Reviews for Royalty Swap!
UnknownUserFound chapter 1 . 8/3
I like this flip flop its cute and its like a blast from I the past (I think that's how you phrase it). anyway its really good and you should continue
Cynder 7 chapter 1 . 7/28
Not bad. I enjoyed reading this little flip-flop fic. I can tell, despite it just really being switched up, a lot of thought went into how you would portray the characters if they switched roles/places. As Hail, Rein doesn't even look like herself. Unlike in the manga or anime, where Shade, as Eclipse, didn't even put much of an effort to disguise himself (so we could really tell it was him). And the thought that went into each of the kingdom's and their customs just for this little fic is amazing. Excellent job.

Btw, is Rein's dragon and drake or something? You said dragon but it didn't seem like she could fly or anything. Drakes are a type of dragon without wings.