Reviews for Arcs of the Multiverse
Guest chapter 153 . 3/5
I want a little drama or conflict about Jaune bringing home Atlas military or between the schnees and the arcs
IzukuMeliodas chapter 153 . 3/6
What's this? Plot in a reaction fic? I LOVE IT!
I finally finally FINALLY caught up! I love this story dude! I love what you're doing with it!
I have one question though, how is there 2 seasons of the Mandalorian and not a SINGLE chapter about it? I LOVED that western chapter, so could I request another like the Mando(taking his helmet off episode?) Or Blazing Saddles (HIGHLY recommend watching if you haven't)
Silverion Ace chapter 153 . 3/5
I like the reaction stuff, not big on the whole mini harem thing. I'll be skipping the AV while it goes.
TheRightPrice chapter 149 . 3/5
I had forgotten why I stopped reading this and now I remember. Nora. Bad enough it's a Jaune wank fic but then you go and break up RenxNora for the sake of a Jaune harem.
DinoGuy2000 chapter 153 . 3/3
Seeing everyone's actions upon their return was pretty fun! As for Jaune's family, they're about exactly what I expected.

Nice chapter! Good work!
cristianrodriguezrdz1998 chapter 153 . 3/3
I liked the fanfic, do you think you could do a chapter of promise neverland?
Guest chapter 1 . 3/2
Jaune as James from American horror story
Guest chapter 97 . 3/2
I've always loved plague doctors!
Hecseferblade chapter 153 . 3/2
Very excited for the vacation arc
Firefang099 chapter 137 . 3/2
Man, you might not be accepting requests anymore, but please, include Yakuza
ericsofly2 chapter 153 . 3/2
Could you do a chapter for Fire Force, Lee vs Gaara or Naruto vs Sasuke?
Guest chapter 153 . 3/1
Black Clover Asta and Yuno vs Word Soul Devil
Jaune as Asta
Ren as Yuno
Salem as Licht
Ozma as First Wizard King
Cinder as Patry
Glynda as William
Blake as Nero
Qrow as Yami
Robyn Hill as Charlotte
Guest chapter 153 . 3/1
God I can feel my heart swelling from the happiness
Steven Universe chapter 153 . 2/28
Adam and Sienna have learned a lot.
Stacy H chapter 153 . 2/28
Pyrrha, Nora and Velvet are cool.
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