Reviews for Digimon Cross
Linkmaste chapter 7 . 10/14
When you read a chapter that had a lot of action packed and a lot of plot points uncovered, a breather is normally nice to take us a moment to accept what has happened. Understandably, Michael and Undinemon weren't at the concert so I'm glad they got some attention to how they are at another battle. Poor Michael doesn't seem to cope with it well at all.

I'm worried about Kai being suddenly targeted constantly and focused. The guy is trying to push the thoughts away but it keeps coming back. I hope he can trust someone to talk to about it. You're doing a good job starting the web that tangles everyone and I'm slowly seeing it. Julia seems to be the one that you have to reach to connect but with her gratitude for Molly's heroism, that will seem to be.

It's a lot of dialogue but that's not a bad thing. Talking is crucial in these slower moments to gain a sense of what people/digimon are like/need.

Finally, the homunculus digimon being is a interesting concept. I think of a slimy and ugly silver with that pretty red jewl. It's interesting they don't have a real concrete 'body' and may be blotched experiments that Kai was subjected to. Although, I'm shocked that they're willing to kill Michael and Undinemon-the organization doesn't mess around.

Good chapter I look forward to more.

Linkmaste chapter 6 . 9/23
So we finally get to see Ignadramon and Kai changing into him. I personally love human cross digimon tropes (I think it's a trope?) and I think it's being handled correctly. Not overpowered but it took a lot for Kai to change and we were noticing him acting very abnormal.

I am a little curious on Subject 12 and that scientist. He mentioned 'my son'. Now, that could mean some people who make experiments take on the role as 'father' or it's literally his son. I'm leaning towards the latter.

I am enjoying the relationships between digimon and Tamer. Michael is making a friend, Julia is obviously very well supported and the banter between Francisco and Ariomon is making me smile-almost a laugh! Keep up the banter-it's nice to see.

I'd like to see Cross Evolution a little more bold. This is our first look at this a whole new evolution. We should be focused on it-made loud and know that 'holy crap it's a whole new evolution'. That's just my suggestion. Otherwise, a very interesting chapter. I'm curious how this will progress.

Linkmaste chapter 5 . 9/4
This was a interesting chapter. Not that the other two weren't but this one caught my attention more. We have character development for Molly, more mystery with Arnold and Starmon. Then, we have Kai going through some kind of questioning of how he can do such amazing things. I'm curious what makes Impmon stay with Cassandra though. I hope we get a back story. The only thing I find a little stiff was the dialogue between Ariomon and Francisco. I get it's supposed to be snappy and funny but it's not hitting the point. Prehaps it deserves more character development. There's a TV series called House MD I'm watching and the dialogue exchange from House to Cuddy is terrific. Snappy, quick funny. Something I think these two would be suited for. But that's just a option. I still like the duo regardless.
Linkmaste chapter 4 . 8/26

First off wonderful chapter! We got two action packed battles that introduced a lot of our champion forms. Malphamon sounds terriffic. Many people would expect Devimon but I think this is a better fit. More demonic the better I'd say! I already know about Undinemon when I drew her but still, it's nice to have that picture in my mind while imagining her talking. Really drives it home.

I believe you have a clause where Molly is on the rooftop and you have in brackets for her to take a picture. Might want to cut that out aha.

Finally, I still don't know where this leads off too. So you are doing a good job of making us guess. In Tamers, no one really expected the first episode to end up tell a story about fighting a computer program. So, props!

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Joey147 chapter 4 . 8/14
This story is goung somewhere and I can't wait till you show us what it is. One the other what you're doing now is also really cool. This sort of down to earth everyday Digimon stuff has actually been really charming to read. And the new Digimon. Wow. Undinemon was kind of basic but Nagamon felt like Seadramon but with enough changes and unique quirks to be an actual Digimon. And Mastamon felt so natural like gabumon to garurumon levels of natural. His fight scene was really fun too. His attacks where made for fast paced brutal fights. I actually loved the idea of this behemoth with a deep monstrous voice turning around to Molly and asking her "What's up toots?" So much that I actually had to do a quick drawing of him after I read that. He is the thicc edgy Devimon and I love him.
Link chapter 3 . 7/30
Link here.

Minor capitalization that isn't supposed to be where it should. I think that's it.

Robbie seems like a interesting character. I hope we see more in the development and how it affected Molly in her life. Kai seems to be kicking some toosh! I wish those Delete dummies would buggar off but I don't think that'll happen anytime soon. What a sad parallel to what we see in society today.

There is something I loved about that earbud hanging uselessly when you described Molly. A sort of detail that tells us more about a character than a paragraph could and you did it in a simple sentence. I would love more of those if you can come up with them. You described a teenager whoms I can relate had to hang her ear bud uselessly to hear other conversations or listen to my parents lecture me while I had my music on full blast. Well done.

Look forward to more!

Link chapter 2 . 7/29
Hey it's Me! Sorry for the delay. You know how it is. Work.

Anywhoo, I see minor grammar structures that need a bit of work. Commas misplaced or missing. Nothing too crazy. A odd tone used to refer to the reader a little directly. I normally don't comment on this since the author likes to keep using it to refer to the reader but if you're only going to do this once in a blue moon, I'd rather it be taken out than suddenly I'm taken out of the story. Kind of like a serious character suddenly developed a sense of humor for no reason, then went back to seriousness but was never explained why or how. If you do want to keep it, then use more of it and make it obvious.

I do like the introduction of Arnold and Starmon. These two are going to be our 'link' to the adult side of things. In Tamer's we had Yamaki sort of hold us to that point. In various fanfictions we had goverment agents, Tammy from BookWorkGals' creations, Yamaki from Crazy Eight's series, and then Yu from mine own work and later on Henry Wong. I expect some serious cool development and plot points from these two! Especially love the drawl on Starmon, I can actually hear in my head.

Kai our mysterious boy. An interesting feat to show. I know the deal with him but I enjoy that he's not seeming dangerous or harmful. It helps cooberate with the doctor that he doesn't deserve to be locked up for no good reason. Well put.

I look forward to the next chapter!

Guest chapter 3 . 7/25
An I love liollmon he's such a lovable little badass. Kai is also shaping up to be an interesting character and look forward to seeing what you do enough him.
Also when Molly was inviting Kai to go shopping you wrote that Molly turned to Trent. I didn't know if this was a typo or not so I just thought I'd let you know
Linkmaste chapter 1 . 6/28
Here we are with another exciting story! I enjoy and I am a personal fan of Tamers. I enjoyed the diffrrent setting the new pace and the surprisingly dark themes and didnt have any tie or leash. Therefore, I hope to see a lot of those same elements.

We start off in a more mundane beginning that already builds a world of digimon and human relations. You can feel tensions via the graffitti on Ogremons Oni Bowel. This is a start of a huge overarching theme I believe we will see in this series many times.

The mysterious cargo adds a great element that shrowds in questions. What was that monster and where did it go?

Loved the detail to small things like Lollimons emerald or the tone of voice the mother had. Its little details like this that make a story worthwhile.

A few spelling and grammar mistskes I caught but nothing huge.

silverwolfg chapter 1 . 6/24
You finally made a new digimon story I can’t wait to see how this one goes... but I hope you don’t plan on Molly’s leomon following the path of all other leomon can’t wait to see how this story ends up though either way
Joey147 chapter 1 . 6/23
Haven't finished the chapter yet but this is everything I've wanted in the first few paragraphs. Digimonand Humans coexisting, liollmon as the main protagonists pelartner and a female group leader. All that and the fact that it's a new King Kaiju story promises that this will be a great series.