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ixbluerosexi chapter 131 . 5/6
so... I just found and completely binged reading the chapters over the past week, and got caught up! have been enjoying the story, and look forward to the next chapter and seeing where the story goes!
sugardaze chapter 131 . 5/6
Just finished rereading this story, can you update or is this story on hiatus?
Guest chapter 131 . 4/5
I hope you are doing well. Loving the story, and looking forward to update when you feel up to it.
wtf chapter 1 . 3/31
really you had to put the dumb bush bitch Hermoine in the story should of had her bashed like the whore deserves
Sky82 chapter 131 . 3/29
Just wondering if you plan to finish this story?
kdkarate6104 chapter 131 . 3/22
love love love the story, hope you continue this story!
Spinelli chapter 131 . 3/7
I wanted to say I love your story! I hope that you will be continuing!
Ifriqiya.lisa chapter 93 . 2/12
Hi !
I have to unburden my soul and tell you that although I appreciate the ideas your bring forward and your overall plot, the writing is too heavy for me
You reappear yourself too much, it feels like you want to boost the word count with the retelling of plot lines by different POV, and it is okay from one chapter to another to refresh the reader’s memory, but you do that often in one chapter (I don’t like stories holding my hand like I’m dumb)
Also a big no for me: your depiction of Harry and Draco as womanisers at 13/14? I understand if these ideas are brought forward in 7th year but oral sex at 12? I find it extremely disturbing and honestly… unbelievable that 14yo Harry is shaggingnumerous girls in the same daywtf?
This part of the plot made me give up the story, it stopped being plausible and even sounding awful to my ears
it could have been great ! Don’t give up, you can do better
Sophiawritez chapter 59 . 2/1
Ik there’s like almost a hundred more chapters posted. But I really really hope hermione doesn’t forgive them so easily. And yk what. I get loyalty. But she should give Sirius and Severus he’ll
Sophiawritez chapter 58 . 2/1
I absolutely adore this chapter. I am the biggest fun of vindictive hermione and I desperately hope we get that soon. Absolutely love this! Your writing is amazing
Tefy chapter 131 . 1/29
Actualiza por favor
shamelessmari chapter 73 . 1/23
This chapter was not what I expected tbh. I thought this chapter was gonna be the one where Hermione was finally going to be done with Viktor because he was going to do something to show his true colors but at last that will have to wait. Anyways very interesting making Dory the mate of Remus. I kept thinking what would have happened if Sirius had fully forgiven Remus and gotten back together with him? Then I thought that would have been way too much drama lol. Anyways lovely chapter.
jade chapter 46 . 1/23
why does she forgive harry so easily? it's so frustrating to the point i might tear my hair out. he keeps blindly insulting her and her family yet as soon as a stupid sorry slips pasts his lips she's instantly okay with it i'm going to go insane
Guest chapter 8 . 1/22
sorry I can't continue further. The whole custody thing just wasn't believable, nor is the thought that Sirius wouldn't look for harry anyway.

None of it makes sense, you really need to rewrite if you want canon events to make sense.
Oreton chapter 131 . 1/8
After reaching this far i gotty say that i Like this Story and it was fun Reading thus far. I wished to slap some of the characters from time to time but thats okay makes Them feel "alive" so to speak. When you continue Reading this Just remember that i really Liked it and enjoyed myself

Now reviewing the painful truths about your writing.
Discribing Action oriented scenes and all the connected tension.. you suck. I cant Put it in nicer words im sorry but thats it. Its Always some hush hush discription of the Events adding some Twists but in general i Always got the Impression you wanted to have it dealt with asap so you can Focus on other parts of the Story. Wich of course leads sometimes to a bit Lack of tension when it comes to the aftermath of a Battle where you Put some serious effort in since thats were you highlighted the emotional parts

This brings us to the Things that got into Focus instead and Here you did some really great Work. The emotional Rollercoaster simply didnt Stop and it was really Worth it.

I dont think that you could actually pull Off some snarky sarcastic monologue from Snape, at least Not from what ive read in this Story, but you did a great Job at actually avoiding that you have to, without making Things awkward wich isnt Something that ive Seen often so really good Work

Next, you Sometimes forget some stuff simply from Happening, why did Harry have the cloak in year 6 for example since it should still be lying in top of the astronomy Tower since His First year. Since you twisted from were He got the cloak and mumbledore Had a rather skeptical View on that since He doubted the source its Not clear who send it Back to him. In the other Hand its a Hermione Story and a Lot of Harry stuff happened Off the Screen to him but you wasted a nice Chance so far, were Harry gets to know from were He got the cloak.. might come Up in the Future since the hollow stuff is still in the Table so im still tuned to See what it holds

Other Situations is were you simply forgot that you already utilized a Plot Stop.. the thestral class in 5th year happened twice for example and thestrals were already mentioned at the end of year 1 yet the characters seem to have forgotten they exist .. there were some other similar examples but neither do i remember all of Them nor should it be necessary
Staying in year 5, Here i Had the Impression the Most, that you are writing the Story Not as a package for a year but as a chapter by chapter Work. Issue 1, next chapter issue 2 ... Etc.
This is sadly Something that often happense in webnovel and fanfiction at the expense of the actual development of the Story since to me it Always seems Like its some chopped Up Puzzlework from someone who does Not know the Original Story. Like "I have to do this .. oh and this and next time i do that,that might be Fun"

While i dont think that this is on Point for you, you clearly know the Story and Had some interesting ideas and turns in it, it still didnt fit right together

In 6th year you got it better again.. might Just be that you dont Like that book .. who knows

All of this is ofcourse simply my own opinion and you can feel free to feel complimented, humbled, offended or aroused however you Like.

Best regards
N. O.
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