Reviews for A Young Woman's Political Record
exillion chapter 1 . 13h
So yoi gonna update? Ever?
Rizciel chapter 57 . 5/5
I binge read this and I loved it! The ending felt kinda rushed but the plot was so good 3
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 57 . 4/26
Absolutely loved this story in full!
Robert and 42 chapter 57 . 4/25
no epilogue... :(
Conflicted cat chapter 28 . 4/22
I have a problem. On one hand, the fundamental disconnect between Tanya and the opinions of others is a core part of her character, as well as an entertaining one.
Anoynim chapter 3 . 4/21
It's funny to think that Tanya in the worker politics party would become a similar entity as Hitler (excuse me to say that) because the political party has a similar name social worker party something like that and having the same kind of speech (military one but she don't blame jews and it's a good thing).
moosejuice5 chapter 57 . 4/21
Brilliant fic, very well written
loganberryduffy chapter 57 . 4/20
Absolutely wonderful
Sadcornbreadsea chapter 53 . 4/9
Naw Tanya, no one can lynch you in Germania. You are literally the most powerful mage in the country.
XF-6X chapter 1 . 4/3
I love this fanfci, i'm reading the LN and the manga. I know this is a fanfic, but when i start whit this, i could help but feel that this is a cannon sequel.

And I hope that epiloge soon or I will couldnever sleep again
Tri-Edge chapter 57 . 3/28
Huh, so this is the beginning of the end? It was an enjoyable ride. I'm glad I took the chance to read it.
Tri-Edge chapter 48 . 3/28
Hmm, I feel something is about to go wrong here. Anyhow, still seems odd that with all the pretenses shed and war at hand again, that the people aren't outright demanding the restoration of the Empire. It's more than a bit unrealistic.
Tri-Edge chapter 45 . 3/28
Seems odd that Germania wouldn't take back the lands taken by the Republic on continental Europe.
Tri-Edge chapter 30 . 3/28
Lmao. It's nice to see Hitler is doing well for himself, and has both a wife and a restaurant to boot.
Tri-Edge chapter 4 . 3/28
Eugh. I sincerely hope there is no romance going on here, even if it's all for political show play. It doesn't fir with Tanya at all.
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