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Guest chapter 8 . 11/16/2019
1. Should've told you this before, but none of the girls from Ideal even died.

2. What are your favorite parts in NT20-22R?

3. Is Kurumi a fan of Bunny Grey? Cause I almost mistook her for Fran.

4. So Touma was the main target along with Enshuu. Wonder if Kanon was planning to turn Touma into her lover.
MrQuestionMark chapter 8 . 11/15/2019
I have to say, there was a lot in this chapter that I lapped up. It was as if it ticked all the right boxes for me and that in itself made it perfect.

Really, great job on this chapter. Whether it was Accelerator dominating or Kuroyoru showing off that she is not someone to mess with, there was a lot in this chapter when it came to overall content. But I guess while there was a lot to discuss when it came to the fights (I really liked the way you dealt with the Powered Suit) and what's going to happen with Touma in the future (the poor guy; as you said, we really love pushing him further and further down), part of what I liked about this chapter had to do with the way that you explored Touma and Index as characters.

For the latter, seeing how she would respond to someone from Touma's past. As you said, despite having accepted Touma's memory loss, seeing how she would react to a person from his past is something Kamachi has not explored in depth. and yet, here you present it. And with it, a look into how Index is the current Touma's pillar and the debt she owes him and will continue to. I really felt that the way you captured the relationship between Index and Touma and how that girl also realises that she wants to know more about the Touma who is gone was really well done. I felt you really captured the subtleties and the small longing that even Index has for the person who once 'saved' her.

Then again, I could go to town with the things I love about the relationship with Index and Touma so this really took the cake for me.

And then there was the reference to Touma being a fractured soul and the breakdown he has in the "?" part. I loved that! Despite Touma being a 'normal high school boy you can find anywhere', he's gone through a lot. And for the things he's gone through, his mindset and mentality have really have to have taken a beaten. Putting past the idealistic shounen character we think Touma might be, putting things into this 'realistic' perspective is something I really love.

Even if we want to deny it, Touma is 'broken' in his own way with his hero complex. With characters like Accelerator seeking redemption or Hamazura seeking to protect those he loves, it's only Touma without a 'proper' reason to fight. And for the reasoning he gives, he can say in one respect that her really is broken in his own way.

Not to mention that breakdown at the end of the chapter...! Goddamn I loved that! And I think I'm beginning to realise that me being a Touma sadist is a real big problem.

Loved this chapter and what you did with Touma and Index here. And nope! That Interlude isn't ominous at all. Nothing to see here...

Looking forward to more.

Mr ?
whwsms chapter 8 . 11/15/2019
OOOOOOOOOOOOOH ... seems that, one by one, certain players in this drama are taken out (not permanently, perhaps) for a purpose which is perhaps now slowly being revealed. And then, if I recall correctly, Index, Othinus and Ayu are still free and moving, so that, for all I know, they may constitute a hitherto-unknown factor in any further developments.

Won't try to speculate what might happen next; I'm quite content for you to reveal more, whenever you post your next chapter.
Ageha chapter 7 . 9/9/2019
You use too many characters for this story. Not that it's a bad thing, but generally and more often than not, it would only make the story too long, too many scenes with a lot of plot hole, and too many discrepancies between one sub-plot and the others. Writers tend to lose focus on the story with too many characters like that, because they wouldn't be able to stop themselves to create a lot of sub-plots along the way to the main plot, which usually not important in the least and just plain annoying.

I understand you want to write it just like Kazuma Kamachi but I advise you if you write another new story later on please be more focus with how many characters you want in it (not make it too many, it would only confuse the readers) and try to make it more focus than this one (not too many sub-plot so there won't be plot hole). Your way of story telling is pretty good enough, that's why it would be such a waste if people don't read it because of what I point out above.

Also, writers tend to make their OCs (if there's one or more) to be too powerful or too "wow" in many ways than not (sometimes Mary/Gary Sue as well), whether they realize it or not. That's why, please be careful about it.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/25/2019
Is the 'accidental pervert moment' about to happen between Touma and Kizuna Kanon? Kissing scene included?

Then how about a plot twist where Touma turns into a dragon?
whwsms chapter 7 . 8/25/2019
Welcome Back, author-san ... take it from one who's also walking a similar road; sometimes real life must take precedence over fanfic writing (say-no-more).

