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obliviandragon chapter 167 . 3/16
Re-read this for the second time since I just noticed the third story in this cycle? up and it really is great. Some things are confusing tho, why is that when children are involved its only girls? I might be shooting from the hip here but I dont think shinji, unless he can stop the cycle of shitty fathers to males be ever really considered healed. Especially in a world where males are already declining as it is, and that none of the women want boys? I only bring this up cause there's soo many stories within FanFic that have this same problem.
starfire99 chapter 80 . 3/9
I was wondering, after Armisael murdered the Imperial Princesses, why didn't anything happen to Suzuka when she violated her oath she took in this chapter. She swore in Shinji's soul never to strike him OR THOSE HE SHELTERED UNDER HIS HAND in anger. Ritsuko and Akane BOTH sheltered under his hand. Akane was in his soul as well as Ritsuko. But nothing happened that I saw. According to Lily/Nyx, violating the oath would cause "exquisite pain".
WoodShop chapter 167 . 11/14/2021
That was a ride and a half.
I’m not sure i’ve read anything longer then that on this site over the last 2 decades or not.
But length is not necessarily a measure of quality, and this was just magnificently done.
FlightLight chapter 4 . 9/10/2021
I liked him
Nikys chapter 1 . 4/28/2021
Shit, downloaded story on mobile app without looking on word count. Was surprised why it took so long to download.

Now I am actually scared. Need to prepare things, make a will for my wife and children if I won't return back.
fonte20nit chapter 1 . 3/23/2021
before diving into an ocean of 1.8M words, I can have a piece of the UNIVERSE that I’m going to read now
Six-Pint Samurai chapter 1 . 1/13/2021
Almost 2 mil. words? I'm actually scared of this fic. Gotta try, but damn...
Guest chapter 4 . 10/3/2020
Beautiful. Nuff said.
DaMan chapter 167 . 9/20/2020
Now that was a ride. Fantastic story, if open ended. More would be nice, but it's true that a continuation in space wouldn't be Eva anymore, well, maybe if you gundamize the units.

Anyway, I hope your troubles are a thing of the past and look forward to more literary art from you.
Ghost Man chapter 167 . 8/14/2020
Wait...wait what? She...she knew? Shit, I guess it's not a surprise. Unless some overwhelming force made her part of the illusion, but could part of Lillith's will prevented her mind from succumbing to the dream of the dreamer?

OMG my heart.

I wonder if the warmth would have set her nerves ablaze without the meds all things considered.

LOL! Poor George...I feel for him. Let's get him a beer...well let's see what happens first. Ohhh! I get it! Finally some freakin' therapy! About damn time. I think that was mentioned WAY earlier in the fic too. Like long long ago. If anything, his response to someone mentioning Ritz probably is a sign he does need

As Rei Hino once said, "Hitori janai, yo!"

Congratulations, sir. I am happy to see you finished this long book and gave happiness to many people in such a ruinous world which hopefully will become better.
Ghost Man chapter 166 . 8/14/2020
Oooh. Rose and Idunn are gonna be best buds! o,o sorta

Oh he's finally in his soul. Now...will he stay calm enough?

OMG. Momiji is so freakin' cute! Be still my heart. It weeps in joy. Maybe he needed that return to innocence

Damn Hikari is hot when she's in charge.

*facepalm* Dammit Miki...I...I can't even.
...I almost lost my coffee I was drinking, Nicki! Dammit that was hilarious!
At least she managed to calm things down.

What does it mean if a person who doesn't exist gives a speech which sways a person who doesn't like politics and has long since abaondoned church despite keeping some faith.

Hmm...stopping time creates a pressure like a dammed river or so I'm thinking. Interesting.

Bwahahahahahaha! Ami threw Usagi under the bus.
It's interesting to see Rei be a bit selfish.

I was out for some months. What was with the Grass and Beetles bit? Is this about Vengance being judged or...someone else?

Hmm...the team is facing growing pangs, eh?

Arisa just got to meet a true foreigner...funny that eh?
Such tragedies we wish we didn't need but I wonder...if humanity or any civilization needs a spanking from time to time.

