Reviews for MMPR Orange Ranger: Thunder and Ninja
Wolfgirl2013 chapter 72 . 4h
I Love This Episode Cause Of Skull And Kimberly
Guest chapter 72 . 5h
I like this chapter it was nice of adam dancing with sophie
jdkeller2000 chapter 72 . 6h
I never really liked this episode, I just could never get into it. So are you planning on doing the Christmas episode after this or just skip it?
D.J. Scales chapter 72 . 10h
Nice chapter.
Wolfgirl2013 chapter 71 . 9/21
D.J. Scales chapter 71 . 9/21
Nice chapter but Bulk and Skull cant catch a break.
jdkeller2000 chapter 71 . 9/21
Can’t wait to see when you introduce Sophie’s successor. And since there’s going to be an Orange Alien Ranger, I also assume that there’s going to be an Orange Shogun Zord, right? Just a question
brankel1 chapter 70 . 9/20
Great job.
jdkeller2000 chapter 70 . 9/19
I like this episode because it shows the Rangers in the Ninja Zord Cockpits for the first time.
D.J. Scales chapter 70 . 9/19
Well done with this chapter. Glad that all worked out well.
Wolfgirl2013 chapter 69 . 9/18
Very Cool
brankel1 chapter 69 . 9/18
jdkeller2000 chapter 69 . 9/17
I’m glad Aisha isn’t going alone in the battle to come. I like part two more than part one. This time for the reason of seeing Titanus again
D.J. Scales chapter 68 . 9/16
Once again you delivered another piece of good writing work.
jdkeller2000 chapter 68 . 9/16
Now that I think about it this is the only time in season 3 that Saba talks. Weird
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