Reviews for Thinning Line Between
afonsecadi chapter 36 . 7/16
Hope you update soon! I'm loving it ️
paulavara140 chapter 34 . 3/31
Loving it
Pleasee updateee
samisen95 chapter 31 . 12/24/2019
That is one of the sweetest omakes ever! Does Kakashi have a handprint ornament too? Merry Christmas! Hope you have a happy and safe holiday full of great memories with your family and loved ones!
Dobbyhasnomastr chapter 27 . 11/7/2019
Their nosy friends were funny!
Dobbyhasnomastr chapter 26 . 10/30/2019
I'm glad they're getting back into a routine! I hope Sasuke and the boys get to play together again soon.
bonitalito chapter 25 . 9/16/2019
Very glad I found this story! Keep up the good work.
PrettyPansexual chapter 25 . 9/16/2019
so good!
Dobbyhasnomastr chapter 24 . 7/14/2019
It was funny seeing Kakashi get embarrassed about Harumi reading Icha Icha... That'll be an interesting discussion when they talk about the books.
Dobbyhasnomastr chapter 22 . 7/14/2019
It was nice to see Harumi doing better and Naruto is so freaking cute!
His Rose bud 125 chapter 22 . 6/2/2019
Good chapter, he is trying, though I think he would avoid the hell out of dealing with his feeling and emotion’s first. He’s too used to his Anbu days, and ways of doing things.
Though I do look forward to seeing them together. Naruto has been an good influence on him.
Zebadee18 chapter 22 . 5/29/2019
Loving it :)
His Rose bud 125 chapter 21 . 4/23/2019
I liked this chapter especially Kakashi interactions with her, it was cute. Ahh I have characters that do that to. Not letting me In, usually I put myself in their space and thing think if that was me how would I feel? And go from there
Can’t wait for more.
Dobbyhasnomastr chapter 20 . 4/2/2019
I wonder who is at the door. Poor kids, being so worried about their sister.
His Rose bud 125 chapter 20 . 3/29/2019
MMM wonders if Kakashi was that person at the door, also why do I think she’s not going to take it easy for a while? Sigh maybe the copy-Nin could help with that?
Again though I’d really like to see her thought process more.
Emrys315 chapter 19 . 3/22/2019
Holy crap! I read this in one go and could use more! Please update soon!
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