Reviews for Arcs of the Multiverse
Guest chapter 165 . 5/15
can you do jaune as mike zacgarias from attack on titan season 2 vs beast titan when he dies
Leche chapter 165 . 5/14
RWBY world of Remnant the Adalna or Rwby the Florences world of Remnant are great fan makes pizza is great pizza is life
Skankhunt chapter 165 . 5/13
RWBY The Adalna world of remnant and RWBY the Florence's world of remnant is great
INFNIT09 chapter 165 . 5/10
Show Jayne turning back the sky with Khonshu
Guest chapter 1 . 5/8
Jaune as the 10th doctor please
AsrielDreemr chapter 165 . 5/5
More Alastor Jaune, Bill cypher jaune, deadpool jaune, tokyo ghoul jaune, madara uchiha jaune, specifically the madara vs night guy madara vs army madara vs kage and madaras speech about the reality of this world. And BATMAN jaune, maybe a dr manhattan jaune.
AsrielDreemr chapter 98 . 5/5
Stupendiums tf2 mv check it out
AsrielDreemr chapter 82 . 5/5
Do some bblink
AsrielDreemr chapter 49 . 5/5
AsrielDreemr chapter 49 . 5/5
AsrielDreemr chapter 39 . 5/4
Man i would have preferred alastor jaune
AsrielDreemr chapter 11 . 5/4
Love man on the internetds undertale the musical
Guest chapter 1 . 5/1
Jaune as Peacemaker
GNetNe chapter 121 . 5/3
You keep writing "Faunas" instead of "Faunus", is that intentional?

And this chapter just seriously reminds me of Warhammer 40k's Inquisition, the hand cannon what looks like a submachine gun just screams bolter lol.
Guest chapter 165 . 4/28
Transformers Drift(2010) with Jaune(Wing) being a mentor to DeadlocK/Drift(Adam) to make Adam see the error of his way(if you don;t know who Drift is he is an ex decepticon turned autobot, his origin share some similarity with adam up to the point where Drift redeemed himself.)
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