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pheobep3 chapter 8 . 1/13/2010
Please update.
steven chapter 1 . 11/16/2004
i don't know who you are but your stories are awesome! they are the only ones on this site with both emotion and action.
Cindy chapter 8 . 5/15/2003
I'm in love, the end! Arrgh! So many cliffs, so little time. This new familiar tangle between Cole and Olivia is great because it will not give Cole any place to hide. So the Halliwell's are disconcerted to learn they may not be the most powerful witches of all, sounds like petty jealosy, and they should beware as pride cometh before the fall. I would like to see Paige become even more integrated with Olivia's family. The staff ceremony sounds mystical. It might be cool if the ritual required participation of a friend or family member and the person chosen be Cole. Will Olivia's extended family be as welcoming of the ex-demon, or try to sabotage the connection? I remember her aunt was the cause of Richard's death. Will the elders attempt to interfer, creating an even bigger strain between Leo and his charges?
Mimi chapter 8 . 5/9/2003
Wonderful - and not the least because of the "as of this story" line which , I hope, means that there are more to come. I LOVE Cole being 'in a world of shit' (and not because of his ex-wife!), I very satisfyingly loathe the Elders, and I'm delighted to have finally met Andre (and hope to meet him, and Cecile, again soon)
bubblypop chapter 8 . 5/9/2003
No! Cliffhanger! I am very very happy to hear that Cole is in love with Olivia though, the best news :)

But please, please, please don't make me wait forever for the follow up story, you are writing a following story aren't you...AREN'T YOU!
Evil Angel4 chapter 8 . 5/9/2003

I just love to read about Phoebe jealous! It's so much fun!

And of course, Cole and Olivia are my personal favorite. Cole has fallen in love for a witch and thank god, it's not Phoebe! I hope we will see more of andre in the next story! I like how Cole turns to him when he has problem.

However Cole has to open his heart again and it will not be easy considering what happened the last time he did it.

I can't wait to read more about my favorite couple (cole & olivia of course!) There will be a sequel, right? RIGHT?

I really hope so!

Thank you for another great story!
martha chapter 8 . 5/8/2003
I loved the story,even if you didn't write as much about Cole's birthday party as I would have liked. But that's your own fault for creating characters and plots that are so interesting I want as much detail as possible. Yeah! Cole's is love. Double Yeah! It's Olivia! I hope there will be another installment of the Cole/Olivia series, with Olivia realizing her love for Cole. Please write another story, and thanks for all the stories sofar.
Jean Griffin chapter 1 . 5/5/2003
Thank you for the comments. Just a few things.

Olivia is not a MarySue character. Quite honestly, I don't really care for MarySue stories.

As for the negative characterization of the Halliwells - I'm afraid that my opinion of them is at a all time low, due to their characterization on the show. I'm sorry if some of you do not care for that - but it is how I feel.
Real-Blonde-in-Florida chapter 7 . 5/3/2003
Very good - it is interesting that the Charmed Ones never suspected there could be other powerful magic in the world besides themselves. I'm sure they would view Olivia and her family as a threat - especially if Cole is friendly with the McNiells. It is interesting to see this other view of magic and the Founders. Where does this psychic connection lead Cole and Olivia?
sjaraven chapter 7 . 5/3/2003
Another great chapter, this story just gets better and better.

The whole connection thing between Cole and Olivia was great I just wish Leo hadn't come and ruined it. He is really annoying.

I agree with what martha: the Halliwells being portrayed as the most powerful magical beings really bothered me to and so I love the fact that you've made Olivia as strong as them.

Hopefully next chapter will have some nice Paige-Cole interaction in can't wait to read what happens next. (I wonder what Paige and Olivia got for Cole's birthday.)
bubblypop chapter 7 . 5/3/2003
Thank-you thank-you thank-you :) I loved that chapter! I am a serious cole/olivia shipper now ;)

The idea of Olivia being just as strong as the power of three was excellent, plus the joining c/o.

LOL, poor Leo, not that I really like him, but he hasn't got a hope in hell as far as the McNeills are concerned :)

Finally P3 are getting what they deserve, in a brilliantly written story!
Evil Angel4 chapter 7 . 5/3/2003
OMG! That connection between Cole & Olivia was so intense!Way beyond a simple physical envy, it was two souls mixing together! I hope Cole will take lessons of that and forget Phoebe.

It seems that the meditation session had shaken both Olivia and Cole, and I'm glad the Halliwell where here to witness it!

Too bad Leo had to stop it...

Thanks for such a wonderfull chapter so soon after the last one! Keep them comin'!
martha chapter 7 . 5/2/2003
I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, thank you for clearing up some of the mystery about the staff of aingeal. I like the fact that Olivia as the keeper of aingeal is as powerful as the charmed ones. It's kinda bothered me that the Halliwells have been portrayed as the most powerful witches ever-surely in a magical world, there could be others just as powerful. I think that over the 5 seasons a sense of arrogance and superiority has set in that conflicts with the charmed ones mission to protect innocents. Will there be some kind of ceremony or gathering of the clan to acknowledge the new keeper? And will Cole and Olivia cement their bond? Piper and Phoebe have been wise and gracious before, maybe they can be so again.
MissKit chapter 7 . 5/2/2003
I really enjoy reading your stories. The characters you have created are vivid and individual. The situations you create are also very intriguing.

I am curious, however, about the portrayal of the Halliwells and Leo. I can sense that you are using them somewhat as antagonists and basing some of their actions on some situations that have sometimes come from the show. It just seems that they are becoming almost charicatures instead of fully realized characters. I sometimes feel that perhaps you did not like the original Charmed characters at all. Obviously, that is a writer's perogative, but I was just confused as this IS a FAN fiction.

I can certainly empathise with being frustrated by the twists and turns that the show writers have taken the characters on. It just seems sad to me that you seem to have chosen to perpetuate the negative aspects of the writers' characterizations.

I have read all of the stories with the McNeills in them (I believe) and have really enjoyed them. You've created some terrific characters. I just wish the dislike of the Charmed Ones wasn't so blatant.
Anonymous chapter 7 . 5/2/2003
Its nice that you are finally explaining what the weapon is, and dealing with something other than Cole and Olivia's budding relationsip.

However; I must warn you. Making Olivia as powerful as "all three Charmed ones," is beginning to tread on Mary Sue territory.

Olivia has many of the typical "Mary Sue qualities," beautiful, more powerful than the Charmed ones, and "good enough for Cole."

However, you have managed to write her so well, with her attitude towards the Halliwell's and Cole situation, that none of it really mattered, until you give her a "new power."

In this latest chapter, her family is coming off as a bit too "Norman Rockwell'esque," with their perfect party and food. Also, name "Duncan McNeil" sounds way too similar to a certain character from Highlander!

Please be careful, and have Cole and the McNeils do something controversial. It would also help to have an action scene. I haven't seen a good major, unplanned fight scene in any of your fics since the final chapters of Return with a Vengeance. I
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