things on such a bleak note
Guest chapter 29 . 5/18
Can someone adopt please.
Luciendar chapter 21 . 5/18
I kinda wish you'd have had Izuku point out how he only did so well in the first two events because of her. He mentioned it a bit, but Uraraka was obviously feeling like her carried her through both events, no pun intended, and that she didn't do well when it was just her. I mean, considering how much energy he saves using her quirk, there's no way he could've done so well on the first part without her. Not just that, but it would've exhausted him to try, making him flop the second round. Being supportive is more than just telling someone they did great.
Luciendar chapter 17 . 5/17
You're giving Bakugo some pretty intense plot armor.
Luciendar chapter 12 . 5/16
Poor Iida, he doesn't stand a chance. He can't push Izuku out because Izuku can fly. He can't get up top top speed on the stage. And if he stops, Izuku could shove him
Turtletipper123 chapter 29 . 5/16
well as much as I liked this story I realize life comes first so...yeah. great story. wish more would come but I'm fine with it being done.
Turtletipper123 chapter 10 . 5/16
return of the Perverted Grape.
Luciendar chapter 6 . 5/14
I feel like you know this ending is crap and that's why you said all that in your author's note. How was izuku's determination to not use his quirk against other people him liking down on Bakugo? If you were trying to get that across then you did a terrible job of it. God, the last thing Bakugo needs is more people telling him he's right. And as far as being better is concerned, Izuku is a better person. God that ending apology just made me sick.

And what's with Momo's observation. Izuku did everything in his power to avoid a fight. He even protected his teammate and chose a logical path for victory. Bakugo simply figured him out. At no point did anything you wrote come off as Izuku looking for a grudge match. He simply defended himself. His last idea was stupid and him getting hurt that bad made no sense when comparing his injuries after hitting the zero pointer when he had almost no energy left. He was hand down MVP, but it's not Iida's fault, his partner just ruined it for both of them. This was poorly thought out.
Luciendar chapter 5 . 5/14
I half way agree with Minetta being kicked. But don't like your reading. He should've been kicked for his attitude, not his score. Shinso was in terrible shape and likely wouldn't have scored well on those tests either. You probably shouldn't have brought Shinso in until after the festival.
Luciendar chapter 4 . 5/14
I'm a little disappointed Izuku didn't stand up more for Ochako. Bakugo insulting him is one thing. Water off a duck's ass, ya know? But he pretty much just let Bakugo walk all over her. It was disappointing.
Luciendar chapter 3 . 5/14
Ehhhh? You're not going to give Ochako rescue points based off that are you? I mean, at no point did she save him. He was never in danger.
Luciendar chapter 2 . 5/14
I'm going to ignore your author's note at the beginning of this chapter. Mostly because it was rubbish. No offence, but you actually defended you're reasoning based off of the habit making potential of a four year old. And that's ignoring the fact that your argument was flawed. He was bullying Izuku because he hadn't activated his quirk. Then he did. Therefore, if her kept picking on Izuku, he had to develop a whole new reason so it can't be simply called him carrying on. The teachers also would've stuck up for him more. It just makes no sense how you defended it. Bakugo is an angry little shit, her learned it from his mother, but the praise her received gave him a giant ego and Izuku wouldn't stand by and let him bully people. That's all the reason you need. Every kid in that class wanted to be a hero so saying Bakugo picked on him for that doesn't work. And of course Bakugo wouldn't apologize. That said, you aren't taking his pride into account. Her would probably just ignore Izuku unless Izuku got in his way when he was being a jerk to someone else.

Basically, I'm just going to pretend the first chapter didn't happen.
Luciendar chapter 1 . 5/14
Hmm, I feel like I'm nitpicking here. It's just, Izuku really should be even more confident than you've written him. I mean think about it. Him having a quirk would've changed everything.

1) possibly the biggest change, and one I don't think you considered here, is that her wouldn't feel like his own mother doesn't believe in him. Something that would be crippling for any child.

2) The teachers and other students would've treated him better.

3) His relationship with Bakugo would be entirely different. Like in the beginning of this story, Izuku would probably see it as his duty to protect people from Bakugo. That's just izuku's heroic nature. His quirk would likely be much further along due to protecting people from Bakugo.

All that adds up to a charge more radical than you demonstrated. I can't see Izuku stuttering at all. (Except for when he met All Might, but that's different. ) A stronger quirk, more supportive home and school life, and a dream that feels more realistic. All that together just doesn't add up to the Izuku you're portraying imo.

Also, amusing tidbit. When you talked about the profession of guys power, you mentioned him holding up three preschoolers for a few seconds, then him holding up a dinner table for a while. First off, those kids probably weigh 35lbs or more a piece. You see many 105lb dinner tables lol. Plus holding one stationary object would be fast simpler than three moving ones. Not a big flaw or anything, but funny regardless.
Izuku says what chapter 6 . 5/7
What’s next? Will a wife that was beaten by her husband apologise to him and say how it’s all her fault after all? Izuku was bullied by Bakagou for a decade, he was attacked illegally with quirks and you’re having him apologise? That’s both ridiculous and enables Bakagou’s horrible personality.
What chapter 6 . 5/7
I’m sorry, did Izuku just apologise to his long time bully and make it seem like it was his fault all along? Why not just get down on his knees and suck him off while he’s at it?
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