Reviews for Shadows of an Empire
Fireking492 chapter 8 . 9/12
Of course I enjoyed this chapter! It was awesome!
Nozomi Higurashi chapter 8 . 9/12
It is. Good thing I'm a good swimmer and a natural at trending water, leaping into the deep end instead of making my way in slowly is how I roll. xD
Unformal Sorrelle chapter 7 . 9/8
Ooh this is interesting!
Nozomi Higurashi chapter 7 . 9/6
Lol, it most certainly is. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. (Yes, I read the author's notes too, it's only polite.)
Fireking492 chapter 7 . 9/5
You don't seem that scatterbrained to me(the fact that you said scatterbrained reminds me that a mii I have on my 3Ds named Brayden was called Scatterbrained in my Tomodachi Life game and hes the wise and powerful Great Sage in my copy of a game called Miitopia)! Also, Im excited for all future chapters!
Guest chapter 7 . 9/5
One of my favorite features on (original) Atem is his crown! Anyway, thank you for another chapter! Such a relief from college life and it’s tedious studying!
Nozomi Higurashi chapter 1 . 9/4
My interest is captured. *hits follow*
Fireking492 chapter 6 . 8/29
I also am not a fan of idiots just like Kaiba and Akhefia! I think I can handle the story getting more complicated coz Im pretty darn smart for someone my age! Great chapter btw!
Fireking492 chapter 5 . 8/9
This story is getting more and more interesting as time goes by!
Bananarock509 chapter 5 . 8/9
Wow, that was a lot to read, but thanks for the explanation! Also, Atem’s POV points really help clear up some of the confusion (although it’s a lot like one step forward, two steps back with this guy). Also, what happens if Yugi and Atem touch?! Atem sounds particularly worried that he will drop dead or something... you can’t see it but I’m comically raising and lowering my eyebrows right now. ~~~~
DGtnsl chapter 3 . 8/5
Oh my god whaaaat. Atem and Akefia were exactly who I thought they were but what does that mean for Yami and the Spirit of the Millennium Ring (which I can only assume is Necrophades thanks to the princess but with a piece of the Thief King too? idk how you'll handle /that/ mess.
It's so fun to see Harry and co's impressions of the Millennium Item group, they are definitely hiding stuff!
Kaiba's cousin eh? Is that an actual birth cousin or from his life as an Egyptian High Priest? In the latter case, I would assume Atem is the cousin in question. This is going to be so fun!
Vaasth chapter 4 . 8/2
Having Atem, and Yami both around at the same time is probably going to trip me up here and there.
I’m enjoying it all so far, can’t wait to see where this leads!
Bananarock509 chapter 4 . 8/2
Yeah... still confused. But I’ll sit with and just figure it out along the way. I sorta understand the whole ‘multiple ways to get it done’ thing though. My confusion partly stems from the fact that everyone was forced to forget the name Atem because it was the key to Zorc’s prison, so wouldn’t it be counterproductive for he dates to allow anyone to name their kid Atem? Especially when that kid is another way to send the pharaoh to the afterlife? Also, I only watched the dubbed yugioh so that’s the only one I really know. It’s hard to shack preferences from when you were a young child so I haven’t been able to make myself check out the Japanese version. Also, if you don’t prescribe to the whole “half souls” theory, why do you think Yugi looks like Yami? I’m of the opinion that he can’t be a straight up reincarnation because Yami’s soul has been stuck in the puzzle for the past 5000 years. Also, I like the whole “half soul” idea.
Fireking492 chapter 3 . 7/26
I love this story! As I usually say when I review stories, I cant wait for more! I like those references to Punk btw(I happen to love Hard Rock, Punk, Glam, and pretty much any Metal)!
Bananarock509 chapter 3 . 7/26
Now I’m really surprised, I know you mentioned Atem as a whole separate character but now I’m a little confused over the whole dynamic of Yami and Yugi. Is Atem some weird reincarnation thing? Like, Yugi and Yami the two halves of Pharaoh Atem’s soul but after Yugi finally dies sometime in the far future he and Yami completely merge only to be reincarnated into the time where Yugi and Yami still exist? No one said reincarnation has to be strictly linear. Plus there wouldn’t be a paradox because Yugi and Yami are a split soul and technically two very different people right now. That could work as an argument. I guess.
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