Reviews for Brothers
jenny chapter 50 . 5/20
A wonderful story as always Karen,you are such a great writer,you should try and write a book,it would be so good to have a full book of all the stories you have done,what a wonderful thought.
UIa chapter 50 . 5/13
sad to see it end but wonderful job overall
Jmp chapter 50 . 5/13
Excellent story, great ending. Aramis needed to be the one to rescue Athos, and I am pleased that he also saved Laurent from himself, the guilt of killing his brother would have been too heavy a burden.
I forward to your new story. Thank you.
Guest chapter 50 . 5/12
I loved your story!
Anny B chapter 50 . 5/12
Loved the ending. Justice was served. I like your distinction between revenge, taking matters into your own hands, and justice. Well done. looking forward to the next one!
Julie chapter 50 . 5/12
Thank you Karen, I loved it!
lizard1969 chapter 50 . 5/14
loved it thank you
Helensg chapter 50 . 5/13
I have,thank you.
Deana chapter 50 . 5/12
Excellent ending, great job!
pallysd'Artagnan chapter 50 . 5/12
Wow what an ending! so goood.. Aramis talked hoser twats brother down .. and he got a job and aramis started teh road to recovery :-) hahah I can sdee Aramis taking off and the others worried as to what he;s he's chasing..Loved this fic so good so frighteing ,at the same time cat wait to see the next one :-)
beeblegirl chapter 50 . 5/12
I’m glad you are enjoying writing your fics and I am enjoying reading them. This has been a really good adventure and I’m looking forward to the next one. Thank you.
UIa chapter 49 . 5/6
ok...happy update
jenny chapter 49 . 5/6
Great chapter Karen as always,can't wait for the last one,the sad news is I am going on Holiday Sunday morning to my friends in Holland so I may not get the chance to read it until I get back,hope I can though.
Julie chapter 49 . 5/6
Love Aramis taking control of the situation! Can't wait for the finale.
beeblegirl chapter 49 . 5/6
So glad Aramis was the one to get to Athos first.
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