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EmeraldHeart12 chapter 5 . 8/13/2010
i think inus father finds him and her and kills kagome and inuyasha mourns for her. but then she haunts him ( ina good way) so he tries to kill himself so he can be with her forever but she stops him just in time. but afterwards he can see her and talk to her anytime he wants. (everything above is what i think should happen next. PLEASE USE MY IDEA. IT WOULD MEAN SOO MUCH TO ME)
EmeraldHeart12 chapter 3 . 8/13/2010
Woah didnt see that coming. shocker i sooo didnt expect for them to be kissing. but whatev. loving it by the min.
Glossiecherry chapter 5 . 7/15/2010
end it there. u could make a sequel book latter on
Kagomegirl500 chapter 5 . 8/28/2009
i will love you forever if you continue this, but try and watch your wording because some of it was a bit confusing, but other than that it was BEAST!
Fairyvixenmaiden chapter 5 . 8/11/2006
How's life gonna be for them as a married couple? Are they gonna have any kids? Any old flames that are trying to be rekindled?
lee chapter 5 . 5/5/2004
that was very good one of the best fanfiction that i have read and i loved it :) please updata because i want to read more plz
Glove-Puppet chapter 5 . 7/2/2003
Do a wedding! AH THEY GOT MARRIED! How sweet this was awesome! YOU MUST CONTINUE!
Glove-Puppet chapter 4 . 7/2/2003
Poor Kagome! *cries* that was terrible! Molly, fix it now! happy ending, lol!
Glove-Puppet chapter 3 . 7/2/2003
NO! So sad... cannot happen. Molly... you better fix this! j/k Very good emotions here!
Glove-Puppet chapter 2 . 7/2/2003
Never! Inu's a cute sweetheart, right? lol great wedding, and great chapter! off to the next!
Glove-Puppet chapter 1 . 7/2/2003
Inuyasha couldn't be that bad... *winks* very good chapter!
TidusInuyashaLover chapter 4 . 6/7/2003
Hey so are you going to keep going? You absolutely have to! Have you any chance read a manga called "Marmalade Boy" I swear that exact thind happens in the manga that happens in your story. Well I love 'em both so please update real soon. Email me anytime.

(meant for chapter 5)
kagome38 chapter 2 . 5/12/2003
i think u should go on with the story and tell us about the wedding and make them have kids.
Sen Taro-Taisensei chapter 5 . 4/17/2003
for inuyasha there is never a happy ending you should throw a wrench in the works something to spoil them getting together or something to keep them apart for a bit, its an excellent story id hate to see it go!
DayDreamer831 chapter 5 . 4/17/2003
I still think you went way too fast, but it's good, so ignore my little side comments. And as for continuing this story... well, I think you should leave it there, unless you put in another plot... Like while Inuyasha was away, she forgot she made a promise to someone else? I dunno. It's fine how it is. _

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