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CodeBlueIZ chapter 28 . 3/23
Yeah, I'm not going to leave a scathing review because I'm sure that sucks but I'll at least clue you in on why the people that hate it, hate it.

Resetting Ichigo back to zero when we've (collectively) followed his journey for 20 years, It tends to annoy people when you haphazardly wash all that away.

Your characterization of Ichigo left a lot to be desired. It kinda seemed like you discounted all the struggles he's already overcome in his life. Chapter one sets that tone- Ichigo almost fainting learning about other supernatural entities? He's experienced a vast array of weird stuff, It wouldn't have that level of impact on him.

Addressing your AN about how you don't want your MC to win all the time and that overcoming the 'odds' is important- That's true in SMALL doses but the losses have to matter, they need to lead to wholesale change but you've reached a point where you're just introducing new characters in every chapter to beat up on Ichigo. Readers invest in the character, they'll empathize with the struggle but constantly beating your MC just highlights his weaknesses and none of his strengths. Empathy turns into disdain real quick with wasted investment.

Personally I don't understand why you believe turning Ichigo into a Devil is more interesting than exploring his hybrid nature. the concept of Devils in DxD is a vague and uninteresting concept unless it's bolstered by a sacred gear or Noble bloodline ability.

Finally the majority of people that read this are going to be Bleach fans, one of the original Big 3. Of course, they would have a reverence for the titular character.
Guest chapter 27 . 12/2/2023
Yes, you are right, this story doesn't cater to my tastes, which is why I'm going to leave and I probably won't come back.

I enjoy stories of the lighthearted variety, or at least I do here on FF. Give me any OP!Ichigo story and I'll probably enjoy it, no matter the plot or the grammar, its just wholesome and cathartic to see Ichigo stomp shit and score bitches, even if its OOC and unrealistic.

Its certainly more fun than to read most of this story.
aitor.rosell.torralba chapter 29 . 10/1/2023
This was an amazing story, and while I have to agree that the triage X arc was a bit... IDK how to put it... It felt a bit like filler? IDK, It was weird, It was too self-contained, sure you now have the characters from that arc to use as support cast and you got a GF for the strawberry, but that doesn't really add much... You could just remove that arc and those characters and your story would not be that different... Because of that it felt a bit like watching filler in an anime, It was like the bount arc in the bleach anime.

The problem wasn't including triage in to the plot tho, that was a good call, adding more series to explore the supernatural is good, the problem really was the execution, for example if you advanced a bit of that storyline, then returned to the hellsing one, then returned to that one for a bit, etc... It would have flowed better? At least it would have felt a bit more cohesive.

This doesn't make the story bad tho, as I said this is an amazing fic and it is quite well written, It detracts a bit from the whole, but the whole is still amazing and the triage arc itself was not bad, the only thing reprocheable was the integration and placement of it.

I personally dislike to see Ichigo lose so often but that doesn't make the story bad, that is just my personal preference, I am a sucker for OP!Ichigo, and I felt that making him lose that bad soo soon after he regained his powers was a bit of a downer, It would have been cool to have him have a win against other character that was quite powerful and then have him lose against that ice princess, IDK, The fight against the femritters and the trauma inducer chick were a bit meh, he was too above them to be satisfying and they a bit too weak for opponents of a character such as Ichigo that soo many factions are fighting over for his power, It is understandable for him to lose against that ice princess, but It would have felt better to have another fight, if possible against someone of Ichigo level where he wins but a by a little margin before having him lose.

But again that is more than anything my personal preference, It actually doesn't detract from the story, again you are a very good writer, your text is pleasant to read and the story is quite well structured other than the triage X misshap.

Ichigo is actually a quite good character to make a harem around, after all it is believable for many women to fall for him, he is handsome, ripped, has the bad guy and good guy aura at the same time, he is heroic, he is cool, he unintentionally says the sweetest things and his protector stuff can be quite interesting, he is a bit suave, his power can also be an attractor for warrior-types. Essentially he is prime Casanova material, his denseness also allows for a harem to form around him without him thinking too much about it until it is too late to stop it from happening.

