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IVYYYY chapter 3 . 9/9


1. You blend and change MCU moments so fluently and with ease that it's just so natural and pure. The whole baseball game playing when Steve wakes up, how the showed that at the end of Cap and how he quite literally jumped through the wall - but you changed it. You adapted your own creative writing skills (and I mean impressive as fuck skills because DAMN) so change I ever so slightly : Steve noticing these little things and something not fitti ng quite right. THE DOOR NOT MAKING A NOISE AND HIS FUCKI NG BOOTS. You combine beloved storytelling with your own words in a fashion that's so freaki ng brilliant that it jus makes everything better. I was hooked from the first sentence.

2. The detail you put into this stuff? Like the level of what the fuckkness and just amazing story telling us incredible. Truly insane. The whole process of him noticing these little things as he wakes up, or sitting in Frost's office. It reminds me of Sherlock, like how he notices these tiny, UNIMPORTANT things that end up being the key to everything and finds the answer from that? But that takes so much talent from your side becauseyoure the one that has to craft this story. And it's amazing. This is your own little intricate puzzle thing that you are just owning.

3. I love that he loves Peggy so much and his personality is so changed bc of it

4. That you touched on Peggy not being like Steve so obviously she was affected and her shit carries bacteria? Like you went there. So bold. I worship the ground upon which you walk


obviously I've loved this story from the beginning and I think it is truly wonderful and the fact that the first two chapters were only like 2,000 words but you still managed to tell such a compelling story.

I am and
Always will be
In complete and udder (little cow reference there for ya)

And now that this chapter is longer and some of your more refined skills are coming out. And obviously I'm going to miss a lot of the little details bc I don't know cap like you KNOW HIM bc you do, he's a part of you and you two know each other and understand each other

Idk I'm not even forming complete sentences now. I enjoy this and I enjoy you and I love you and will never not love you

Candymouse22 chapter 3 . 8/24
This isn't what I was expecting, but it makes sense that Peggy was affected by being frozen and has no immune system.
padfootl0ve chapter 3 . 8/24
THIS CHAPTER THOUGH. You write freaking masterpieces, I swear
M2K21 chapter 2 . 8/12
Jesus fuck, excuse my French, but you, my friend, need to be an author. A real author. This is so amazing I’m at a loss for words. I’ve never read such a beautiful story before. The description...the words is all SO AMAZING. And the style you chose...I’m in complete and utter awe. I. Cannot. Wait. For. The. Next. Chapters. I love what you’ve done with the intro, giving life to the men who dug up Steve. And bringing Peggy into it! Having her as the tether to bring him back! Brilliant! And his memories. God this is so cool! I want to be you. I want to be able to write like this. This is just so amazing. 10000000000/10. I love you and this story. GOOD JOB
Guest chapter 2 . 7/31
I've been sitting her forever trying to figure out what to write. I honestly don't think words can capture what you've just done here. The utter, insane brilliance ofnyiurbwords are so beautiful that I still haven't processed it all hahahaha

1. Steve. Beautiful, beautiful Steve. One of the many things that I love when you write Steve is his thiught process/perspective/emotional turmoil. Because you expect me to be live, reading this, that he spent 70 year with flashes of Bucky, his fam, Peggy and various other both haunting him and trying to help him. And you know What? I absolutely FUCKING do. Partly because the way you write it is so believable, your words like an actual experience, and partly because it's something that poor Steve would actually go through. And you know it too because you're the goddamn Steve expert and I'm honestly still crying over how beautiful that it.

2. The format of this story. Oh my fucking god, fel rip me you've done IT AGAIN WITH THE FUCKING INSANE FORMAT THAT JUWT MAKES ME CRY IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. How do you do it? How I ask? The broken lines, the stream of consciousness feeli ng you give to the words and scenes and story so that I can be placed right there, thinking what he thinks and feeling what he feels. Holy god damn. And the things he remembers. Tore. Me. Apart. Buck toothed Bucky? Yesss introducing himself as Bucky even though his mom didn't want him to, seeing that fucking awesome did who just wanted to be famous - for some th ing, for ANYTHING. And then goddamn right after that beautiful scene Steve has to go through him falling of the train? Literally over and I've again a d that is so heartbreaking especially after you called Bucky not only his best friend but his brother and I believe you bc we all know it's true- new friend is a term that doesn't even come close to explaining thief relationship but damn you for that and nope you are NOT forgiven. And. Ug. Trying to remember Peggy AND UGH REMEMBERING WHO HELPED HIM AND "IS THIS A TEST" YES IT IS STEVE YOU PASS IT BY WAKING UP AND LOVING SO PLS WAKE UP AND LIVE

3. Peggy. And. The. FUCKING. Descriptions. You are a legend. A star. An absolute FUCKING beautiful monster lady who cannot stop breaking my heart and filling my eyes with wonder at your beautiful words. Those scenes where Steve sees Peggy, when he kinda out her name- WHEN HE'S WATCHING HER IN THE KITCHEN and he just wants to be part of her world bc she's more beautiful than the universe and we all fucking know it. Goddamn. And the way you write the description of her laugh. And the gold rings around her eyes. Have I said fuck you yet?

