Reviews for Annals of Arithmancy
Moshe Laks chapter 24 . 8/15/2021
Awesome story!
The big question, of course, is: How did magic stop COVID?
Taryth chapter 24 . 7/12/2021
This trilogy was probably one of the most unique takes on Harry Potter. The world building and explanations on the principles of magic were very indepth. All the withdrawals from Hogwarts struck me as odd, but she ended up being more well connected for it, so it worked out. Your take on a modern magical world was also very cool to read. I wish there was one more chapter for after the reveal, but I can see why its left out.

The power dynamic of Voldy and Dumbles also felt a bit much compared to everyone else. I'm just used to the main characters being able to compare in power, although this genius Hermione would probably be able to single-handedly end the war with that much power.

All in all, a terrific story, one I'll probably reread in times to come.
zachariahm chapter 24 . 6/28/2021
Fantastic story, and pretty damn unique for the fandom. The math angle was amazingly well done, and made for fun forays to Wikipedia whenever a new concept came up. You went far more in-depth into the nuts and bolts of spell creation than I can recall from other fanfics and made it genuinely interesting. References to pop culture, actual events, and scientific advances over the course of the story were inserted very well while rarely feeling forced or overdone. (In particular, the bits about Halley's Comet were perfect. No way that wouldn't have made huge waves in the wizarding world, yet this is the first time I've seen it come up in a fanfic.) Fight scenes were well done, if a little less interesting since Hermione had to fight smarter rather than harder and she couldn't have the big fights like Dumbledore vs Voldemort. The Hogwarts siege was great, and the Bella fight was a solid finale.

You mentioned at the end of Lady Archimedes that you felt the story was too long, but I'd say I didn't mind the length. The last fanfic this long I read definitely felt bloated at times, but I never got that feeling from your work. I particularly enjoyed the long post war follow up in Annals of Arithmancy. Great story, looking forward to reading more from you in the future!
DJArla chapter 24 . 6/24/2021
This was great! I loved that you dealt with so many changes and advances and the way that might effect the magical population. I did feel like some of the storyline’s you touched on were incomplete (eg did they ever eradicate dementors?) but overall I thought this was a fitting ending to the trilogy. Thanks for all your time in writing and publishing these stories. Can’t wait to read more of your works!
robinhilliard chapter 24 . 6/8/2021
I think the Arithmancerverse is my favourite after HPMOR. And can I say that as an Australian with a degree in pure maths and computer science, with my first and last names appearing as character names and an avid reader of David Brin with Tom Baker as my favourite doctor the “reference acknowledged” rate on this series was frankly, ridiculous.
Int0xicAti0n chapter 21 . 6/4/2021
Still waiting on the ICW to reveal the existence of magic. I guess they're running late xD
Emilie chapter 24 . 5/31/2021
Well. That's it. I love this whole story, so thank you so much for writing it!
This part of the story was quite fun to follow, and pretty innovative. To follow closely the world news... I wonder what you would have made of Covid 19, it's a shame you've written this one year too early :) kidding
Thanks a million!
Guest chapter 5 . 5/23/2021
The so-called "Sword of Ragnuk the First" has the name of Godric Gryffindor engraved. If we assume that no wizard could engrave something in a goblin-made weapon, that would mean the goblin who made it must have done the engraving himself. That would weaken the goblins' claim to the sword considerably.
Guest chapter 24 . 5/23/2021
Bah. It's may 23rd 2021, and that UN meeting most assuredly didn't happen.

I kinda wish I had finished this 3 weeks ago. Oh well. Excellent story, thanks for writing it for us.
greymae chapter 24 . 5/13/2021
As always, your story with Arithmancy!Hermione continues to astound. I stopped reading sometime in the middle of Lady Archimedes, before it was finished. Imagine my surprise, when combing through my favorite authors, that Lady Archimedes had been finished and Annals of Arithmancy posted. These past three days have been spent rereading your trilogy from the beginning, with The Arithmancer. Your skills have only grown. Your stories have touched me, to the point I'm finding it hard to express just how much I have enjoyed reading them. I can only hope you keep writing.
Goliith chapter 1 . 5/5/2021
A bit of a surreal ending, having started The Arithmancer on April 26th, and then a bit over a week later, ending Annals of Arithmancy on May 5th.

This entire saga was extremely well written. My hat is off to you for what you've produced. I've spent basically every free minute burning through it as quickly as I could, I simply could not stop.

I'll likely take a look at some of your other works now. Thank you for all the effort you've put into this. I have read hundreds upon hundreds of high quality fan fictions, but this is easily among the best.
IReallyNeedToGetALife chapter 21 . 5/3/2021
May the Third, 2021
I can sadly announce that the Statute of Secrecy still holds
SilverShadowClaw chapter 21 . 4/27/2021
So...I just read this chapter and I'm cracking up cause its currently April 27th, 2021 and the MACUSA rep suggested April 30, 2021 as the big reveal date. I also live in the US so its even more of a coincidence. Crazy!
ryyaikki chapter 24 . 4/21/2021
Holy shit. Literally binge read all three works.
You dear Author are a genius. Omg...
Domia0Abr0Wyrda chapter 24 . 4/14/2021
Almost May 2nd!
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