Reviews for Tracey Davis and the Immaturity Complex
Celestia0909 chapter 1 . 6/24
I've never heard of this character and have never really been into stories about Daphne, but I was really digging this piece! The characterisations are so great, and Tracey felt really fleshed out as a person. Her motivations, fears, and general sense of self really came out in her thoughts, actions, and the things she said and that's so wonderful.

I love the plot of this and it's a very creative way of interpreting the your Chaser prompt, the additional prompts were also integrated so well! So great job xx

I'm not sure how old Tracey is supposed to be here, but I love the way that you've conveyed her youth in this. The plot is solid and the flow is excellent. There weren't any jarring parts in the story and it read perfectly! The interactions between characters and the dialogue was great, and I love how you've given her cat a personality of its' own too.

Really loved the undertones of the somewhat competitive/comparative dynamic between Daphne and Tracey!

This is such a strong piece and you should be so proud of it, because it's fab! Fantastic work gal xx