Reviews for A Wife's Broken Smile
zjtR3 chapter 1 . 9/3
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Kard chapter 4 . 8/5
ntbthered2login chapter 4 . 8/3
oh. my. god. shade. what. just. happened. how. could. you. i. am. so. dumbfounded.
MoonVistheu chapter 4 . 8/2
okay... when i got the notification of your story updated my heart was beating so fast and i'm preparing myself to read it because the last chapter really breaking my heart into pieces... but after i read it i think it's pretty good... maybe Bright should be with Fine and Shade with Rein but idk XD this chapter is really good XD i love it and i really can't wait for the next update! Keep up the good work!
tinker3bellz1 chapter 3 . 7/27
This is seriously insane! XDD IT'S SO HOT IN THEREEE AND TOO MUCH MOEEE~ I want to ship both Shine and Brineee! Ifonly you can do two ending with both shipping XDD Good luck updating! Just where the heck did you get this idea? It is sooo freaking awesome!
MoonVistheu chapter 3 . 7/26
I don't even know what to say anymore... (2)
Kard chapter 3 . 7/25
I don't even know what to say anymore...
cherrione chapter 2 . 7/24
Shade's such a jerk. Since you hadn't given us the eventual pairing, I'll be rooting for Shine and hope Shade would change his jerk-y ways.
onepiecefan chapter 1 . 7/19
poor Fine she deserves to be happy
ShineLoveCheer chapter 2 . 7/18
Shade is very rude! It makes me feel heart broken Poor Fine...I wonder they will be end up together or not. Pls continue next chap!
AngelNyanCat chapter 2 . 7/17
I think I’m used to this Shade now, because of all the other stories that involve this kind of Shade. I feel bad for Fine though. She did nothing wrong, and yet Shade treats her badly and neglects her. Shade, you need to treat Fine better.

If Shade’s attitude continues, I’m going to have the urge to slap him. Oh wait Altezza already did that for me. Well done Altezza! XD
ntbthered2login chapter 2 . 7/17
AwwwwTTTT poor fine... dammit shadeTT I wish fine dumps him instead of the other way around... cant wait for the next chapter~
MoonVistheu chapter 2 . 7/16
wow... just wow... maybe almost every fushiguboshi fanfic, why they make stories with fine always the one that suffering i mean it's really emotional and amazing but pls Fine also need a love you know XD XD
BUT! i love it XD i'm sorry Fine XD

and Wow this story make me cry... Shade how could you, you son of a bitch XD sorry XD i really love this story... i really want to know what happen next! well i guess i should just wait for your next update! keep it up! i really love this story XD and Hope Fine is okay and Shade... idk if Shade gonna start to love Fine or not cuz i really don't like him in this story... well hope Fine can get her happiness XD
Kard chapter 2 . 7/16
... I'm crying.