Reviews for Liquid Love
Whit96 chapter 2 . 7/20
norafares chapter 2 . 7/15
Awwww look at you actually appreciating me for once! :'3
I still love Draco threatening to burn the book to get rid of Hermione. Literary gold! I mean I want to tell you to stop writing dark things, but I enjoy reading dark stories lol. I think this story should have 50 chapters, don't you?
Guest chapter 2 . 7/15
I think the potion simply awakened the buried & unacknowledged feelings Draco has for Hermione which is why the effects persist even after the potion has worn off.
The RoR scene where Draco unknowingly wishes for his own grave and the Room provides it is actually something new. We all know that the Room is supposed to do that but nobody has ever written this. There are thousands of scenes in various stories where RoR is used by various people and they may at times think depressing or other thoughts but it's the first time I am reading where the Room has actually complied with them.
The stories are mostly the same and cliched but that scene was a refresher.
Fantasticlavendercrystals chapter 2 . 7/15
Love is blindness is my main point when it comes to this story. I like the mystery of why the love potion effects are still on-going, but I can't come up with any theories other than Draco loved Hermione BEFORE the love potion happened in the last chapter, but knowing your fanfiction, that probably isn't the case, is it? :D

I think the dialogue was on-point here, as it read very fast-paced and more importantly realistic. I really wanted to know where those conversations would go and I was impressed with where they went as it was very intense.

I also am a bit confused as to why Hermione is so bothered about being mean to Draco? He's been mean to her for years and she thinks he's a bigot, as do her friends. I am not necessarily saying it's wrong to write this but I would appreciate some more detail on what was going through her head. Same with Draco in the part about the "suicidal trance" I could have used some more detail about what was going in his head at that moment, to really feel the full impact of such a moment.

As for "who could that be" well it might be Harry or Hermione, but it could just be the room giving him an apparition - an image of Hermione - because he "requires it?". Who knows? No one but you as the author, obviously. I can't wait to find out though :)

P.S. The warnings were appreciated, however I would say this is "depressive" in mood rather than "mild".
Guest chapter 2 . 7/15
I guess it is Hermoine who sees him?
And interesting story. Will he decide against serving Voldemort and they will somehow rescue his mother together? Hermoine will surely find out about the vanishing cabinet after seing the book and with Harry being so paranoid
Guest chapter 1 . 7/2
Give the people what they want!
4fanci chapter 1 . 6/30
I hope there’s more! This is such an interesting beginning. I bet the potion just made him aware of what was already there. But how shocking for both!
gokceedilan chapter 1 . 6/30
I liked it, it's really different and cute :)
Superpickle13 chapter 1 . 6/21
Oh my gosh! Loved this so much!
sapphire.gd17 chapter 1 . 6/21
Whoa, Malfoy just outed himself.. 'It doesn't go away' indeed! This was the best Dramione I've read this week :3 Love potion strikes again! Hurrah!

I'm still smiling...
Guest chapter 1 . 6/21
Ohhhhh, cute! Don't usually (if ever) read Dramione, as I'm a big Drarry fan, but still ... Good story.

"It's still there," he seethed. "I can still feel it." ... THIS. OMG. XD
Fantasticlavendercrystals chapter 1 . 6/21
Hmmm...doesn't like veela stories for being forced and unnatural but writes a story about a love potion...interesting...haha, just kidding about :D ...anyway being serious, I think the summary of this story is the best one yet! Made me want to read right away, as you did show an excellent sense of humour :)

I really liked the comedy in this. From the moment you wrote about Draco eating an apple I had a flashback to the movie of Prisoner of Azkaban when Draco eats a green apple loudly, showing he's an arse :'D So from that point on I was having a lot of fun reading this.

I think there could have been some more thoughts being shown about how the characters feel after the love potion but I really liked the thoughts Draco was feeling during the love potion. I also liked how you used his first name primarily thorough that section - it brings the reader close to him in a way.

I liked the ending of this a lot as while I know this is for a competition, I think you could extend this into a longer short story if you wanted to - next chapter showing how Draco becomes paranoid about Hermione telling people and people gossiping about why he was in the hospital wing, and then in chapter 3 Draco wondering about whether those feelings of infatuation could be more and how he copes or doesn't cope with that idea and so on. I'd be up for reading that, as there are no completed Dramione fanfictions I can think of that do the love potion idea justice :)

So yeah, probably one of my favourite pieces of your work, if not my ultimate favourite, and I really want you to consider my idea in the above paragraph...pretty please just think about it :)
Musings chapter 1 . 6/20
Self insert drivel.