Reviews for The Inevitability of Oversight
Guest chapter 34 . 11h
So the time has come... even Im nervous about it :P
stars90 chapter 34 . 15h
Excellent start to this conversation. I think Anakin needed this more than he knew
Guest chapter 34 . 11/27
Mace as Anakin's teacher, unless Yoda takes him on-referencing ROTJ obi wan quote that Anakin would have been better off if Yoda had of taught him.
LeoniLiponscovi2 chapter 34 . 11/27
Awesome fic! I love how you show the characters emotions and thoughts so well, it feels like watching a movie
Death Fury chapter 34 . 11/26
Excellent chapter
V01dSw0rd chapter 34 . 11/26
I get the feeling that Anakin’s subconscious suicidal desire blinded him to Obi-wan’s issues.
(The best analysis is Queens KnightsPawns!)

Didn’t they also encounter Gundarks during the clone wars?
I want Obi-wan to see R2 saving their asses! (If nothing else, it would give him a new perspective on Droid Memory)
Tony McNucklz chapter 34 . 11/26
I am immensely curious to see how this goes. Keeping in mind Anakin isn't actually a kid, so to me this would be more along the lines of a tired old man full of regrets talking than a child working through issues like sometimes seems to be the case.
Haku's Lover18 chapter 34 . 11/26
Short but sweet. I can’t wait to see Obi’s reaction to Ani falling in love with Padme. I do hope that Ani and Padme get back together. If only for the twins but he does genuinely love her.
Brievel chapter 34 . 11/26
You and your writing are gifts. :)
Une Passante chapter 34 . 11/26
Aaaaaaaaah so much suspense! This sharing memories between Obi Wan and Anakin is a great idea. I love it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us! All the best :)
cameron1812 chapter 34 . 11/26
Oh. This has touched me so deeply. I hope that this conversation goes a long way to help heal Anakin's rifts within himself and some of his guilt, and it's also a way of communing with Obiwan for real even if he is in his coma... Would be nice to see him wake and they embrace and go off to find Siri together, lol:). Thank you. This is, as always, a gift.
Sivartius chapter 34 . 11/26
Well that's a good start, and a good way to do this. I hope we get more detailed Obi-wan reactions to the Clone Wars, Ahsoka, Anakin's fall, Obi-wan's death, Luke's duel on Cloud City, and Vader's redemption & death. Obviously he can't show the birth of the twins, or Luke & Leia growing up. I also kind of feel like Anakin would try to fight the guilt and grief of his Imperial actions with his pride & respect for the choices of his kids.
shukkets chapter 34 . 11/26
Bloodfox64 chapter 34 . 11/26
Christmas? Dang... That is both very mean (the kinda cliffhanger and the long wait) an very nice (the timing)...

Anyhow, it was a good chapter, though I almost get the feeling that you wrote the summary of Anakin's session before you wrote chapter 2 for Trials of the Nearsighted. I mean, the summary does - for the most part - get it right. Though it is still slightly, but noticeably off.

But that's just a nitpick on my part. Thanks for the chapter and good luck.
ShadowLDrago chapter 34 . 11/26
So now, Anakin's telling Obi-Wan. Good. I am eager to see where this goes.
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