Reviews for Ascension of the Dragons
jtmarch12591 chapter 75 . 10/23
hey Dan, since you are going to Ritual, which deck builds are you hoping to see? which makes you nervous to go up against?
Blaze-A-01 chapter 75 . 10/14
I got a question for Dan if you can see and talk to Duel Spirits what kind of Duel Spirits partner do you want?
Exelion Heart chapter 75 . 10/11
This story is really amazing ! I look forward to the next chapter !
I also ask the favor towards you to try and give your dragons wish story. I would like to read either Zuzu s Ritual counterpart using her dragon or Serena using Starving Venom. Or maybe giving Zuzu odd-eyes pendulum dragon.
Tony Anderson chapter 75 . 10/11
Wow, this season finale was a real BLAST! I certainly did not expect someone like the Divine Will of Synchro. Next season is the Ritual Dimension, huh? Really looking forward to how you'll do that. Good luck and see you next time!
7 chapter 75 . 10/11
And that’s it for season 2 whooo that was awesome
I liked how you added that line from marvel ultimate alliance
Ulrich362 chapter 75 . 10/11
... Quite the finale for the second season. Roget's fate was... well I didn't expect that to be his ultimate fate but I definitely think he deserved it. Eternal suffering for what he did to everyone. A bit sad about the elders giving their lives at the end, sure they weren't the best people but they didn't deserve to die because of Roget... nobody did to be honest. This Divine Will of Synchro seems... I have a feeling there's going to be a lot more to her and her fellow gods and with how powerful she seems to be I can only hope they're on Dan's side but I can't help but be hesitant. So Celina's in a Ritual Dimension with someone named Yuji Narumaki? Things are definitely going to be getting very interesting in season 3. Though that other detail, Dan's parents being alive... but not in any of the five dimensions if I read that right? Very interesting, though now I'm not sure if Dan finding them and being reunited is a good thing or a bad thing all things considered. Awesome chapter, looking forward to the update. Oh, and as for a question of the chapter... well for pretty much everyone, what are you expecting in the Ritual Dimension and do you think the other Dimensions will have their own Divine Wills that will be as... understanding and lenient towards you all? If you have any thoughts I'm interested if not oh well, good luck in the Ritual Dimension.
Chris chapter 74 . 10/6
This was and awesome chapter I love Red Supernova Dragon. Yugioh 5D s was my favorite yugioh besides the original.
Tony Anderson chapter 74 . 10/4
Oh man, this duel is getting all kinds of crazy with Jack's new monster. This is great! I can't wait for the finale!
7 chapter 74 . 10/3
Oh this is intense
Ulrich362 chapter 74 . 10/3
Well... Good luck Yuya, it'll take a miracle to pull off this one and well I don't know if you can do it. Red Supernova Dragon is Jack's ultimate monster and given what it can do Yuya's in a very bad position. Dan's fanboying over Jack was also entertaining and it makes me wonder if they'll end up fighting side by side against the main antagonist... I wonder who that will end up being. Though actually if my thinking is right Jack might be able to bring out that dragon soon so... yeah, hopefully it doesn't hurt things if Yuya loses this match. Awesome chapter, looking forward to the update. Oh, and as for a question of the chapter... well it's another two part question one for Dan and one for someone else at the end of the arc. Dan, do you think you'll ever find your parents after this or have you given up on that? The other half... Celina, once the war is over would you consider adopting Dan yourself? With everything that's happened he seems to look up to you, and not just as a fan of the show but more than that. Just kind of curious.
Guest chapter 73 . 10/3
Next chapter
7 chapter 73 . 9/27
Mps5533 chapter 73 . 9/27
Dan because you keep losing,why don't you create a more destructive deck that makes you win
B-baller125 chapter 73 . 9/27
This was a very amazing duel. This arc has been crazy amazing so far and I’m glad that Yuya got the dub. Anyways, can’t wait for the next chapter!
Tony Anderson chapter 73 . 9/27
Well, shame Dan lost, but this duel was quite amazing. Can't wait for the next!
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