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XanaduHawk chapter 12 . 4/9
Normally I don't care for Jerome X Oswald, but it worked for this story.
Guest chapter 7 . 12/3/2018
You are absolutely amazing. I LOVE THIS STORY. It's so genuinely complex and realistic. You have restored my faith in Fan Fiction. Thank you!
Jayy08 chapter 8 . 9/4/2018
Fantastic story so far, I'm looking forward to reading more :)
YeIncognito-XD chapter 6 . 8/11/2018
: P
headup-gorgeous chapter 5 . 8/10/2018
I have been reading fanfiction for 10 years so I have been around the block, sailed ships and played in multiple fandom sandboxes, but I can honestly say this is the first story I have read that served as an absolute bait and hook into a ship I didn't really consider.
I am addicted, devouring anything I can find with this ship.
Perhaps it was less bait and more like a gateway drug. Especially with Sub!Oswald.
Very interested to see how this little triangle plays out, still firmly rooting for Oswald/Jerome.

Ps. Baise-moi was just delicious..

You have my upmost gratitude and hopes you will please continue to feed my need.
- Cas
Annienonmouse94 chapter 1 . 8/4/2018
I stopped reading fanfiction for a long time and got back into it recently but have not been able to find a story that captured my interest until this. I can't wait to read more it's so well written and the story is crafted to expertly I am dying to see what happens next. I hope you update soon! you wrote the relationship between Jerome and Oswald so well which was important since we already have background for Ed and Oswald. I appreciated the buildup to Jerome and Oswald actually caring about eachother, the realism of Eds return and his feelings for Oswald, and how those two things are playing off of eachother. I haven't gotten that tight chested 'feels' reaction from a story in so long, thank you!
sammy-mackie chapter 4 . 7/30/2018
Another amazing chapter. I reread from the beginning & got sucked straight into the story again.

Looking forward to seeing more protective & jealous Jerome. You write him so well

Interested to find out what happens with the soggy truce between Jerome & Ed goes - am thinking likely to be a bit of backstabbing & competition
YeIncognito-XD chapter 4 . 7/14/2018
In conclusion -


SPOILERSS- -yells to the people at the back-

Canon-wise - Ed and Oz needa get the hell together. Jerome... youknow.
Fic-wise - Ed and Oz needa go on a date XD. Your Jerome is def a WILD card, tho, a different creature from the show, he's so complex... loveable... and Heroic ;)

