Reviews for The Thunder Demon Straw Hat Luffy
JensenDaniels32 chapter 12 . 4/23/2023
HAHA, FINALLY! A fic where an OP Luffy's 1st bounty is at least 100,000,000 beri!
BeeeTeee chapter 13 . 4/18/2023
I generally like this story, but it feels a bit misleading to have 270k words written without the main pairing even appearing at any point. unless you're planning on diverging from canon then that might be something you want to mention in the first chapter.
Guest chapter 39 . 4/16/2023
It's an interesting story even if it has quite a few mistakes it's nothing too serious to stop me reading, misspelled words using the wrong word or simply having a word missing is a common occurrence throughout the story often you won't catch these mistakes as a simple spell check won't show you too many issues as you mostly use the wrong spelling/word when you make those mistakes in alot of cases it's mostly using he instead of she and vice versa there are other mistakes but none spring to mind as of writing this review. as for help with writers block I find if I can find someone to talk my ideas through it can respark my inspiration especially if they have a lot of passion for the topic. A beta reader would be a big help for you in this regard if they enjoy the story they can offer you input or ideas when you're own creativity has fallen while also helping you catch the mistakes made in the story.

Another option I've been playing around with the idea for myself is using ai they may be useful in checking the story for errors or even suggesting new ideas I'm not sure how effective they are as I've yet to try it with my own story that I'm writing. my idea to test how effective ai is to write a chapter with alot of common errors and see if it can fix the issues I'm also terrible with punctuation so if ai can help with that it should help me improve the quality of my own work in theory.
Guest chapter 39 . 3/16/2023
Love the story hope you come back and make a new update it's been a year
bloodline 69 chapter 39 . 1/14/2023
Please update soon I would really like for the story Continue if you can if you have time.
Kyuubi88 chapter 39 . 12/31/2022
I really hope you come back to this fic I am really enjoying it
Hellibleri chapter 39 . 12/27/2022
Finally finished reading this story to the end! Something I don’t understand: Why does it matter that the Gum-Gum fruit in this is not the same after the reveal? This is a fanfiction where Luffy ate the Rumble-Rumble fruit. Whether or not the Gum-Gum fruit is what it’s actually supposed to be shouldn’t really make a difference. Don’t remember reading about it in this story either.
FormalTroll chapter 10 . 12/26/2022
My lord that ending was good holy lord
FormalTroll chapter 3 . 12/26/2022
This is good, very good. I recommend for people who like serious protagonists 7.8/10
Guest chapter 39 . 12/23/2022
This is a good fanfic the best I have read and also I like where Luffy makes and underground business while that happens he will turn the world upsidedown the story is really really good so keep it up man, And also can you update as soon you can? this is the only fanfic I read right now. Thanks!
ExeSurge137 chapter 39 . 12/16/2022
please bro come back we not even in time skip yet pleaseee I beg of youv
ShadowXhero4 chapter 19 . 12/1/2022
At this point you should have just made a oc instead of just pasting it over an established character, also this luffy just acts like a a** most of the time. Sorry but I ain’t reading anymore of it, hope you do better on other fanfics.
Guest chapter 39 . 10/9/2022
I don't know if u read the comments but if you do I hope you post next chapter soon it's a good story so far I and a lot of people would like to see we're this goes hope your well.
Gold Testament chapter 16 . 10/10/2022
Luffy gonna sell Devil Fruits?
Ur mom chapter 3 . 9/28/2022
Makes no sense why would luffy care about Koby and why did he not kill all the marines he is a pirate and you know shanks loves killing marines so luffy would get that from him right cause he was his role model and he is mature so he kills is is the happy-go-lucky luffy
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