4. THE ENDING TO TOP ALL ENDINGS. Steve is awake. But what I love most about this chapter is that it's so horrifically insane. It really does t move the plot on - you could be just wrote a fricken sentence. Steve woke up. But why didn't You? Why wrote 2,000 something more words? Because it was fucking necessary and you're a bloody genius and you knew it, too. Christ. This chapter was all about the slow, burning process of Steve struggling. Outside if that ship, life moved on. He really did save everyone- he won. But he also lost, so, so much. Bucky, Howard, his friends and family. Even possible Peggy. You wrote his struggle to get here because it wasn't just him lying around for 70 years waiting to be awoken like Sleeping beauty. He was alove, which meant he had thoughts. DREAMS, if nothing else. And what did he think and dream about? Absolutely fucking terrifying things, that's what. And theyvreplayed over and over in his head - Bucky falling, what's the name if the girl I Love? (Which is utterly terrifying in itself), what's my name? (Which I love bc Bucky probably thought the same thing as they tortured him and he tried for so long to stay sane but the, one day...:(((), HOW DO I/CAN I WAKE UP. All of these things haunted him and played on repeat for so long and it's important for people to know that. Steve really didn't ever get a break. It wasn't an easy 70 years by far. Yes, he eventually woke up (I love that you included the radio line ugh you perfect, perfect specimen) but it wasn't easy to get there. And a lot of people fail to realize that. He never gets a break that poor boy.

Okay, so that was my Ted talk, thanks you for coming.

No but seriously thanks for this I really needed it after all the shit that's going down irl. I hope somehow, someday, preferrebky soon, pls, Steve finds happiness. Can the next chapter be then buying ice cream and just snuggling on the couch because they don't want to be bothered to figure outbthe new world yet? Pls? Just a little happiness for Steve? And Peggy?

I absolutely FUCKING love this and I avs okk utely FUCKING love you. Please don't forget that I'm out here supporting you, just like so many other people, because you truly are great and you truly do have a talent .

All of my love,
padfootl0ve chapter 2 . 7/30
Oh. My. Goodness.
rach2322 chapter 1 . 7/28
eek. so much suspense. i cant wait to see what comes next. great job.
Candymouse22 chapter 1 . 7/23
Looking forward to see what comes next!
Ode to Ivy chapter 1 . 7/22

((DId you understand that? No? I'll try English))


hahahahahahah i don't know where to start with this please kill me now


ahhhhhhhhh I already love it. 2,064 words and I have pledged my soul to it's existence.

This seems like such a fun story, Fel, seriously. Like something you can just pluck away at bit by bit whenever you have the time ((you know, writing GAHAP and stuff ;)) but like it's still going to be utterly magnificent bc this is amazing. I'm about to talk about your talents again bc HOLY HOT DAMN MOMMA NEED A DRINK - this was amazing. It's got a lighter, funner, more vibrant tone than GAHAP which I love because you can already tell that this will be an amazing story - but that its different. Like, I'm so excited to be alive at the same time as you because I can tell all of these words came from your beautiful mind but somehow you've managed to make both of your stories - every story you have in fact - sound so different? And that's amazing? Please teach me?

Wow jfc I can't believe this was only 2,000 words you packed so much into it I'm so proud. I love Timey hahahah he's so condescending and I love that AND HIS WIFE KIARA OMG WHAT A GREAT NAME WOW I WISH I HAD A NAME LIKE THAT THAT IS SOME POWERFUL SHIT RIGHT THERE SHE MUST BE SMOKING HOT :))));):) WHERE CAN I GET ME A GIRL LIKE THAT WOWZA

This is amazing hahaha I am so happy you started this and I already can't wait until you update (did you expect any less?) but like please take your time bc I don't want this to turn into a chore for you and my big fat ass can wait if it means you're happy writing it. But yea, this was pretty fricken great and shfskjhgskjgh idk what else to say I'm just smiling ear to ear this was a great read

You're the 1940's skinny white boy who later turns into a super buff 2000's white boy to my 1940's army white boy who turns into a 2000's army white boy with a metal arm
(aka i love you)
padfootl0ve chapter 1 . 7/22
I am SO excited for this story