Also, I read your story again from the beginning, to get better idea of what's going on, what people are seeing etc, and honestly, your fic reads like a movie... It's... blown... my... MIND! XD
YeIncognito-XD chapter 4 . 7/13/2018
Oh, hello there? :D
Firstly, thank you! I happen to be really enjoying myself reading and commenting on this story lol XD Your characters are extremely interesting, and I’m always a sucker for details and sharing them– so I’m very happy if my ranting is of any use to you… : )
Secondly, canon-wise, food is a major part of Jerome’s character, so I find it awesome that it’s being sort of used in your story as a bonding experience between Jerome, Oz and Ed. In the show, Jerome talks a lot about food– eating, making and cooking it. He eats kids/carnival food – coz he is a big kid XD, as you said– and he really has a thing for ice-cream lol – Chunky Monkey. Not to mention he shot an apple once… So I’m assuming he’s against anything healthy XDD
And Oswald will probably eat anything he can get his hands on – but yes, I agree, he’s prob more refined and eats fancy when he’s gots the moneys. I really love seeing what you come up with whenever they have meals together tho btw XD You always make me hungry.
Thirdly… okay, now… I am a real hardcore Nygmobblepot shipper. They’re my OTP for life. But yes, you have certainly unleashed a new beast here lol. Or maybe one that no one wanted to explore before, but has always been there under the surface….
For instance, on the show, there’s a scene where Jerome invites himself into Oz’s room in Arkham, dominating his space, and there is a moment where he is looming over Oswald, real close, somewhat suggestively, when he ‘plucks fluff’ from his top -again, dominating sign– (the same gesture Ed once made to Oz interestingly enough) before he turns to leave the room with the promise that Oz will come around to his way in the end.
Now, it might be me, but put together with body language, there seems to be some weird underlying message in that… and as Jerome leaves, Oswald says after him – ‘Nope’ and I assume then, what he finishes writing in his letter is a ‘Yours, Oswald’ to Ed, before he puts his letter in the mail cart. That would mean, if I’m gonna head-cannon it here, that as Oswald rejected Jerome’s strange advances, then, he was deliberately letting Ed know that feels he’s loyal only to him. However, in the end… well, spoiler alert, he winds up with Jerome at brunch XD Looking pretty and fancy if I do say so myself lol. This does not mean anything happened – but lol at the undertones and the fanfic potential there.
Now, in terms of your story: In this fanfic, Jerome is a whole different animal, he’s taken on a life of his own here– and a bigger personality perhaps than the one he has on the show and in that scene– and at the moment I feel more for him than I do for Ed right now. Apart from Oswald writing to him, I’m not sure who exactly this Edward even is. Why is Oswald soo into him? What makes him deserve Oswald’s loyalty more than this Jerome does? I can see why Oz would choose Ed in that scene, he’s full of hope that Ed is coming for him, to save him, but I don’t know… Would this Oswald even consider himself to be ‘Ed’s’ at this point? Or would he actually prefer being with Jerome, dressing up and going to brunch on his lap instead XD
At the moment, I still like Ed, but he seems to have just arrived in time to drive a wedge in the forming love story already taking place.
Jerome, though, seems to suit your Oswald so very well – there’s been a slow build-up of their relationship, and we’ve seen Oswald’s walls and defences slowly coming down around Jerome to the point where he feels safe with him and now Oz even seems to need/ want him a lot, and we love that for Oz. Your Jerome seems to know exactly what Oswald needs – and better yet, he gives it to him. He’s protected him numerous times from differing threats, fed him good food, praised and rewarded him, listened to him, held him and showed him true affection, allowed him his feelings – and more importantly, he claimed him lol. He never once rejected Oz or truly let him down, like Ed has, sadly–and they seem to have crazy compatible sexual chemistry with each other and an intriguing, sweet and sexy dynamic.
Also, I swear Oswald seemed like he was falling in love with him last chapter and vice-versa – also proven by Jerome’s shutting down as a sorta coping mechanism it seems in this chapter.
Anyways, my point is… At the moment, the most satisfying winner of Oswald’s heart would be the larger-than-life, misunderstood, lonely perhaps, miscreant –Jerome – until Ed could prove himself a champion otherwise, and we can find something in him we want to root for. If Ed wants a chance with Oz, there has to be build-up and he’s gotta earn it badly, because Oz can’t just run into his arms when he’s already got a Knight in Shining armor, who wants him all to himself and who is willing to fight for him over the villain who walked into his life to steal his mate from his lap, called Ed Nygma– hehe, note my damsel ref there...
Fourthly, thanks to you, I’ll never get over Jerome wrapping a possessive arm around Oswald’s waist and putting his chin on his shoulder, nor him biting at Ozzie’s neck, hickeying/marking him and having him on his lap a lot whilst nicknaming him various things all the time XD It’s bloody damn sexy, funny and adorable.
Lastly –
In all honestly, this Jerome’s gone and stolen your fic – I’m sorry, and he really really really wants to come out and play XDD – especially with your Oswald it seems lol. But hey – he’s epic, so maybe you should just run with it and see where he wants to take you. He might surprise you again in the end – and Oswald.
But yeah, for now… sorry, Ed XD
Jerome always did want to be the star XDD
Castello chapter 4 . 7/13/2018
Your comments give me life! You touched on everything I loved about this chapter and I'm so happy! I love how immersively you discuss them, it's really great. Thank you! 3

I totally have looked up fancy types of food that I could imagine Oswald eating, and Jerome I was just like... think overgrown child. It worked out. :) Oswald is certainly more refined than Jerome, but I imagine he finds Jerome's tastes amusing if not anything else.

I'm really kind of astounded because Edward is supposed to be everyone's favorite Ozzie pairing, and I started writing this with that in mind. Obviously in later chapters there will be some more redeeming moment for Edward, but EVERYONE is preferring Jerome right now. It's kind of amazing. I initially set out to make sure that Jerome had some credibility as someone Oswald would pick, so it wasn't blatantly obvious who he would end up with. Now... I realize I've written such a great dynamic between Oswald and Jerome that kind of seems like the lamemans choice. I don't know where I want to take the ending now because I'VE ALSO grown a soft spot for Jerome! UGh!