Minako Ikamura...Oh dear. Did they...for the something I'm thinking of?

Oh the Emporer is quite the wise one. I like.
I can see his reason. It's not totally unselfish but without understanding the situation, he would place her at a target.
Ghost Man chapter 165 . 8/14/2020
What's better...a beautiful falsehood, or a colder reality. That's a tough question. Wrenches the gut.

Kelly's amazing. Definitely a bit of sunshine.

Hmm. Why Runic Throne?

We need before/after fanart of kelly and red/green hair.

Oh. Rina/Hina already huh? Bet they're just estactic.

Poor Shinji. Having the ability to sense so much. It's going to take a lot to filter that out subconsciously.

Can a spirit die from such wounds which appear physical? Perhaps.

As great money is, those of leadership positions for ill reasons hold onto the power more than anything...a la House of Cards.

Bless you Rose. Someone has to remind Shinji he's not being...bright.

Idunn? What about Idunn!?
Hah. Well thank you Idunn...he won't solve anything by RUNNING AWAY!
*snickers* OMG She's totally being a tsun. She's also being very amazing.
So can we heal her?

Every Lillin gets an aspect. Every one a pair to work stronger together. Makes sense.
Psh...I should have considered he was in comms with Amy the whole time.
Amethyst...shut up plzkthx

Oh Misato is pissed O,O She'll recover when she realizes Idunn is vying for what she wants.
Ghost Man chapter 164 . 8/12/2020
Fuuka is tied to Armisael, eh? That must be it.

LOL! Ritsuko is still arguing cells with Sandalphon?

Minami and Gaghiel are way too innocent. It's precious.

I knew it. She did have the most powerful one.

Bwahahaha! He's the lucky idiot who made the best offer. that's great.

Oooh. Oooh. What did she want?
Reminds me when Tsuru wanted tips and gave a bit to Lily. that was so genius of her. Win win.

Sheesh. Lust isn't evil. Lust isn't whorish. There's a lot of good lust and good greed out there.

Poor Hikari. Besides...isn't it better that something came to be that wasn't destined because it was wanted?
Wait what did SHE want?

...well played Veng. I couldn't have said it better.

Starting to think I know what Maya wanted given her past and own Love.

Yeah Gretchen is boss. I like her. It's all good.

Part of me is slightly jealous, but...I'm just a pitiful bundle of lies. Shinji is a manwhore...Nah. He's a Witcher! Toss him a coin, ladies.

Man to be loved like that.

OMG Momjiji is so sweet and cute!
Ghost Man chapter 163 . 8/12/2020
It's like Superman 2 all over again. Does he really think the world is gonna like the weapons gone?

1 Corinthians 11:23...let me see...seriously? Geeze.

Poor Kozo...feelin for him still.

We get the green hair yet? Prolly not.

Shinji is really flexing with that time stop thing.

Xeufan is faced with a god of all things and she's like, "Dude...let 'em sit."

So a living god says to play nice...and it is profitable to do so. Seriously besides pride, there's little lost...right? I mean it's still...a very hard balance/situation. We can only side with Shinji because WE see him as the good guy. Others may not and need to be convinced, as it should be.

I want to see that scene. I want to know what happens when the Elders are talked to. That would be so cool.

Shucks...I can't say "no" to Fuuka.
Ghost Man chapter 162 . 8/12/2020
What is Weltschmerz?

Hmm...pairings? Balance perhaps? I'm trying to figure out the logic going on.

Oh crap. Misato's got a bigger bomb.

It's like a training montage.

Gaghiel is wise. I wanna give him a plushie!

BWAHAHAHA! Give a potato to Matarael, and he'll think it's not funny or being replaced.

Oh dear God...Yang and Ireul...what has science done!

Oh dear God again! Mikoto and Bardiel!

Wait...everyone in the they won't be tied to his soul, but he'll hear their songs?

Wait...who did you mean, Kyouko? You wanted to bond Gretchen?

Yeah. I called that part. He truly loved Shinji...I honestly believe that.

Is it a kindness? Maybe.
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