Reviews for One Punch Man: Hero's Harem
Imme 9000 chapter 2 . 6/18
Nah just enough
DanKerNight chapter 51 . 6/12
Hombre, este capítulo fue fenomenal, aunque me pregunto porque no me llegó notificación cuando se publicó...
Colossus Bridger chapter 51 . 5/28
I noticed the new cover. Did you make it? The art?
Guest chapter 1 . 5/24
me gusta tu
Ghost Strench 04 chapter 51 . 5/24
Jajajajajajaja, la acción con kogane me sorprendió pero estuvo bien, lo que más me gustó fue imaginarme la cara de Sonic cuando vio al ejército de Saitama (aunque no hay mucho que imaginar ya que paso en el anime)
stalkerd2401 chapter 2 . 5/11
where do i find the art for the harem characters
Hello chapter 1 . 5/4
erasenpai946 chapter 51 . 4/23
This chapter was cool (I'm curious about the lemon between Saitama and Beast Queen and also the lemon between Saitama and Captain Mitsuki)
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 51 . 4/23
It'll be interesting to see how this apology goes.
Gracie Bon chapter 51 . 4/20
I await Beast Queen’s turn, considering the wealth of references I can 'envision' her with…
Derpysense chapter 51 . 4/17
He gonna get together with beast queen and deep sea queen already? Cuz this needs to be done and gotten out of the way already
Neko Twins Kagamine chapter 51 . 4/16
Nice chapter
Guest chapter 1 . 4/14
my god i hope when midori sex scene happens that she shakes that fat ass i've heard saitam can't see a fat ass that big and not see it twerking, when i was writing this i was imagining that one scene from symbiotic titan and i just couldn't help but start laughing and if you do end up putting this in the fanfic i hpe you end up writing the lyrics from that episode
efren.cruz.resendiz chapter 27 . 4/15
excellent chapter, your fic really is incredible
R-king 93 chapter 51 . 4/15
Awesome chapter
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