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cameron1812 chapter 18 . 13h
re: your note. Totally agree. Yes. You've been so carefully growing Daphne throughout the last 4-5 chapters, and here she really shines and is the unrivalled star of this chapter - well - her and Luna's turn in the Room of Requirement - that was just a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Neville and Cedric and Harry - also an amazing grouping that you really stepped up this chapter. So much fun to read.

The character star of the chapter belongs to Daphne Greengrass for her telling off of her father, and of your positioning of the adults as further morally corrupt, further marginalizing Harry and Crew as those fighting desperately alone. Not without blame, certainly (and your beautiful counterpoising of the conversations and eventual actions around Fleur are a beautiful move to show that Harry and his crew can be infallible, but that they can also learn from their mistakes, and be gracious and kind (with Daphne leading the way as an independent moral compass).

Anyways, I could write so much more - but all I can say is thank you. Breathtaking - every time.
Toghgal chapter 18 . 10/21
It's been a couple of weeks since I have been able to read/review. It seems like you are leading up to something because you keep skipping forward. As always, love the banter, hate Molly, super intrigued by Prof. Moody's antics and can't wait till next Sunday!
Tenblood chapter 18 . 10/20
Wonderful chapter. I am anxiously waiting to see how much more crap gets piled on these kids before they all explode. I mean Daphne went so far to chew out her dad, that has to mean the pressure pot is getting ready to pop. And this is a rhetorical question, but is this the last year at Hogwarts for some of the group?
MisterKo chapter 18 . 10/20
Well, well, well, I really thank you for this chapter it was my birthday today and gettin to read this was just plain awesome i also took the harry potter warner bros london tour today and everything was just awesome even after 3rd time at the studio, thank you again for this chapter for this story a wonder what you accomplished and im really hoping you will reach the end im supporting you all the way, thank you for you and for what you do, you made my birthday better with postin this chapter earlier than usual, i normally have to wait till 2 or 3 AM London time to read a next chapter so havin it at an early is amazin thank you thank you thank you thank you
mwinter1 chapter 18 . 10/20
Awaiting more.
Rusty Thebanite chapter 18 . 10/20
Oh Ron, you oblivious daft prat. Good for a laugh though. :) Also, this Draco is a much better villain. Slimy. I agree about Daphne, and also Fleur. She's like the Audrey Hepburn of your version of HP - only remembered for being pretty. And of course the adults continue to shit upon them from a great height.
Wolf's scream chapter 18 . 10/20
Yeah, Nev & Ced really do have a point. :-)

And ... Ron. Seriously?! Really had trouble kenning how/why Harry was glad he wasn't (one of) Ginny's brothers? Eurgh...

Ah, Luna is precious (and precocious). :-)

In case it wasn't obvious, I quite enjoyed the interactions in the first scene.

Rowena seems to have a fair bit of insight (to Fleur).

And Daphne appears to have learned a bit of perspective. And thus, empathy.

Indeed: Points to Daphne - though she's Flint, not Greengrass... :-)

Well, Ginny does have nerve. And she has a fair amount of talent; she merely wants a bit more training...

And a new chapter starts in Fleur's life, thanks to Daphne (and others - e.g., Rowena - in the background).
trekkifulron chapter 17 . 10/20
My thought was that Molly is unbelievably stoopid... then I remember working as a cashier in a grocery store and I've seen worse.

Great update.
truthrowan chapter 17 . 10/18
Well, I did it. I just read all the stories in this series since Sunday. It's Thursday now, and as I have a full time job and a family, that's quite an accomplishment. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure about them at first. At first I hated your version of quidditch. I wasn't sure about your interpretations of some of the characters. And as for Lily being alive, well, I've never read a "One of Harry's parents is alive" story that I actually liked. Except this one. You won me over, with every twist, turn, and tweak of cannon, every triumph and every tear jerking tragedy, you won me over. So I'm going to be looking for updates, eager to see what else you have to say in this story. And I want to thank you, a lot, for all the time, effort, and determination to keep writing it.
storp930 chapter 17 . 10/17
Well it looks like I am cough up your writing. It's been a hell of journey. Sorry I have not been writing reviews for each book have not really been at a place where I could as I finished them.
To answer your question you just asked I thought it went with out saying that Molly dated Lucy.
Well I think your main issue has been fixed in this book and that is Quidditch well I do like how you write it I do wish it was not always a chapter or two with very little else in them just wish you split it up some.
I am so happy to see Harry and ginny finally together again. Just hope it stays that way.
I love how you have harry as a flow blown alpha top of the pack so far above his peers that unless someone challenges him in any way its just not worth his time to prove it.
I'm kind of sad to know that moly will never be redeemed but I understand it's needed.
What happen to trh war training?
Looking forward to your next post
Cat chapter 17 . 10/14
So loving this series. Thank you very much
cameron1812 chapter 17 . 10/16
Wow. Just. Wow. Heartbreaking. I had always expected you to somehow pick up the pieces of the relationship, but reading your brilliant car crash here is somehow fitting. She has someone who she can call mum again. She needs to see her mum. She loses her mum. And goes home to her mum. Dang.

And the club scene - pretty darned awesome. Love it. Could see the walls, the colours - you paint a vibrant scene. I can feel the inspiration of shades of Jeconais (Hope, White Knight Grey Queen, etc...).

A beautiful chapter with painful healing. Done in great teenage style. Again and as always - thank you!
HMRoberts chapter 17 . 10/14
You know, being something of a writer myself, I'd have to say that it never occurred to me that you were looking for someone to say something regarding the chasm between Molly and Ginny. I merely assumed it was a plot device and it would slot into your story arc at some point. I never thought much more about it than that, to be honest.
Wolf's scream chapter 17 . 10/14
So... portkey-landing "technique" is something else Harry & Ginny have in common? :-)

Let's hope H & G can maintain that solid devotion to one another through the coming storm(s)...

And good for Ginny, knocking a bit of sense into Hary (re: Lily & Bill).

Well, a rooster could be quite handy, should one happen to encounter a basilisk.

Yeah, as has been established, Ginny isn't appreciative of attempts to take control over her, nor is she likely to ignore any form of unwanted touching. Seems she may have come fairly close to a "Berserker rage," there. And I can't say as I blame her at all.

Yeah, self-forgiveness can be the hardest form of forgiveness - at least for folks with a working conscience. And it's good that Harry was able to make the connection between what he wanted to do and what Sirius did.

Too bad for Molly - and (indirectly) her kids - that she wasn't willing to admit to the truth of her own volition.
Rusty Thebanite chapter 17 . 10/14
Slick, sad and sweet, as always. It did feel a little odd to see Minerva called Auntie outside of dialogue though.
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