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Torhelm chapter 6 . 11h
Wow, so far, this story is absolutely amazing. You blended the Halo universe and the Star Wars universe perfectly in my opinion, and I love the interstellar battles. Keep writing this story, man.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/28
Buenos dias como estas hoy zzxxxc1
1. Mas historias de Halo y Star Wars escritas como planteaste la historia de Sins of a Galactic Empire Reborn pero esta vez los eventos de la guerra del UEG y los Separatistas en una alianza sucediendo antes de la guerra del Covenant y luego con el primer contacto con el Covenant , una tercera faccion en conflicto tanto contra la alianza de los Separatistas y UEG como contra la Republica

2. Una coleccion de historias cortas de tu actual historia de Sins of a Galactic Empire Reborn y tambien una coleccion de historias cortas de la nueva historia / nueva version de 1 Crossover Fanfiction entre Halo y Star Wars que acabo de proponerte mas arriba

3. Una coleccion de Crossover Fanfiction entre Halo y Mass Effect , en este caso el Gobierno Unida de la Tierra y sus fuerzas militares y cualquier organizacion afiliada estan combinadas en este universo con la Alianza de Sistemas de Mass Effect como 1 misma organizacion

La historia es una mezcla entre el trabajo de Divergent Pasts y de Halo- Mass Effect : Trials and Tribulations respecto a como creo que podria sugerir que pienso que algunos lectores , entre ellos por ahora yo el principal vocal , pensamos que se podria plantear narrativa y contextualmente en el argumento 1 galaxia de 1 universo conjunto entre Mass Effect y Halo

Por ejemplo que en este universo el Covenant haya asimilado en su imperio las especies y planetas de la Ciudadela en su imperio galactico y como parte de su cultura y civilizacion

En realidad esta es una version de al menos 2 historias , 2 versiones de 1 misma historia , que queria proponer de Crossover Fanfiction entre Mass Effect y la franquicia de Halo

La otra version es algo mas parecido a lo de Divergent Pasts ( Leer el Crossover y asi ver el ejemplo de lo que estoy hablando )

Tambien aparte de mas Crossover de Star Wars y Halo y algunos Crossover de Mass Effect y Halo queria proponer Crossover de Warhammer 40. 000 con Star Wars , Crossover de Warhammer 40. 000 con Star Trek y Crossover de Star Trek con la franquicia de Star Wars
sugoijack9 chapter 23 . 6/26
Sidious is way too overconfident. He greatly underestimated UNSC intelligence division. Did he forget that they have AI? Possibly he thought of them in comparison to droids. Big mistake.
Cooldude101011 chapter 23 . 6/26
Clones converting to Christianity, quite interesting but not really too surprising. Many would be trying to find purpose other than the war, finding it in religion makes sense. Any religion actually. I wonder what the other clones, like say Rex would think of this.

The converted clones are currently a minority, but with them preaching to their brothers, I can easily see their numbers grow.

Umbara will be even worse thanks to UNSC aid, it’ll be just like ‘Nam.

I suggest you check out the Star Wars fanfic “A Single Decision (Take Two)”. It’s really good and has a great characterisation of Grievous and other characters.
superpierce chapter 23 . 6/24
great chapter wonder how long until the UNSC figures out someone high up in the Separatists is secretly sending them their plans of attack.
Jctherebel chapter 23 . 6/23
Amazing chapter! Always a good day when this is updated!
andytak3740 chapter 23 . 6/22
If you're up for a story idea, you could have the UNSC utilize their AI to drastically destabilize the Republic and significantly hamper Palatine's efforts.

Step1: The UNSC tasks an AI with studying the clones and discovers their Contingency Orders.

Step2: The UNSC hijacks Republic communications selectively issues Orders 37 and 66 and blocks communications from the Chancellor.

Order 37 would be used to temporarily subjugate and terrorize core worlds as well as assassinate competent generals, governors, and scholars. This will lead to a substantial backlash that could lead to the Chancellor's demotion and the fracturing of Republic.

As for Order 66, an untimely activation could kill off many Jedi while also forcing the survivors to flee Republic space.

Step3: The UNSC utilizes the compromised network to broadcast the atrocities throughout Republic and Confederate Space. This would strengthen the Confederacy with new allies and breed distrust of the clones in the Republica movement that could lead to the dissolution of clone troops and drafting of Republic citizens. This would lead to greater political tensions and the potential of more worlds fleeing the Republic.

This fracturing could even lead to a third faction forming separate to the Confederacy and Republic.

Either way, it's a fun story and I'll be looking forward seeing what you do with it.
evilstatistic19 chapter 23 . 6/22
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/20
This story is god tier. Incredible how you managed to continue it and exceed it. A rare occurrence. Much respect
BrutusPrimus chapter 23 . 6/21
Nice work on this chapter, it's something to behold. Keep it up!
DarkSolaris57 chapter 23 . 6/20
I really hope a nova bomb gets used in this next engagement. It feels like things are being set up to take out a significant portion of the Terran fleet. I wonder if this is force shenanigans at play or being allied with the seperatists harming their chances of success?
Scarease chapter 23 . 6/20
Sidious going have to be careful UNSC ONI Division no Fools when come to hacking ,Cyber Warfare and such with aid of A.I's who with anaylistic ability like notice patterns of much Palpatine manipulations of clear signs of some major playing both sides and such .We Dead plant of tyrant of centuries with tactics how risen to power ,who kept control of there populations . Same corrupt Politicians and Corporation how used shell companies ,backdoor deals and such to manipulate Countries ,people ,information and economy to their will and much more UNSC likely has entire division devoted detect such threats .
noblefire chapter 23 . 6/20
Clone Troopers finding Christ, you love to see it.
rogue1Bois chapter 18 . 6/20
75 meters in 15 seconds using the Force? it would be more like 9 or 5 seconds depending on the force user... as it allos them to move at Ludicrous speeds
ian12091995 chapter 23 . 6/20
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