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Dragomemoirs chapter 22 . 9/22
well, Shit. I was hoping for Cu to make it.

Poor Lancer, he deserved better. I can only hope that he comes back due to revival. Shiro could being him back, but he would be beyond pissed

Also forgive if I mess up names. I read names incorrectly all the time.
Dragomemoirs chapter 21 . 9/22
welp, Ainz is shitting himself and probably going to choke demiurg for this stupidity. I can only hope that the entirety of Nazerick isn't killed. I have no doubt that Shirou would seek a peaceful solilution, but since these are undead, and this is Cu, who kills undead. this isn't going to go well.

Hmm His teacher would be proud.
memoryofvirtual chapter 46 . 9/10
Chapter 45-46 are the same
aveshetta chapter 46 . 9/5
Finally an update ! thank you truly
Guest chapter 46 . 9/5
Looking forward to see what’s happening with ainz.
vh227541 chapter 1 . 9/5
I'm very curious for what will happen, I think merlin and shirou will appear to give, support nero and hassan, or gilgamesh descent himself will appear
NerouN chapter 46 . 9/5
Thanks for the chapter.
Get well soon.
Floating Ash chapter 46 . 9/4
The creations of Ainz and his guild memebers are going to have to get their butts kicked before they understand anything…. IDK how the “supreme beings” will get out of the land of shadows and salvage the entire situation. Or maybe the entire guild will become subordinates of Cu’s teacher? Wonder if anyone will find out if the guild members were once human and that they didn’t makea choice to forsake their humanity but that their souls were placed in their new “bodies” upon the “end of the world”?
Floating Ash chapter 44 . 9/4
Woah! The other memebers of Ainz’s guild was a surprise! Looking forward to how this all goes, how they meet, the reactions, if they find out that Shirou is actually a player and that he “re” created all of the legends.
X6-88 chapter 46 . 9/4
A new update!

Well, I forgot to review chapter 45 but ultimately it can be said that Ainz is seeing what he wants to see and it’s not real. And he summoned “something” similar to Cu. And Shirou knows the truth but is willing to give an olive branch. Meanwhile Ramposa is trying to forge connections with an individual that can potentially change the status of war (which frankly the kingdom sure needs a shot in the arm to even stand against the Empire ultimately they were going to collapse one way or another). While Barbo is still an utter idiot and too busy thinking with his **** on Narbel I would imagine Renner to be smarter on this matter. Make no mistake I know she likely understands the value of what Shirou can do but I am not sure she understands the “scope”, nor I do not know if she decided to betray the kingdom and join Ainz Oal Gown as in canon. Too little info to tell.

Anyway, let’s get to chapter 46!
To the Gala and where words and knives in the dark are in play! Where countless political groups are all in action wanting to have the stars of the show join them and change the political future of a Kingdom. Granted they are all going to fail but it’s fascinating to see it.

Yep, Narbel being…herself. Seriously it’s amazing just how much she gets away with being an utter B*tch and calling people “insects” that no one really calls her out on it. As well as the fact it never really causes problems for her in canon. Pandora actor certainly got his hands full keeping her making things bad. But once again luck comes in the form of a blue rose. AKA the all-female team save Narbel from a bad situation. Got to agree with Pandora Actor, Women can be strange, and heaven knows what’s going on their heads.

…. Once again, I am reminded of the depravities of Demiurge. While you haven’t exactly shown the “Happy Farm” in detail I remember some of the things he did in canon and how utterly mess they were. Only it seems here the main goal at the moment is “recruitment”. In canon it was mentioned the reason high level Necromances were not used was the costs in money and EXP but given how Scathach is here all costs are justified here. For a guy whose intellect is supposedly “Genius” it certainly shows how stupid he is. Again, you think high level liches and demons are going to be what stops Scathach? Granted I know Demiurge thinks Quality is going to be what be what helps him win but really? Then again Bastard never suffered “complete and undeniably failure.”

The thing about “guides” while they can tell you plenty of things about your “target” it’s not always 100% accurate. Especially since the merging has shown the raid bosses doing things that were not in the guides and the raid bosses are now even smarter. Not to mention while you can try to fully the” strategy” of how to defeat a “target” you may not be able to fulfill the steps in perfect unison. I know for myself while I try to copy guides on how to beat certain bosses my character is not on the same stat/level as the one shown on YouTube. And there are times I make a bad call or underestimate my capabilities and get killed for it. Bottom line is that no plan survives contact with the enemy. Which is something Demiurge has yet to learn that.

Off topic but I could not but help but think of a incredible situation which odds are will not happen. Basically, it’s Gilgamesh invaded Nazerick. Gilgamesh going through floor after floor and killing them all despite all their efforts and Gilgamesh having a ball over it. Granted, the end result would be the destruction of Nazerick which would be the biggest reality check for all its inhabitants. Granted I doubt this would actually happen for that reason since they would lose a lot of things, from the items, gold, and weapons. But most importantly it would be the destruction of the home and the memories of it that devastate them the most.

Anyway, that was an idea I had. Now then I guess I should talk about Albedo and her report and how she is very bitter about the topic about Nero. I know if she ever gets the chance to fight Nero she would do so in a heartbeat.

Oh, I look forward to the day Demiurge gets his ass kicked and dies. Again, and again dude continues to be a card carrying villain that I wait for the day a “Hero” slays him.

Anyway until the next chapter stay golden!
Guest chapter 46 . 9/3
I hope albedo and demiurge plans crash and burn hard with one or both of them dying, these sick fucks do such terrible things to innocent folk really reminds everyone every time how much of a bunch monsters they are especially in canon overlord
Naruto420 chapter 45 . 9/2
I like it. The old guild members are back. And poor shirou have to face politics
Guest chapter 46 . 9/2
Demiurge is making a looot of assumptions. He's not making this one out alive is he?
gdstriker1 chapter 46 . 9/2
Nice chapter as always!
Btw, can we have a fanfic of shirou x Morgan? at least in the alternatives.
PasiveNox chapter 46 . 9/1
Great chapter wonderful also Take care
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