Reviews for One Night With The Sultan
Guest chapter 8 . 6h
I am in awe of your writing ️! It is that good!
sweetkid45 chapter 7 . 23h
sweetkid45 chapter 8 . 7/17
It was an awesome chapter
sweetkid45 chapter 6 . 7/13
Gabrielle just saved her life xena better get a grip and thank her for it even though gabrielle wasn't choose to be would have happened to xena if she wasn't there?
sweetkid45 chapter 5 . 7/8
If gabrielle gave proof to xena that she's not always a trouble maker oh let's say she might get the chance to save xena life or the life of her son I think that there might be something to think about unless you have already write the next chapter?being a writer you may have already?!.
guest chapter 4 . 7/7
that bow scene was really great and mysterious. Gabrielle definitely knew something was up with the sultan
guest chapter 1 . 7/7
this is leading to something good I can feel it
Julie chapter 3 . 7/6
Gabby sure has a big mouth LOL
guest chapter 4 . 7/6
I have never read a story like this before
guest chapter 4 . 7/6
So now that Gabrielle knows about the sultan, what will happen next?
guest chapter 3 . 7/6
Oh boy, Gabrielle is a cheater lol
Guest chapter 2 . 7/6
Alexander is a hoot. Hope so see what happens with the "sultan" and Gabrielle!
guest chapter 1 . 7/6
Very interesting start :)
livelifedream chapter 3 . 7/6
I'm loving this story.
sweetkid45 chapter 4 . 7/4
Gabrielle must not tell anyone what she doesn't know that she knows who she really has to start somewhere why not now
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