Reviews for Monkey See, Puppy Loves
Major Mike Powell III chapter 2 . 7/18/2018
Well, well, Li'l Lily~

Hoo-rrah! 1st Review, Btches~!

Yyyyyyyup. Yup. Yes. Yup. Absolutely~ XD *Nothing* that Sarutobi says or does *phases* Inugami one single bit. She tries and tries and tries *so!* hard to make a contest out of everything, to try and get a negative reaction out of Inugami...yet nope. Nothing works~ XD

But still, hey, that's why they're so cute together~! *3* Dat forehead chu, doe~ Oh my goodness. Their classmates ship them together, so might as well, amirite? 8D

And also...Sarutobi is good at jumping like a monkey. Heyooooo~

And also...oh God~ *O* Ohhhh God. Oh my God. Inugami the Swimsuit Dress-Up Doll. Oh God...and then! *O* Ohhhh my goodness. This...oh hoh wow~ Sarutobi is a pervert. She's absolutely a pervert, that woman. XD

Her rage and dismay at not being able to make Inugami dismayed or feel defeated or anything only manifest themselves in the form of perverson~ *O*

Great work, Yuri-chan~! This is amazing! X'D
Update ASAP! That's an order!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
Major Mike Powell III chapter 1 . 7/18/2018
Well, well, Li'l Lily~

HOO-RRAH! 1st Review EVAR, Btches~!

Haaah, Inugami and Sarutobi. Oh the Puppeh and the Monkeh, the one without a mute or stop button and the one that always takes everything revolving Inugami as a competition~ XD

These two are so wonderfully mismatched, such polar opposites. No wonder they fit together so nicely and beautifully~ They are~both su~per easy on the eyes together, after all. *O*

And also, Nezu sleeping in Ushiwaka's lap? That's friggin' adorbz. :'3

And dat ending. XD Wow. XD Dat ending, doe. Sheesh, Inugami! XD ...she has nice undies, though. :3

Mission Start!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!