Reviews for Push Comes to Shove
AngelKings chapter 3 . 1/3
what happened to him killing saskue? Nothung bad happened to him. Also you say he is serious, yet he seems like an angsty bitch.
AngelKings chapter 2 . 1/3
You...Explain things to much. what is happening here is what made the first season of JOJO no so great
AngelKings chapter 2 . 1/2
Serious?...Thoes insultes say otherwise.
robert krause chapter 1 . 12/14/2019
when in other time Naruto muslces on his get so big now and when took out slaves city out the rich old men who Naruto took his swords to cut off the men head off when in the cub size office Naruto read some scrolls the old fool took was form the whirlpool and mad about it he find a cross box and stood it off it the old men head and it was cut into it now , as will some others he took out even the men right hand 1 officer ben q , and his ring was on his back of the head hire is now on his aomre now and some hair too , when the head too is on the wall now , when the 4 slaves grils was with him 2 twin grils blue hair ones one red hair and blond hair grils now working with him now, when then money gold form it all his now ,
robert krause chapter 5 . 11/24/2019
sir why not doing a Naruto/carjack co when he had a big bad car black and red cobra and his tame is 4 of guys he running and 3 grils too, when in new York city , and 2 is a Naruto and a blue fox and the 2 had Naruto earth when the 2 had doing a army ninjas and star ships of all old time sf shows and each fox gril is her and Naruto had the blue had his wife and the others seeing Naruto as a big brother / co boss , when the 2 had 2 kids one boy Naruto JR and the gril is name ash lax and some others kids each name is a Elf gril is Sakrua and boy is Robert lee . when a cat gril ion and a big one is ten-ten , a rock dog rock lee a gril the Naruto tame JR , when living in a base too, run by 2 Loin boy Robert Leroy and his twin sister Ray lee ,
robert krause chapter 3 . 11/24/2019
sir why not doing a Naruto and star fox one when the fox-s and the humane fox were into a king mon and Naruto is now the fox king and his queen is Sakrura his old tame met and gril frinder and wife too , when then the 1 son is name of his dad name and her dad too , when his was the lord of the whirlpool and his son is now 18 years old had took over and Naruto and wife and step sister had get out now who is a blue/black fox gril now , name is Sammy. the fox-s is the guthers of the whirlpool ,
robert krause chapter 2 . 11/24/2019
when in time Naruto had moving on to others times when his be working with star fox earth and be fox and his wife top officer and star warrior and he marring a big size green fox gril and the living a cub size house now and had 2 cars one is a big black van the green fox had and Naruto in a red /blue car and when in time Naruto and her had made money to good times be marring for 12 years now , when Naruto and co had be like brother co for star fox /wolf too only wolf and his co hosts get kill off and the 3 heads was on the wall now ,of why was wolf old home now Naruto .
deadarm00 chapter 5 . 11/16/2019
I loved the story and the ending with that lazy bum. Haha. I do like Jiraiya, but he was a shitty teacher I mean da fuck, he and Kakashi so awful.
robert krause chapter 2 . 11/4/2019
when one day Naruto was walking about the vaillge when the same mob trying to hanging him only thing is12 of them get took out and some old woman had lost her hade on the way out and when seeing it now abut black ops sawing it now , was mad about it and some get it too , only a men name big bear had lose a eye on the right and his sword hand too , when then others get it now, when get home now Naruto trying to eat some food now , apple and chees , when into bed now .
robert krause chapter 1 . 10/31/2019
when Naruto had doing some workings on took out big s class bed guys and woman form the west and others parts of the ninjas vaillge s had on the wall get some little now , and the money form it was get Naruto own fat up cash get him more powerful too , when in the same vaillge who had gave Naruto a headful life now seeing Naruto buy out a old house in the red lights and made a good home too , when into a men cave and he do not let others came in like his old tame and others too , one day when working it he gave sarkra a hand hit to the back side and made her go away too, when the next day he was sleeping off now, and the 2 floor is a office he had made and used it now for his co and body huther now, sir this not sammping you but my out took on the body huther life and why one rich boy can used the money to doing good with ,when one was living in the red lights part of the vaillge ,
AngorMike chapter 5 . 10/26/2019
I really enjoyed the story. Just the way that SOMEONE finally trained Naruto right so he could fulfill his potential is satisfying. I'm so sick of all the uchiha fanboys that practically salivate over the Sharingan and the effed up way they have to upgrade the cursed eyes when the Uzumaki genes are 1000s of times better.

I like how you had Naruto (even though he's pissed) decide to fulfill his ambition of becoming Hokage. I've read some stories where he decides to destroy Konoha, and while it's somewhat satisfying, it makes him too much like Emosuke.

I especially appreciate how it ended on a lighter tone. Naruto had purged most of his anger, achieved his ambition, and had people to love and make life worth living. If some of Konoha still don't like him? So what, they don't have to like him. They just have to respect (or fear) him. Naruto can survive just fine with not everyone liking him.
robert krause chapter 1 . 10/25/2019
when Naruto get more mucles on him now and when into a city in the lands of winds he took out it all of the rich men who was evil and when one old men who Naruto took out a thief and killer of the whirlpool Naruto find the scrolls and art of his mom old home lands Naruto then took the head of the own and his right hand woman he put them of a wall in the west part before he took the money and art and all of books and stuff too , when back home Naruto had moving into his home now ,
Guest chapter 5 . 10/23/2019
And here I thought it would be Jiraiya on the wrong end of the seal
Guest chapter 2 . 10/23/2019
I still think this is a spitefic. But given canon plotholes and unrealistic development with BS pulled out of unspeakable places to compensate for them,... this is a guilty pleasure to read lol
robert krause chapter 2 . 10/22/2019
when walking about the old red lights town Naruto had 1 living when he was 3 or 4 years old he find the old cub size house he one time living and he get the owner ship of it and made it all of the old house into a town house now and on the 1 floor is a men cave office for his body huther co nights fox and the 2 and 3 floors are bed room/books room ,when the 3 floor is bar/toy room , when the arts room is the last one , when on the wall some can see the bad guys and woman he took out , and some old school art he had keep .sir this not sammping you sir but my own way of showing a men who had force to living in the red lights side of vaillge and when some one can do some thing about doing it and own a former house he had living before , sir , you fan Robert Krause
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