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Cc chapter 43 . 9/14
Love this story I hope you update soon!
Somethingalltogether chapter 43 . 9/1
Holy shit. I just binged read all this. So much story. So well put together. This is the kind of thing that NEEDS to be published. Well done. And I hope there are many more chapters to come.
sarah.reiniche chapter 1 . 8/11
I was just looking for some good things to read and stumbled upon this. I'm impressed and happy that i am reading a fantastically written story that is lived enough to be updated. I'm only halfway through now, but I'm hooked!
Violet Eternity chapter 43 . 8/8
Love it! Cant wait for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 39 . 8/6
This is amazing!
Cc chapter 43 . 8/6
Thanks for the update. Hanging out for this conversation between buffy and angel. Hope you update soon
Guest chapter 43 . 8/5
ugh. Come on, why are people stupid enough to trust a being like that? They don't know how the damn First eidted the scene. Besides would Dawn even want Buffy to sacrifice herself at this point
ba2006 chapter 43 . 8/5
Lol I have just been going through your fics again and re reading them again. Soo happy to read this update and as always its wonderful to read your fics. BA forever
Nintendoman01 chapter 43 . 8/4
Nice chapter. As usual, the First is a dickbag.

BTW, the fic's TV Tropes page was made by me.
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 42 . 4/8
A dramatic start (to say the least) that has led into an ever-escalating, always-enjoyable storyline; great work.
I had some doubts about the idea of ‘Darla’ actually being physically present rather than some kind of ghost, but you did present a fascinating interpretation of how she was able to get through to Connor at that dark moment, and the subsequent storyline managed to be a very engaging exploration of Darla’s new human psychology as she adapts to her return to life with everything she knows about the groups from her new perspective.
Lindsey’s presence felt like it was a bit of a stretch- what are the odds that he stole exactly the artefact that would be required in a situation like this when he left LA?- but I can’t fault some of the personal conflicts it created between him and the rest of the group once he returned to the fold, particularly with the now-human Darla forced to face her residual feelings for him from her last time ‘alive’ in the face of her renewed anger at him for doing that to her. Your subsequent exploration of such complex moments as Buffy and Angel’s talk to the tension between Kennedy and Oz regarding their feelings for Willow are always handled exceptionally well, and Buffy and Darla’s collaboration to save Cordelia’s soul was an excellent example of what makes the ‘buddy cop’ concept so fascinating, as two distinctive personalities are forced to team up to accomplish a mutual goal despite their prior history (LOVED the confrontation with the Master, although Buffy’s words with Jasmine weren’t bad either).
Dawn’s ‘upgrade’ felt like it was a bit excessive, particularly when Angel dealt with that insect-thing on his own in canon and here he had Connor backing him up directly, but the implications of Caleb and Lindsey’s history certainly added an interesting touch to their personal histories. Jasmine’s association with the First was unexpected, but you made it work in a manner where its creation as an accident ‘works’ (when taking into account the complex higher-dimensional nature of the concepts involved), to say nothing of the revelation of its true agenda.
Of course, that’s not to say that all of your personal developments were completely brilliant. Don’t get me wrong, I could follow the reasoning for moments such as Cordelia’s near-suicide attempt and Wood and Kennedy trying to kill Angel, but Wesley’s moment of rejection felt a bit forced when nobody had given any recent indication of still harbouring grudges over his actions relating to Connor, and declaring that his return to the fold had its limits when the combined Scooby Gang/Angel Investigations have just learned the stakes they’re facing felt like little more than a reason to provoke the subsequent talk with Darla. I also wasn’t entirely sure about Amy joining the subsequent ‘villain alliance’; Pearl and Nash’s motives fit their warped view of themselves, the Beast would be in it for the destruction, Ethan for the chaos, and Caleb, Drusilla and Warren are all just mad enough not to care (albeit mad in different ways), but Amy’s motive of jealousy just felt too fundamentally petty for her to want to be part of something that large-scale.
Of course, the drama of the subsequent fight was still excellent, pushing the heroes beyond their limits as they’re outclassed beyond what even Hamilton and the Beast did to them in canon (and that’s BEFORE they bring in the First’s last remaining powerhouse); the First/Jasmine might retain its new body’s last weakness, but there’s no way to know how long that will be a useful asset based on what it said to Caleb…
Keep up the fascinating work; with the heroes now on a deadline of under three weeks, the future is looking grim even in a best-case scenario.
Just one request for the future; give Oz a chance to assert himself in a confrontation with Kennedy (obviously I don’t expect him to FIGHT Kennedy, but just have her make some big speech about her relationship with Willow that Oz can shut down with one of his usual monosyllabic answers).
Guest chapter 42 . 3/16
update please
Guest chapter 42 . 3/7
just patiently waiting for another update for this amazing fic
Caitiebelle chapter 42 . 3/4
Oh oh oh! will we see an update soon pretty please? :D
Guest chapter 42 . 2/25
when are we getting an update? this story is so good
ba2006 chapter 42 . 8/7/2017
I never get tired of re reading this fic whrn a new chap is posted hehe. Loved this chap and cant wait fpr the next update BAforever
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