Reviews for Hold On (I still love you)
YeIncognito-XD chapter 1 . 6/24/2018
Anyone tell you, you’d make a great Detective? Thank you for your reply, by the way – I normally kudos, but I was on a mission to comment, like a secret agent. You can blame that ‘other Gotham fic’ coz it’s the one (the masterpiece) that started this terrible spiral of addiction, and now I’m sorry, but I’m utterly hooked.
Also, I totally understand about your updating schedule. I kinda read about it AFTER I commented, and was like damn… I guess I’m just dying to know when the next chp of Other Gotham is out and when to hang out for it. :)
I feel compelled to comment on it now, but I don’t wanna give much away... which is quite tricky... I guess I’ll just say I totally love what you’re doing with it. The pacing, the drama and suspense, one character’s slow and comfortable fall into the other’s Oh, so welcoming clutches is very interesting XD I just wonder how the other one’s gonna feel when they rock up. I’m kinda hoping for WW3! ) Also, loving the Dom/sub vibe obvs.
Anyways, will def keep my eyes open for next updates, and the possible acquiesce of my request.
Till then –
I guess I’ll just bid you…
Adieu! :)
Castello chapter 1 . 6/24/2018
I wish you had an account so I could reply directly to you! Thank you for reading my stories and loving my writing! It means a lot that you found me both on FF and Ao3 (since you mentioned my other Gotham fic) I haven't posted the other fic on because I'm nervous about it being too graphic to appeal to their guidelines, but I'll keep your request in mind. :)

3 I update things a good few times a week. My updating really depends on what I'm doing that week and if I have a lot of motivation/inspiration or only a little. I have a lot of stories going at a time and also write one-shots here and there... so I can never promise frequent update timing on a single story.
YeIncognito-XD chapter 1 . 6/24/2018
Also, sorry you were feeling like shit when you wrote this - Glad you're feeling better now :) And glad you shared. - Not like, uhmm, OSWALD, who recently screwed up his letter! XD Don't ever do an Oswald.

Hope the rest of your week is brilliant, and look forward to more of your amazing works,

Toodles Poodle.
YeIncognito-XD chapter 1 . 6/24/2018
Heyyyooo! Could you please add the other Gotham story on here, can't see it...? :S Hope this commenting thing works, lol. I see where you were going with this story, I think it was coz it said 'stop' not 'wait' one point and it IS rough. I would love another sex story with this pairing, though. BDSM DomRiddler, espec. Very few stories with that and he strikes me as total Dom canonwise XD and Oz seems sub, he's even got straps on his arms nowadays XDD. Could give loads of examples, conspiracy-wise. Anyways, thannkkk you! How often do you update stuff? I'm addicted to your writing.