Reviews for Fate: Kill
Axcel Allen chapter 30 . 5/18
Shizou sasageyo!
Axcel Allen chapter 6 . 5/16
Oofff! That was personal. to call a girl "Small boobsx lol
MarkHasSeenSomeShit chapter 14 . 5/14
"He brought an army"

maskedkeeper chapter 19 . 5/10
Had to quit here, good story but im just not built for harem stories.
I can only read so many time in ine story about how confused a girl is about her feelings for shiro before i give up.

on girl, cute. two dram ,but after that just wished to read about people in the town or more of the story. Not about another how him being nice has been all he needed to grow his harem
Shinigami200 chapter 11 . 4/30
Shirou risking the life’s of his entire community on the small POSSIBILITY that those scouts are forced to do it? That makes sense if hes wrong they will tell the empire putting his entire community at risk and if hes right they will STILL tell the empire putting his entire community at risk he doesnt even have to kill them he can capture them and akame is even more of an idiot because despite having known what the empire is about she for some reason trust shirou.

My god I hate it whem stories make Shirou so heroic that he doesn’t consider other possibilities when it involves other people and I hate it when they dumb down characters so that they just agree with them for no good reason despite their experiences ssying that they shouldnt or at the very least not just forget everything and move to their side

The only time Shirou would act similar to this is when he has to put HIMSELF at risk not other people unless they join him and instead on helping him but even then its not like he actively puts them in danger
Shinigami200 chapter 8 . 4/27
So instead of trying to defeat the empire along with the revolutionary army… he wants to play the long game and build up his community so that when they attack his people he’ll fight back? That sounds more like he only cares about his people instead of the rest people will doe either way but in this case because Shirou is just sitting on his ass EVEN MORE people will die for a longer period of time instead of him trying to stop the empire as quickly as possible
Shinigami200 chapter 7 . 4/27
Why Shirou an idiot? Is not so ignorant as to believe that there arent any people who do evil things just because and hes not that much of an idiot to the point where he would actively put other people in danger and also how has he no realized that just casually making these weapons could be a cause for trouble? Does he seriously think that nothing will happen if he just does this?

Wtf? What do you mean they dont need the revolutionists? To say that they arent needed when something like that horrible empire exists is so stupid. Basically what you just said is that they shiuldnt fight back for their freedom and to end the corruption. And what do you mean Shirou taught her how to trust in others? She trust her team and the revolutionary army.

Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 53 . 4/8
Fuck now I’m depressed it’s over.
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 37 . 4/8
Don’t do Chelsea dirty like the anime did. She’s a good person.
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 35 . 4/8
Holy shit. Aka we and Esdeath are so going to throw down. My moneys on Akame should she not be exhausted again.
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 23 . 4/7
And this is the moment that sealed Akames love for Shirou I’d bet
Plasma Dragon 312 chapter 5 . 4/6
I’m really hoping Akame falls for Shirou and he for her.
rhandson.ghost chapter 6 . 2/22
LoL those 27 magical circuit is like a curse even in a new body in a different world it still manages to follow along
Isaasol2 chapter 52 . 2/20
Aw, dammit! I was wanting Esdeath!
duked chapter 53 . 2/20
A sequel would be nice, since there are still open questions, which should be adressed.
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