Reviews for Blinded by Lies
torchy22 chapter 105 . 2h
life changing chapter here, looks like Harry will climb out of the hole he is in.
Goalie2123 chapter 56 . 5/10
Bro I am sick and tired of Hermione forgiving everyone. Like I’m so sick of it. Severus, Draco, Harry, Ron. I sick of it. Like I get she’s supposed to be this pure blood queen but she couldn’t at least make them wait a few days
Black Banshee chapter 131 . 5/9
"Fine. Fuck this. I'm going home. I can't deal with her shite."
Well, that was fast. You know what ? Good riddance.
sloganlogan chapter 62 . 5/7
Lol sorry but this chapter lost me. Hermione is a 14 year old girl throwing a tantrum and everyone acts like shes right. Just not buying it. I mean Sirious has raised and loved her for basically her whole life and because hes fulfilling the responsibility he has to Harry it makes him a monster? It isnt like hes abandoning her its just that his focus isnt going to be primarily on her for a little bit now that he's going to fulfil his duty to his dead best friends son. Don't get me wrong I get her being mad but c'mon shes really going to hold such a grudge against a kid who was dragged into a magical world which he knows literally nothing about and decided to trust the people that 90% of people deem the most trust worthy. Hermione being childish and feeling this way I can understand because she is 14 but everyone coddling her and supporting her running away from home acting as if she's right doesn't make much sense to me. The story is excellently written and you are clearly a talented writer but im sorry there's just some plot points that I can't get behind. Best of luck with any future writing .
Sturmundsterne chapter 33 . 5/5
So. Much. Misogyny.
HEROTYTY13 chapter 75 . 5/4
I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you. why couldn't they be together already. I hate you so much.

BTW lovely story you have here im really enjoying in but still... I hate you.
SugarQueen93 chapter 131 . 5/3
Yay! Another chapter finally! Ron is so damn petulant and annoying. Who gets mad about a camping trip!? Most boys like that shit! And going somewhere people would least expect to find you seems pretty logical to me. I thought the blowout would be a bit more intense with an explosive end to Harry's and Ron's friendship though. But, I'm just glad he left early. Save us a lot of annoyance. Lol I'm hoping that you'll continue to update and finish the story one day. I definitely need to see the end of this wild ride! This is one of my favorite stories I've read on this platform. :)
Hanu Chinna chapter 62 . 5/3
this story no words every character is intelligentelligent with brain mainly harmione I loved her in all stories but here tho
HarmonyAlways63 chapter 131 . 5/2

Love seeing a new chapter on this story! Immediately makes my day a 10/10. Can’t believe we’ve started part 3 of this series! It was a perfect set up for the Horcrux Hunt phase of the story. And can I just say I laughed so hard when Ron didn’t even last 5 minutes with them LOL plus Hermione punched him in the face! This chapter was just priceless. Amazing start. Thank you for sharing another chapter. I know you’re life is kind of chaotic right now. I hope it got better from the last time you posted. But because it’s so busy and hectic I want to let you know how much I appreciate you finding some time to write and post a new chapter. I stumbled across this story when it had about 120ish chapters in and to be at 131 and still reading this story has been nothing but joy. Wishing you good health and joy in your life and I’ll see you on the next chapter. —A faithful reader
kpop1392as chapter 131 . 5/2
I enjoyed reading this chapter. Do you think Ron would ever give out their location? or help aid in giving them Hermione?
Sir dragon chapter 28 . 5/2
great chapter. Once again in these its always dumbledore and the god damn greater good
Yaw6113 chapter 131 . 5/1
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and enjoyed it a lot.
sirdragon chapter 10 . 5/1
I've been reading from chapter one today I was constantly thinking NOOO don't believe that manipulative, misinformed, bastard and every time it went farther away. It's a really good slow burn though I'm excited to see where it goes
sirdragon chapter 2 . 5/1
So I'm not sure you'll even see this unless you randomly check but here I go. While I'm only on chapter two this story seems amazing and the length is astounding. Thank you so much for making a good easy to read fanfic. Thank you for your efforts
sirdragon chapter 1 . 5/1
this is amazing stuff
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