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biob1 chapter 58 . 12/2
This is getting more interesting and I am happy to see more updates.
biob1 chapter 57 . 12/2
Nice cliff hanger
Nexu5N chapter 57 . 11/22
I never been a huge fan with how possesive & dominant the girls towards Deku mostly since the girls can take things bit too far like a drama queen & poor Deku get stuck at the center as collateral damage.

Plus I also dont really like how easily Deku get push, manhandle, & controlled by his own harem all because of their fragile feelings aka jealously & his act way too nice to them instead of scolding back.

Despite they really romanticly love him the harem sometimes act more like a nuisance or burden to him particularly Ochako who I despite love dearly is the most hated girl in this story since you decided to turn her into yandere.

I dont get it why you have to put not 1 but 2 yandere in this fic hell you even put over 3 fuckin Femdom girls here (Momo, Midnight, Mirko). Jeez these tropes are fun but this too much even for a shy guy like Deku, just have 1 girls to act like that is already enough you know.

Plus from what ive seen so far in the review section lots & lots of readers really hoping Deku could grow some backbone so he could gain more control of the harem to tame them & even wish to see him dominate the girls sexually especially the femdom one to elevate his position in the harem. The Hunter become the Hunted, now that would be a good twist.

So in conclusion, Deku need to grow some spine permanently, the harem need to be whip for their problematic attitude, readers want to see Deku be a 'maledom' more often & he need to shows them whos the 'man of the house' here.
Trace Reading chapter 1 . 11/21
for the love of fuck don't throw (A/N: blah blah blah) into the middle of a sentence. That is just PISS-POOR WRITING.
juanjoseromero957 chapter 58 . 11/21
Maravilloso capitulo como siempre, no puedo esperar a ver como se desarrolla de ahora en adelante, por cierto, cual es tu Discord? no lo encuentro.
RickJayden2 chapter 58 . 11/20
I would love to see just how different the girls confontation with the new addition to the harem "Nejire" would become since she & Izuku still doesnt mate yet so he clearly doesnt make anything 'wrong' & Nejire are much more optimistic & positive than most of the harem which is a good thing because having a such a bubbly girls like Nejire certainly would bring a better lovely atmosphere in the harem competitive & jealous enviroment. Like seriously most of these girls need to take a chill pill.
Nick4Speed chapter 38 . 11/20
1 particular moment that I really "wish", "hoping" & "begging" to happen soon in this fic.

~He took extra time with Midnight, binding her even tighter with black whip as she moaned and squirmed just to feel the squeeze. “You know, I’ve always been a bondage lover, but usually I’m the one doing it to naughty boys and girls…”

He rubbed her clit and licked his lips. “That makes you a very naughty girl, Nemuri.”

She shuddered at the sound of her first name leaving his mouth, and then shuddered even more when he smacked her clit.

“You’re just a naughty girl that’s been in dire need of getting punished by a real man for a long time. Luckily for you, there’s one right here!” His hand smacked her clit over and over again, making her shake and moan and squirm until she squirted straight up into the air.

“Yessss! Dominate me, punish me!” She moaned, back arching as black whip lightly wrapped around her throat and he smirked. ~

Izuku got FullCowl at 10 to 20 percent, Blackwhip & dont forget physical strength that average teenager barely achieve (he strong enough to lift heavy stuff like a fridge & washing machine before he got OFA)
Izuku maybe lack the skills & experience in sex unlike Midnight BUT he definetely get all tools & power that should allow him to dominate her. Izuku clearly got what it takes to be a Dom better than Midnight, he just need some push.
tipah2243 chapter 58 . 11/19
Im not sure whats the issue but Deku seems weak as fuck here.

This fic clearly take place after season 4 so thats mean Deku should have control over 20% of OFA in fullcowl, it doesnt sounds much but the fact that with 8% alone he is very close on beating Bkg clearly shows 20% alone prove Deku is a POWERHOUSE.

Then how on green hell Deku still cant DOMINATE Midnight, Momo & Mirko with that power? Author I cant understand the logic you put here, if these girls get punch by Deku they could probably take the hit but getting a dick thrust straight inside of their sensitive pussy with his 5-10% boost and they still not a drooling mess? Thats BS if you ask me, a BS just so Deku could get femdom again.

You know what with Deku pump up with stress & frustration with all this shits from Mirko provoking him, Eri get kidnapped & Toga yandere mindfuck. Its time for Deku to take off the kiddies glove & start go 20% fullcowl & shows them whos boss.

Author look at my name, im clearly a girl & I getting tired watching my studmuffin powerhouse get dominated & manhandle by his own lover like a beta male. Im TIRED! PLEEEEEEAAAAASE let him DOMINATE them. He can do it & know how to do thanks to all the sex experience all he need is a chance to do it. He can be a DOM just have some faith on him.
muhammadfauzi2190 chapter 58 . 11/19
You said that you're gonna rewrite the first few chapter of this story but we still doesnt know when will you start & how we gonna know when a chapter finished being rewrite?
Littlebrwk chapter 58 . 11/19
how exiting! can't wait for the next chapter.
Zuko the Saiyan prince chapter 58 . 11/18
Loving these consistent updates I felt like last chapter was Broken up so it wouldn't be too long. Having Melissa around this nice but felt like nejires arc got put on hold again. The others have yet to question why she's still in her pajamas.
R-king 93 chapter 58 . 11/18
Awesome chapter
leonardo18anime chapter 58 . 11/18
Its great to see you uptade a lot this year. I think last year you did like 3 chapters and this year alone you made 7. Its good to see that Mirko and Ryuku fully love Midoriya, Nejire is a few steps to get in her bed and now its Melissa's turn. I don't know who is left in the list. Unless you want to do Lady Nagant as the last one I don't know. I just want to see a future chapter with all the children of Midoriya. This Midoriya has game, unlike the virgin from Hero Academia DxD.
txmazo chapter 58 . 11/18
hahaha good chapter especially how hatsume is exploding with anger and sadness to know that I am not asking to go to Island, but it is something else apart, the arrival of Melissa is something else especially the events that happened now she will be the new partner of mei, now I want to see how she reacts to knowing that Izuku has a big harem and see if she accepts or not I hope for another good update
501awezome chapter 58 . 11/18
Sweet Cute Green Obsession is now my Obsession. Just binged it all and I gotta say, I am loving it~
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