Reviews for I want a Pikachu for Christmas
Bluene Angel chapter 1 . 7/10/2018
Its kinda sweet... and disturbing...
I want a pikachu too!
Fire4Heaven chapter 1 . 6/28/2018
Seeing how you are new to the Pokemon fanfiction section (your first one) it will be targeted by a group of egomaniac jerks who preach a twisted idea of how fanfiction should be. St Elmo's Fire is very likely to be this user who will post a review and not care one bit about you're story. They literally do it to everyone and never really follow or read it.

St Elmo's Fire and his friends go around being just a bunxh of jerks to users. In short I suspect he would complain about your summaey, capitalixing the name of your Pokemon, and writing the story in a way that isn't prose or some other nonsense.

Thsts not counting what he does to other users. Demanding you use a tag that doesn't really fit, yell at you for not explaining everything in the first chapter, using speach phases other then said, making aus or just as simple as having your characters say "Oh Arceus".

The guys group (Farla, Talarc, The Reeds of Enki) is best to ignore or block as they really don't help and are bettered blocked. Now with that said outside the group of jerks we are rather nice so Welcome to Pokemon.