That said, let's see what we've got her (in no specific order): Kamijou (not to disregard Kumokawa and Kuroyoru) is up against his most dangerous opponent, against which IB is practically useless ... physical technology. Makes sense that the "King Arthur" strategy ("RUN AWAY!") is the only viable option for the moment * As Mitsuari-san treks on, she comes face-to-face with Index. Another time and place, upon hearing her declaration of who she is, Index and Othinus might have repeated a short conversation from anime season 1 ("Another One." ... "That Bastard.") * Kuroyoru seemed at a moment to use "Berserker Rage / Kill 'Em All!" strategy on her mechanized opponents; it seems to be effective up to when we left her * Maria deducing just how other people were cleared away from the site of the current conflict is fine, too... clearly she's not the little sister of A Certain Beauty-Sempai for nothing * In the endeavor of avoiding (IIRC) an Enemy Blaster mech, Touma runs across one Kizuna Kanon. And elsewhere, Kihara Enshuu is also confronted by and seemingly captivated by Kizuna Kanon ... Wait, What? * A Certain Number One Level Five is momentarily on the receiving end of another mech menace, but seems to be holding his own for now * And let's not forget about Worst, doing what she does in her own way.

BTW, Cute Omake. Of course, one more step out the door and ... *shudder*. Mikoto might have done better to go out her dorm window that time.

Anyway, holding on for your next installment, whenever it comes ... Carry On. chapter 1 . 8/23/2019
Well, well, well, look what we have here.

Something that concerns Touma and Enshuu... nice.

I haven't actually read this far ahead yet in NT, so I'll have to start my unhealthy binge-reading again. Anyways, I'll be looking forward to reading more of this. Also, Accel's here too. Nice.

In terms of grammar and writing quality, it's good. Nothing's glaring, and everything's nice and smooth in terms of writing and all that. Good on you. Once again, looking forward to reading more.

Guest chapter 6 . 4/20/2019
To Fortitude501: we actually had this argument in any of his 'stories' and somewhat before, but fine, I'll back down again, if he stops being a fuss about it.
Fortitude501 chapter 6 . 4/20/2019
Guest. Crack.

Please stop using the Reviews for your verbal arguments.

This isn't the first time it happens. First it was in crossfaded story review and now in other reviews.

So please stop this. It's getting out of control.
Thor x Kamisato fan chapter 2 . 4/20/2019
As long as read fanfic till the day I die I will comment even if makes you want to vomit or kill yourself. No one cares yet you continuously bitch :)
Guest chapter 6 . 4/17/2019
To crack something or other: don't you ever stop saying things about what don't you like? Nobody cares.
Thor x Kamisato fan chapter 6 . 4/17/2019
Good stuff.

Wait, hold up. I don't read astral Buddy. But was that the reason she did what she did in nt11? Or is this your own head canon? If it is canon then I can understand why she did what she did. Tbh, I always loathed her. One of my most hated character lol. If it is real I can sympathise with her a little bit.

Your reply definitely put a smile on my face. I don't care what you do with kizuna. I just don't want her getting saved. Tired of seeing that shit

I liked the convo between umidori and touma. Out of all the index villains that became good apart from accel she is the only one I like for some reason. I guess because even though she left the dark side she didn't lose anything that made her special. I like how she acknowledged she can change but just doesn't know how to.

Thank you for this chapter. Not much happened but it was much appreciated. Also take your time. Just don't abandon it ;-;

Crack ship guy out!
Rajarshi Sarkar chapter 6 . 4/16/2019
Hey! Hey! HEY! It seems like someone did the impossible by entering into the imaginary number district. Like seriously... it is totally impossible for some background character with no face entering into the Heavenly Phase just like that. And Enshuu-chan in disarray? Whyyyyyyyy?
Mitsuari-san breaks out from prison? Touma-kun is roaming around with two girls? The story is starting to take a weird turn... I don't know... unless you give more clarification.
Guest chapter 6 . 4/16/2019
Nah, just have Kizuna shipped with Touma, no exceptions.
MrQuestionMark chapter 6 . 4/15/2019
There was a lack of Enshuu. Criminally so.

Still, I felt that this chapter had a lot of depth to it as well. I was surprised with the reveal for who was the one to appear before Ayu; I thought it would be Seria but you threw me for a loop; by making it Junko. It just goes to show that maybe the manga forms don't gave plot lines that sit in my head unless they are animated! I really liked their conversation though and how Ayu still has that little bit of resentment towards herself for what happened in IDEAL and how she is still sort of 'trapped' there while Junko has ascended past.

I prefer the Accelerator bits that you wrote here; having him do things by himself suits his character a lot more than I can say and I liked the way he thought things through and processed things in this chapter. He was back in full this time and I really liked it for that!

Not only that but seeing the 'aftermath' of Kuroyoru in a way was also interesting. It makes you realise just how much pressure is placed on kids in this world, isn't it? The fact that they have to ask questions like this is rather daunting and I like how you really managed to nail that insecurity and the fact that Touma doesn't just give an answer but says that the uncertainty is a part of that worry.

Really liked the chapter and hoping that you can come back for more!

Mr ?
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