In general, the story is very good, and the triage X stuff is not that much of a big deal, the weak Ichigo is not even a bad thing, that is just a personal preference, so if I had to rank your story I would say that it is 8/10, do not let others tell you that there are too many characters, lets just remember that having a shit ton of characters is just the bread and butter of bleach, the SS arc introduced us to 13 captains, 13 sub-captains and some seated members like Ikkaku. The Hueco Mundo arc introduced us to the Espada, their fracciones, etc and the TYBW introduced us to a shit ton of sternritters, soo... In my opinion, a Bleach story without a shit ton of characters loses the magic of Bleach a bit, so IMHO you having lots of characters is a boon, it is in the spirit of bleach.

Don't let others affect you when they say that they skip parts, that is just normal procedure for some readers, they may like your story but dislike certain aspects or characters so they may skip over those parts and just infer the importance of what they skipped from context. Do not feel offended by that, It means that your story is good enough that even people that absolute despise some parts of it go out of their way to do skip reading to read the rest, imagine them as picky eaters that remove some ingredient from the food they were served because they do not like that ingredient.

Again, amazing story and very good writing.
guest chapter 15 . 6/12/2023
God is good glory be to God hallelujah! thanks be to God
guest chapter 14 . 6/12/2023
Thanks be to Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth hallelujah!
Xeenith chapter 29 . 6/7/2023
damn, I was like "oh, one last chapter after this cliffhanger" and, nope, just an announcement, the disapointment is great in me now...

on the other hand : take your time, those last chapters notes have shown a great deal of stuff happening in your life. it's better for you to write when you're in the right mood, and for us too since it'll be a much better quality work ;)

take heart, good job, and see you soon hehe
PSYCONIG chapter 1 . 5/16/2023
Shame that Ichigo ist the protagonist. A boring hollow typical shounen charackter with a two dimensional personality.
WoodenDraconis chapter 18 . 4/22/2023
There’s Percy Jackson in this too?!
Sharout chapter 29 . 4/3/2023
I just finished, and it's honestly a great story. I can't wait to read the sequel.
corjca1 chapter 8 . 3/29/2023
hypercrites black label cheek of them born of sin as well only jah can judge us they are murders too are they not THOU SHALL NOT KILL one of the ten commandents of god
Sharout chapter 13 . 3/28/2023
I'm on chapter 13 and so far I'm enjoying the story. But I have just one thing to say about the author's note:

While I'm all for the balancing of powers in a story if it's logical and coherent, I disagree with the rationale.

The World of the Living is our universe, and Soul Society is a reflection of it which also contains the Muken.
The Hueco Mundo is stated to be of infinite size in the Databooks.

Yamamoto Bankai could destroy the Soul Society (including the Muken).

Aizen Post-Muken can destroy Soul Society, the Living World, and Hueco Mundo, just like Yhwach and Ichigo (since they evolve on the same plane of existence).

So while I agree with the power balance for this story, the way you justify it is just plain wrong.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 9 . 2/8/2023
Oh, this really is a DxD story. Hichigo is full on acting like Issei, angry about tits or whatever.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 6 . 2/8/2023
Your explanation makes sense. There were tons of dudes at my school who liked one specific girl, so more than one person liking Ichigo makes sense.

It's always funny to watch people either get jealous or annoyed when their crush doesn't like them, even funnier when it's like 20 people all annoyed at someone for being the one they got with.
Helpful Old Man chapter 29 . 12/25/2022
A few things… stories that have a lot of different universes combining together will always have a decent amount of hate thrown at it. Power scaling is by far, THE LARGEST reason arguments occur about different shows.

People may not like it but I do. Ichigo is at the end of the day, a 17 year old who is among the strongest of beings in this story, despite the others being centuries or even millenniums of years older than him.

A major argument I noticed was, Ichigo seems to weak… yeah, because he is going against fighters that are made to combat and surpass captain class fighters. He is using a power he is not fully in control of, let alone completely knowledgeable about his own powers…

It felt like to me that the reason Ichigo got his ass kicked so often was the thing that enamored me to him in the first place… no matter what the odds are, Ichigo will stand back up and take another swing at his enemy.

Don’t listen to the people telling you how to write your own story. If they think they can do better, they have a computer or phone, they can start typing at any time. I personally greatly enjoy this story and the way it is shaping out…

I await future chapters and will now proceed to go read your other stories as well.

Helpful Old Man chapter 21 . 12/25/2022
Hoooo boy, I hope you were ready for the shit show that reincarnating Ichigo into a devil probably caused.

One the other hand, with a huge multi x-over like this, no matter how you decided to get him his powers back, there would still be people out for blood…

I enjoy a good Devil Ichigo story, especially when Ichigo is the king…
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