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AnthonyR89 chapter 11 . 4/17
...Calvert? is piggott deliberately trying to sabotage this recruitment?
AnthonyR89 chapter 6 . 4/16
while not as bad as swarm, for example, hive still sounds like the name of a villain. mostly it makes me think of the teen titans, heh.

I also probably wouldn't join the wards, even without meta knowledge. frankly. gove Taylor enough time to set up and no one would have the power to make her. especially if she say, just fucked off to the middle of the ocean and started building.
AMortePerpetuaLiberaNos chapter 69 . 4/13
Awesome story but the ending is... uhhhh...
BlazeStryker chapter 46 . 4/11
Over at SpaceBattles I went absolutely pesh!t over this chapter. My utter hatred of default Pig-out Piggot and the Cerberus Taco Cart that is Cauldron was cemented right here.

This chapter. Here.

I just felt it needed repeating.
Meito Uchiha chapter 13 . 4/6
Lol poor coil
Murasame999 chapter 69 . 4/5
Cool fic, thanks for sharing
Nysta chapter 69 . 4/1
Thanks for writing :)
teruin42 chapter 13 . 3/30
It's always fun to see Coil have a bad day, he's such an aggravating villain.
drucifer000 chapter 47 . 2/22
Aaaaand now she's letting people drop her in the birdcage without fight or protest. At any point in time is she going to grow a backbone or is this whole story about a tyrannosaurus getting bullied by sheep?
drucifer000 chapter 34 . 2/21
Now she let's some guy blackmail her into doing his dirty work?
drucifer000 chapter 27 . 2/21
Why is she even still serving the prt? They're basically offering her nothing she couldn't easily get herself and are instead treating her like a dog that keeps peeing inside.
drucifer000 chapter 17 . 2/21
She should have left the wards before agreeing to kill switches in her creations. There's NO WAY something like that could be suborned or misused by someone with ulterior motives, of course not! Agreeing to that is just as bad as allowing them to stop her from making them! One person in that joke of an organization decides to and her forces all die! What a spineless decision...
Nights Silhouette chapter 69 . 2/11
A great story, really enjoyed reading it. Would love to know what happened to Hives originally body.
spartanrex10 chapter 68 . 2/2
This... this can't be it.
Man, something about the story fascinated me, I religiously read the whole thing to completion.
All I have to say is... what a disappointment.
The ending is so open-ended that I would assume you're making a sequel... except you finished in 2019.
I can only hope you survived COVID to read the following critique on why this ending is so horrible. (Spoilers, if that wasn't already obvious)

1. What happened to Taylor and The Greater Hivemind?
The last we see of this is Taylor curling up into a ball and presumably being subsumed by The Greater Hivemind.
Is that it? I know 'Taylor' would go in, what with her whole hivemind thing, but what about The Greater Hivemind? (TGH)
At the end, it refers to Taylor by name, and the chapter where Taylor first makes contact, it sounds like TGH was open to change, and wanted to learn more from Taylor. To become its own individual.
Is this what happened? Or did TGH gain a new template for infiltration in the 40k-verse?
Theoretically, Taylor should have had all the calculations for interdimensional travel in her mind, as well as the coords for Earth Bet. If TGH is still hellbent on devouring, is it headed for Earth Bet?
I could say more, but this is just one unanswered question that spirals off into many more. Great for a sequel plot-hook.

2. What happened to Taylor's father? I understand that it can be hard to utilize such an insignificant character in such large-scale conflicts, but we hear nothing about him after Leviathan's attack. Is he even alive? Even a quick excerpt from Taylor, absently mentioning that he's okay would have been good.

3. What's the deal with Panacea? Amy seems to be utilized for everything except her character, which might be an overstatement, but hear me out, Panacea is brought in, her main character trait at that point, is that she's a biotinker that is extremely bored.
Amy runs into Taylor and is no longer bored. That is pretty much her whole arc. She helps Taylor make a few things and helps give weight to Taylor in the political playing field.
There's a hint that maybe she wants to be something more with Taylor, but we get a quick excerpt from Taylor about how she hasn't really thought about romance in a while, and then romance is never touched on again. I feel like even that bit was mostly there to simply acknowledge the fact that Amy's gay.
I understand that romance probably wasn't the main focus of the story, but you can't just hang that in front of people and not expect someone to ask questions!

4. Eidolon made Endbringers?
This one was also kinda left open-ended by the source material, so I won't dock too many points here, but you can't have the entire story simply end on this alone! It raises too many questions. I already went on some huge tangents, and this one isn't as important in my eyes, so I'll keep them to myself.

5. What happened after Scion died?
Usually, at the end of a story, you'd have the main character, or in absentia, a co-main character like Dragpn (which is another issue), recount to the audience about what's going on after everything has calmed down. What's happening with the Endbringers still on Earth Bet? What happened to Canberra? How are Scramjet, Smash-n-Grab, Ad-Lib, and all the rest of the numerous characters you mentioned in the story doing now?
These are but a few of the questions left unanswered by the ending.

6. Dragon...
For being so important that the story has her listed as one of the main characters... it's really a shame we see hide nor hair of her till half way through the story. Obviously it's a bit overexagerated, but seriously, when she's taking Taylor to the Birdcage she calls Taylor her friend! When! Taylor had two interactions with her! One was a tinker session I guess, but WE didn't get to see it, so this sudden declaration of friendship comes out of nowhere!
Dragon gets some utilization 3/4's of the way through the story... as a crutch to help Taylor heal.
Then, poof! Nothing.
We get a single line from her as Scion blows up a mountain over the Birdcage.
Dragon felt less like a character and more like a caricature. We barely get any anguish over the fact that she's an AI. We don't get to feel her exileration at being free when she first controls an organic body that can touch, feel, and taste. (That last one would have been hilarious, have her control a runner that just rabidly runs around licking everything to see what it tastes like).
What about romance? Again, I kinda figure romance isn't the main aim here, but for a creature so isolated and alone, having someone who you can just... hold... would be enough to send them over the moon, the rush of emotions, the budding of something new.
Perhaps Dragon and Taylor end up together, or perhaps Dragon rushes to embrace, and be embraced, by the arms of her oldest frien, Armsmaster. In the rush of emotions at finally being able to touch her main connection to the outside world, she kisses him.
That would have been all we needed,
Draco0905 chapter 69 . 1/23
i suspect that this story is fully concluded. there are ways to forge ahead, but it seems unnecessary even if it would be amusing. and i particularly enjoyed the last chapter. even if there are some things that i would like to know.
what happen to Taylor? Did the EB's stop on earth bet? what happen to BBEG? What happened in the original dimension of the hive? both before her connection and after the last one. what happened to Amy and Dragon? Or Danny? Arms master?
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