Reviews for Becoming Hokage 101
Loghain Mac Tir chapter 41 . 5/4
This is some really, really good stuff so far. Really hope this gets updated more in the future, otherwise, thanks for a great read!
Gina chapter 1 . 2/18
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Master777vip0000 chapter 1 . 1/9
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Readingthis chapter 41 . 12/18/2023
Update! Please

Shisui P.O.V. Please
HaiseSasakiTKG chapter 1 . 11/15/2023
I’ve read about 10-ish chapters and i dont think it is for me sadly. I really like the premise and it might suit others’ tastes but like others have said the character is way too deep in her emotions. Maybe it’s because I’d read fics that are the complete opposite of this. But anywho, seeing that there are lots of favourites and follows, it might suit others after all, but just not for me. I wish you all the best though!
kaiirine chapter 4 . 7/17/2023
Wtf is up with this character?! Its ok to lose her shit sometimes but not as often as this :( she keeps having a mental breakdown wtf..
Mercymadness chapter 41 . 6/3/2023
Great updates! I can’t wait to read more. Going to re-read in the meantime, since it’s been so long. I’ve been crying like crazy these past few chapters!
musa22lbl chapter 41 . 5/24/2023
So excited to read the next chapters.
musa22lbl chapter 24 . 5/22/2023
Wow just wow. What a great story thank you for writing it. Finally a story were the Uchiha fate is being changed so early in the story events, I always find it sad that a whole clan gets wiped out even when other characters have the knowledge beforehand in other fiction. Hopefully you will continue update more chapters soon
bingheayuan67 chapter 1 . 5/9/2023
“revolution” my ass, this fic is just another one of those cringy angsty Female SI Fic.. the MC is absolutely unbearable with her constant freak out and mental breakdown, not to mention she's hella weak as shit. and making almost every character liking her is laughable considering how dull and annoying she is with her breakdowns and needing to be saved every damn time. this is shit
Nico360 chapter 41 . 5/2/2023
a good chapter as always, although I would appreciate it if they came out more often, but at this point as long as the authors who make the stories I like publish one chapter a year and don't leave them unfinished, I'm happy
Yellow Green Fish chapter 41 . 5/2/2023
Oh YAY AN UPDATE! *excited squeals and challenging Gai to run around Konoha*

Nagato awakes! I hope he's not brainwashed by Zetsu, that'll be a pain. And cutie Itachi! He sounds so adorable and loveable! Reminds me of Gakuen babysitters, they've got tons of cute babies too.

I also want to thank you so much for not giving up this fic, and giving us this update! Recently I've seen so many authors drop the fics I've been following, and even though I understand the authors are not obligated to continue something that is supposed to be a relaxing hobby, it still sucks TT

Thank you for your hard work!
Talzon chapter 37 . 4/27/2023
Hanzo is my favourite Ame nin from a purely combat oriented stand point. I am a HUGE fan of poison and sickles and the fact that he wielded both to such great effect was awesome.
Talzon chapter 35 . 4/26/2023
If I suddenly became the Sanbi Junchuuriki I would use Isobu's genjutsu mist to open ip an "Altered Reality" experience and make up all kinds if scenarios like a live in movie. I would include seasonal stuff like halloween and others to shape different "movies" for prople to enjoy.
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