I'm actually wondering if I should do multiple endings. I did that once years ago and it worked pretty well, but Idk about now. What do you think?
YeIncognito-XD chapter 4 . 7/13/2018
Wow! Thank You! :D Spoilers up ahead, maybe – but I can’t even tell you how badly I’ve been craving this new chapter! Congrats on your new job, by the way! -throws confetti everywhere… and then doesn’t want to clean it up later- XDD
Okay, firstly, LMAO at the drama and bitchiness at that lunch table... I really thought that they were ALL gonna throttle each other at one point! XDD Funnier still, that Ed and Jerome CHOSE to share, probably that very same table, later – even when Oswald wasn’t around to be fought over. XD Be interesting to know what the two of them would actually talk about on their own, though… Maybe their shared love of magic tricks and magicians? XDD – I have something else on my mind– but I loved your ref to Jerome’s magician days. XDD
Also – back to lunch, I love how Oswald goes for something sophisticated whenever he eats, and Jerome gets a pudding and a Pancake Mountain drenched in syrup XDD – which is… ‘delicious’, okay, and – Oh, so very in character… ;) I loved that Ed was using a ‘spork’, too, lol and was just stirring the pot – hard – the entire time. :D
Likewise, Jealous Ed and Jealous Jerome are lit the bomb –but– hold up a second! Jerome thought they were in a relationship…? And Oswald was just like nahhh... Sheesh! It’s no wonder why he flipped out XDD That’s really gotta hurt! Lol. Glad Ozzie pushed him on his ass, though, for being a jealous ass…
But I really liked that Jerome, the Wild Card, was still there to build up Oz’s confidence, despite it all – to be his confidant about Ed, to care and help Oz with his escape plans, even when his own feelings are probably in the mixer –and that Oz actually missed sitting on his lap, being near him, and decided to go to him, even knowing Ed that was probably watching.
Also, Jerome warning Ed off Oswald – from the vent, no less – is something I didn’t know I needed until this fic XDD So thank you!
And actually, I think Edward has a long way to go to win me over still – even if he likes spies. I really do want Oz and Jerome to get it on now XDD – but I am glad Ed’s there, trying his best to kinda play along with Jerome, and that he investigated Martin for Oz, and his presence is somewhat helping inject confidence back into him again. Poor Ozzie.
Be interesting to see all four of them: Martin, Oz, Ed and Jerome all interacting together, though. What a complex mess of relationships that is lol
But man, I cannot wait to see where this all goes in the end!
For now at least–
See you crazy kids, later!
Ciao! XDD
sammy-mackie chapter 3 . 7/4/2018
Love this story you make the characters so realistic. Hope you update soon
Yencognito-XD chapter 3 . 7/3/2018
HaHaHaa! XDD
My loyalty is not that much of a riddle, really? :D
And I would totally LOVE to get detailed with you–I actually quite enjoy talking about these three and the delicious plot you’ve cooked up, I’ve just discovered– but I’m trying very hard not to spoil things, either… Just the obvious ;)
As for Martin, Oswald would definitely be concerned with what you’ve mentioned, and I’m so glad to hear you speak of something that was on my mind, as well. Also, I’m super pleased that there’s a lot planned post-Arkham, which I know I’ll be looking forward to, because I’m in love with this world and I really don’t want it to end lol
And hmm...
Thank you, by the way. I guess I’m just gonna have to hold on and theorize until the next update –sad sigh– and then rant about it, when it comes out XD
Until then –
Goodbye, my friend ;)
Castello chapter 2 . 7/3/2018
You've brought up SO many things I've been thinking about. I want to talk about the story with you now, but I don't want to spoil any surprises! XD You're making this difficult! lol
I'm so glad you like my story and I don't know what I did to deserve your wonderful loyalty, but thank you. I really appreciate it. I'm quite amazed really...
Honestly, there's still a fair chunk of the story that I want to tell that involves them out of Arkham too. There's still a TON of potential to be explored with them all in Arkham, or even just with Jerome and Oswald in Arkham, but I want to get to Martin soon. You mentioned that they shouldn't all escape quickly, and I agree. They shouldn't ALL escape quickly, but Oswald needs to get to Martin and get him safe. That's his top priority right now, I believe. He's been pretty well distracted with it, but Ed's going to come back with some info about him and I think it will really spark Oswald back into action. :)
That's all the spoilers I'm giving! But I hope you enjoy where I take the story from here. ;)

I've still got a lot of story I plan to tell outside of Arkham.
YeIncognito-XD chapter 3 . 7/3/2018
Hello, again…
It’s nice you received my mail :D
But can I just say, I just read you are nervous about mucking this story up. Don’t be. This story is a beast; it’s got a wild will of its own, and it’s growing organically.
Also, this story is something I, and I bet a lot of other people, have been looking for, for a long ass time, so we’re probably all ride or die… Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you happen to be a fantastic writer, either! :D
Don’t worry too much about it being like canon/ in character stuff, though. I know everything there is to know about these three, canon-wise, but I insanely LOVE your Jerome, YOUR characters and world. I can tell you’ve worked very hard on it and it’s really paying off. The setting you have is a big drawcard – I suggest you keep it for as long as you possibly can.
And yes, there is SO much potential here, which I don’t wanna get into too much, because your story is growing so well right now, and you have to start slow. Keep a slow pace in general, I think… It works. But use it – Arkham. Explore it – the physical/mental/ daily side of being in such a place, and how it impacts your characters slowly and their love triangular stories.
Honestly, Ed and Jerome are two men with anger issues (Jerome often takes it out on other ppl), who both know how to run Arkham successfully, and who do NOT like competition – so being stuck together is a recipe for disaster and endless drama already. Also, Ed always seems to have a thing for somebody else’s ‘bae’ or something he can't have– probably for the challenge – but Jerome’s not about to let Oz, his playmate, go. Ed’s not one to discuss feelings so readily, either - unless it's with himself first, and Oz is in denial and hurt – so the only thing that COULD possibly muck this story up, is if Oz just ran into Ed’s arms without any complication or before any festering jealousy on Ed’s part– or if they all just escaped Arkham quickly, no problems.
Anyways, just remember, though – above all else – that this is YOUR story, and it’s bloody fun to play with and head-canon these characters. So just enjoy yourself: Have fun :D, ‘chill’ ;) and go nuts! XDD
Wishing you the all the best, ‘Good Luck’ with this next chapter – which I’m so excited for – and I believe in you. :D
Thank you, Detective! :D

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